How to lose weight effectively?

How to lose weight effectively? Topic: How to lose weight effectively?
June 18, 2019 / By Charlene
Question: I'm currently a student, in my degree level studies. i'm 5' 1" , weigh 61kg. I find that, as I have more assignments, spend hours and hours in front of the laptop working on my assignments, I tend to feel hungry more often than the usual days when I have less assignment. If getting hungry more often shows that I'm using more of my energy intake to think, why am I still putting on weight. I don't have time for physical activities. Any suggestions on how to lose weight more effectively? Whats the ultimate weight for me?
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Ariadne Ariadne | 4 days ago
your ideal weight is 52 kg.... u can mail me than i can tell u much clearly...how u can lose weight & how u can maintain good energy level....
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Ariadne Originally Answered: How do I lose weight and fat effectively?
here are a few tips; WHEN to eat for losing weight... • Eat (at least) three times a day. Because when you eat only once a day, your metabolism gets slower than it already is! That's the main reason. Sounds funny, but to lose weight... you must eat (the right things, of course) • Your last meal should be before 18:00. Try. OK, one apple after 18:00 • Don't starve Starvation is not good for losing weight, nor your health. Starvation is the worse thing you can do in a weight loss diet. WHAT to drink for losing weight... • Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day ! Can be tap, plain, mineral, sparkling. I just love mineral sparkling water! This improves your bowel, reduces the "hunger" sensation, and hydrates your skin. Your skin will look much better after the first weeks! Don't believe the slogan "water makes me fat". Beside being stupid... you might get into serious troubles with your kidneys. • Drink ONLY natural juices, freshly squized! Don't drink Coca Cola, Pepsi, Spite etc. during the diet. Even lite or light versions. I thought this was not possible for me to achieve. Now... I don't even LIKE them anymore! Nothing compares to the the smell of a fresh natural fruit juice! Not speaking about health... exercise for losing weight... • If you want quicker results - exercise would be good. But remember, you're not going to attend the Olympic Games! If you exercise a lot - you'll get very hungry... and you'll be tempted to eat more. Don't exagerate! Walking is fine (but not very slow...) for your body, and your spirit. Half an hour, or one hour /day - it's up to you. Get fit while you sit new workout program that's the laziest way to get in shape - works almost any place, anytime, anywhere… even while watching TV! • Don't just sit in front of the TV and eat peanuts... I guarantee THIS won't work for your weight loss... last (but not least) tips for losing weight... • improve your "self esteem" Be elegant. An idea: Visual Creations Model Make Overs - Learn and see what your most flattering look is in minutes, and how to create it. • Don't throw YOUR money on pills, drugs, patches and other stuff like that for losing weight. The results (if any) will be only temporarily. Once they "cure" is over, and you're back to good old eating habits... back the weight (plus some extra pounds, as if you needed those) Not speaking about side effects, which often appear during or soon after the "magic" cure is over. The best way to lose weight is the NATURAL healthy way. Hey, I didn't say it's easy! But it's healthier (in fact THE healthiest way to lose weight), and certainly much, much cheaper. Buy books, read more, accumulate knowledge about losing weight in a natural way. Good luck !

Zalmon Zalmon
Take a appear on the meals you are consuming. There might be one offender in charge. Do you overindulge in any specific meals? I recognize fruit sounds healthful, nevertheless it has plenty of traditional sugars that are simply as carby as that sweet bar if you are having a pair handfuls of strawberries. I cannot argue component measurement ample. Don't consume til you are complete. Eat for the quantity of vigor you require earlier than your subsequent meal. If you are any individual who snacks while they are bored that may be damaging as good. Take up a craft that maintains your fingers busy- crocheting probably? Or learn! Anything that maintains your fingers clear of meals. half-hour of exercize an afternoon is fine, however in case you cannot get to that stage of vigor instantly its comprehensible. Start at each different day for forty five mins. Even going for a stroll. ... I misplaced 25 kilos in 2 months from strolling each different day, doing yoga for an hour the times I wasn't strolling (which was once satisfactory as meditation and stretching!) Ate most commonly greens and entire grain meals. I'm typing an excessive amount of! But I recognize this approach works.
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Sib Sib
you dont have to make a three digit number your weight loss goal aim for a certain dress size or waist measurement
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Odran Odran
I guess just make sure that you follow an extremely healthy diet: no cookies, chips, sodas, desserts, fatty/large meals. Maybe also try to MAKE time in your day to go running in the morning before your day has started.
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Larry Larry
ditch the mayo cheese and top bun if you want to scrape off 250 calories from a restaurant sandwich
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Larry Originally Answered: How to lose weight effectively?
Include strength training and cardio exercises in your workout regime. Besides, engage in those activities that burn more calories such as running, swimming, basketball and so on. Having a healthy diet depending on your age and health conditions is important as well in order to lose weight.

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