Is it necessary to eat after strength training to efficiently build muscle?

Is it necessary to eat after strength training to efficiently build muscle? Topic: Is it necessary to eat after strength training to efficiently build muscle?
January 28, 2020 / By Hebron
Question: I am already a pretty big guy - 6' and 210 lbs, mostly muscle. But, I have a little more gut than I would like. I want to be getting the most out of my workouts, but I also want to be burning through calories to get rid of the gut. I work out in the evenings and night a lot. I don't want to add unnecessary calories, especially late in the day and after dinner, but I also don't want to waste efforts in the gym regarding muscle building. What's my best strategy?
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Best Answers: Is it necessary to eat after strength training to efficiently build muscle?

Eliott Eliott | 3 days ago
Personally, I think if you have a gut you need to concentrate on fat loss for 6-12 weeks. Then go back to adding muscle. If you follow that advise, then eating the protein/carb drink post workout isn't necessary IF you follow a low carb cutting diet. Which is recommended by me. A ketogenic style diet. However, some people use a "targeted" ketogenic diet where ALL there meals are protein & fats only EXCEPT post workout. THAT meal would be protein/carbs. a ketogenic diet: 2100 calories. 950 from protein/950 from fats/200 from carbs a targeted keto diet: 2100 calories. 850 from protein/from fats/600 from carbs (the extra 400 calories to be consumed pwo) So, it depends on which style you take to lose that gut. good luck!
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Eliott Originally Answered: Strength Training Before Weight Loss.?
Hi! Go for the both workout concurrently. Try to do cardio and yoga also. Eat healthy and avoid unhealthy eating. You will get quick weight loss. I think so. Thank you

Chauncy Chauncy
I think the best solution would be to have a protein shake post-workout. There's not as many calories as there would be in a regular meal or snack, and you're getting the essential protein and in most cases, vitamins and amino acids that are necessary for muscle repair. Pick one that has a decent amount of protein...normally around 40g is good. If you tend to get hungry late at night, also make sure there's a good amount of fiber (around 10g) because this will help you to feel fuller longer, so you'll stay away from eating extra calories.
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Alvy Alvy
Did you already tested out Muscle Gaining Secrets procedure. Start at this place : http://Access.MuscleGainWay.com . This is able to probably assist everyone!
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Thrud Thrud
Often folks quit their diets ahead of they see any substantial final results and in virtually every single case it is due to the fact the diet program is just poorly laid out, if you are one of this persons and you want to lose some weight
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Roseanne Roseanne
Hello, There are many good nutrion guides out there for body builders. An ebook you can read is this http://www.goobypls.com/r/rd.asp?gid=291. It helped me.
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Roseanne Originally Answered: Do you lose muscle strength if you take fat burning pills?
You lose muscle strength if you don't work your muscles. Taking fat burning pills is going to help your abs come back and frankly they can and probably will make you feel like crap. Most of those diet pill that claim to boost your metabolism do it because they are full of stimulants which will also make you shaky, short of breath, anxious, etc. I haven't found one yet that doesn't. Best bet if you want your abs back....do some cardio every day and start working on some core exercises. Crunches, leg lifts, twists, etc.

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