How do I loose weight then gain muscle?

How do I loose weight then gain muscle? Topic: How do I loose weight then gain muscle?
January 28, 2020 / By Hartley
Question: I am 30lbs over weight and want to loose weight, get in shape, gain muscle, and speed up my metabolism but I don't know how. I also have a gym membership.Any help I could use!
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Eldwin Eldwin | 6 days ago
yeah boost your cardio sessions. and start lifting. 5 30 minute cardio sessions a week and 3 weight lifting ones. also drink plenty of water. at least a gallon a day and don't eat after 8 pm. as far as food, eat less of unhealthy and fatty foods. hope this helps. this is what i did to loose 30 pounds.
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Eldwin Originally Answered: the fasted and best way to loose fat and gain muscle?
1. DRINK A LOT OF WATER. 2. eat breakfast at 6:30 every morning 3. keep your heart level up for at least 2 hours/day 4. eat lunch consisting of fruits and vegetables and meat at 12:00pm 5. eat a snack at 3pm of fruit 6. eat a light supper no later than 6:30pm. The reason that I say start at 6:30am is because it will stimulate your metabolism and the earlier you eat, the more breakfast you can eat The reason that I say at least 30 min of aerobic exercise/day is because the longer that you keep your heart rate up the more energy you burn. The reason that I have put you on a schedule of times to eat is because this schedule keeps your metabolism up. The later that you eat supper, the more likely that the calories that you consume at dinner will turn to fat. I suggest a lot of water because it has no calories and it aids the digestive process. I suggest fruit and vegetables because they do not have many calories and they digest easily. Eat nuts in the morning because they are difficult to digest and will keep you full longer. Good luck getting into shape. By the way, if you run for at least 30 minutes/day you can go out to eat 1 time per week. Give it a month to start to see results. You will lose more without the going out to eat thing. Also, stay away from alcohol
Eldwin Originally Answered: the fasted and best way to loose fat and gain muscle?
There are only two ways to get in better shape; Exercise, and diet. Six days a week of both is ideal. The less you do, the less the results. Sounds like you should start jogging. Join a gym, they have people walking around just waiting to help you.

Casper Casper
Tough one! Muscle burns all the ones energy off for you. The truth is that should you determine you're going to broaden the muscle you must aid what you're doing. Even whether it is Pilates or Yoga. I could endorse pilates coaching it's going to no less than supply you the lengthy lean dancer muscle tissues that do not seem so cumbersome. PS Don't fear approximately the muscle you obtain from walking it's healthful.
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Allric Allric
Lose fat first by doing cardio workouts and cutting down bad foods. Run, walk, or do something to get your heart beating. Then once you've lost enough fat, start doing muscle workouts such as lifting weights, abs stuff, etc. Don't try to gain muscle before you lose the weight, it will just make you look bigger. Eat healthier to lose the fat, then eat lots of protein while trying to gain muscle.
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Allric Originally Answered: I want to loose weight (Body Fat) but not muscle! any suggestions?
Exercise is not the most important step. Diet and nutrition are number one. In order to lose weight but not muscle you have to feed the muscle enough protein to maintain. If you want to grow the muscle then you need to feed it even more protein. While the protein goes for repair and building you also need to have an energy source for your daily activities and your workouts. The best source of energy for what you want to accomplish is carbohydrates. You do not want any starches. Eliminate starch completely from your diet. Potatoes, beans, corn, pasta, bread, peas, carrots all contain a lot of starch. Eliminate all sugar from your diet. Eliminate all artificial sweeteners. Drink a gallon of water a day-critical to fat loss. How is your body going to shed the used and burned up fat and cellular waste? It needs the water to flush them out of your system. Take a multi-mineral supplement-helps to build bones, cartilage and connective tissues. Also helps to maintain fluid balance and cellular respiration. Start with these diet changes and you will see results fast without much exercise. As far as exercise goes. Building muscle is the best way to burn fat. Please do not over train. Too many people cause their bodies to get run down by over training. You can cause your body to store way more fat than you will burn if you do it wrong. Always exercise shortly (half hour/45 min) after eating. Do resistance training. Form is very important. You will see a lot of people throwing and dropping the weights...this is not resistance training. You should have control over the weight at all times. Lowering and lifting. I am not sure what kind of facility or equipment you have access to, but work out your body 3 times a week. Go as hard as you can for 30 minutes. Then do your cardio. you can do cardio 5 days a week. Plenty of rest is important! That is when your body does the repairs and builds muscle. Get lots of sleep at night. Take a nap in the afternoon. If you want more specifics I can help. Good luck to you. Jason

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