How much weight would I gain approximately if I were to eat nothing but fast food for a week?

How much weight would I gain approximately if I were to eat nothing but fast food for a week? Topic: How much weight would I gain approximately if I were to eat nothing but fast food for a week?
September 17, 2019 / By Charleen
Question: How much weight would I gain approximately if I were to eat nothing but fast food for a week, but still have moderate daily physical activity? I am 17 years old, male, 5'10", 60 kg.
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Aretha Aretha | 3 days ago
Geez, another one of these silly questions. What was it yesterday, something like "what would happen to me if I ate fast food for a year" or something? It isn't the food, it is the amount of calories you consume. I wish someone who posted on this site understood the least little thing about nutrition before making these ignorant posts. Kid, I ran a pizzeria back in the 80s. I ate pizza for lunch and for dinner, and sometime (with coffee) for breakfast. I was 5'11" and 175 pounds the whole time. I worked out. I ran. I went to school. the usual things. Pizza is not low calorie nor is it low fat. 60kg is what, 132 pounds? I haven't weighed that little since I was 14. Then again, I am probably a bit broader than you. By the way, "Supersize Me" was pretty much a lie from start to finish. Spurlock is still a manipulating prick.
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Aretha Originally Answered: Eating fast food everyday make you gain weight?
In theory, yes it would. Fast food is loaded with calories and fat and carbohydrates that, obviously, make people gain weight when consumed in high amounts. BUT, choosing this path for weight gain is a highly unhealthy way to put on weight. This will end up making you feel nausiated, sluggish, tired, and just not healthy on a daily basis. If you search the internet, I can guarentee you can find a plan for gaining weight that will instead make you gain weight, nutrients and even muscle instead of just building up fat, in the same amount of time; making you feel better and look better than you would if you were to rely solely on fast food junk. It's your choice though. Good Luck!!!!! :)

Zak Zak
It is very hard to tell because it depends if you were to have it breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rent the movie "supersize me" and ALL would be explained. The health hazards, how McD's affects your liver, pancreas, mental awareness,etc. This guy, Morgan, created the movie just to show Americans how detrimental it could be to their bodies if they ate nothing but McD's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. check it out though, it's pretty amazing! And also, sure you can eat what you want and excersize it off. But then why doesn't everyone do that and maintaine their health? Because it just doesn't work that way. The unhealthiness of the food, like I said damages you internal organs, clogs your arteries, stores more fat than is natural for your body and leads to an unhealty heart, making you more prone to a stroke or heart attack, quite honestly: THAT IS SOMETHING YOU CAN'T EXCERSIZE OFF. hope that helped you!
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Shylock Shylock
you should get that movie "SuperSize Me" about the guy who ate nothing but McDonald's for a month. I haven't seen it but I have seen a lot of previews and scences and I watched the guy doing other stuff. Very interesting movie that shows how much you will gain and what it all does to your body.
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Odell Odell
It would depend on what you ate at the fast food places. Get the movie "supersize me" by Morgan Spurlock. He did it for 30 days.
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Larrie Larrie
alot... do u no how much fat is in each bite.... like 50 +50+50+50 just alot keep counting of how many bites and you'll see over 100 pounds
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Larrie Originally Answered: what is the best bodybuilding supplement? and what are the food that i eat for gain muscle so fast?
Theres many supplements in the markets that help promote muscle growth/ mass/ gain (with exercize ofcourse tho.) I'd personally try a 'nutritional supplement' for weightgain/ muscle gain, not a powder of some such. Ensure Protein is a good supplement to try. It comes in 235mL on the go shake bottle formats in a variaty of flavours (also tastes best chilled, chocolate flavours however taste great heated in a mug, since it tastes like hot chocolate!) Each bottle also has 28 essential nutrients, a source of calcium/ omegas and probiotics along with proteins! Aim for 1-2 bottles per day. High protein food's that promote muscle growth along with exercize (try pre/ post workout meals/ snacks that are high in protein.) - 1% Chocolate milk* - Greek yoghurts - Cottage cheeses - Cheeses - Quinoa - Special K Protein Cereal/ Kashi Go Lean Cereals - (Wholegrains- higher in proteins than refined wheats) - Durham wheat/ wholewheat pastas - Chickpeas (or chickpea~ hummus spread) - Lentils - Beans - Baked beans (in tomato sauce/ spices) - Chicken/ beef based soups (chicken noodle/ beef barley/ etc ..), bean/ chickpea/ lentil soups (spiced lentil/ minestrone/ etc ..) - Protein bar's/ shakes (ie: Ensure Protein/ Creatine/ Muscle Gainer/ Clifbar's/ Powerbar/ etc ..) - Egg's - Wholegrain crackers/ wholegrain pita wedges and: hummus spread, natural nut butter, sliced lean deli meats (turkey/ chicken/ ham/ roast beef), 2oz cheese ~ cheese strings or can of white albacore tuna, drained. - Nut's/ seeds - Natural nut butters - Vegetarian soy products (ie: fake meats) - Vegetarian quorn products (ie: quorned meat ~ fake meat) - Kashi/ Amy's/ Lean Cuisine/ Weight Watchers/ Healthy Choice frozen entree meals - Lean red meats (tenderlions, sirlions, AAA cut's, extra lean ground beef, sliced roast beef lunch meats, roast beef, beef tenderlion, beef pot roasts, etc ..) - Lean pork's (ham steaks, sliced ham lunch meats, pork tenderlion, lean pork chops/ cuts, etc ..) - Chicken- turkey breasts (skinless- white meat, grilled/ baked, stuffed, lean ground turkey, sliced turkey lunch meats, turkey sasuages, turkey bacon, turkey/ chicken roasts, etc ..) - Fish (salmons/ canned white tunas/ shrimp/ scallops/ etc ..) Hope i'v helped, goodluck!

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