healthy food or runners? important or not?

healthy food or runners? important or not? Topic: healthy food or runners? important or not?
June 18, 2019 / By Charla
Question: alright, as a cross country runner i'm trying to figure out if healthy food is really as crucial as people say. I mean Michael Phelps doesn't necessarily live a life of strict diet. However, at the same time i don't plan on eating a box of oreo cookies and going for a run. Any thoughts?
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Arden Arden | 2 days ago
Yes, healthy food is important. Some like Michael Phelps and ultrarunners can burn thousands of calories per day, however. Once their nutritional needs are more-or-less met, you'll certainly find some who worry more about raw calories for basic fueling. Most people don't hit training points of being more worried about huge amounts of fueling calories over the nutrition that comes with all those calories, however.
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Arden Originally Answered: Supplements for runners?
Judging from your avatar, you're an, um, "adult" runner (I'm 53 myself). A glucosamine/chondroitin supplement might do you a world of good (but check with your doctor, blah blah blah). Other commenters speak correctly about increasing volume in modest increments, but you're asking about increasing intensity. NEVER increase both intensity and volume simultaneously if you want to avoid injury or overtraining! And your intuition is correct that increasing intensity will do more to get you lean and fast than will merely adding mileage. Keep it informal. Initially, 3-5 times in the middle of an everyday workout add 30 second bursts of speed (not all-out by any means!). Keep recovery intervals ample (2' or more). Add more repetitions over time. Over time you can add longer, less intense intervals with shorter recoveries. (These will actually be more directly relevant to 2M race speed.) Good luck!

Zadok Zadok
Alot of my friends run cross country, and theyre always crazzyyy healthy. As of now, (going into sophmore year) they don't drink soda, and eat very few/if any cookies/chips/junk food. And when they do all you hear is "i have to run tommarow. i'm going to go farther then usual" except for the guys, the usually pig out as much as they want and then go run a 10K in 40 minutes or less. they amaze me. I think it just depends on the person. Everything in moderation, but then again, a couple extra carrots never hurt anyone. Best of Luck : ]
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Sholto Sholto
You don't say how old you are... if you are less than 26 or so, eat any dang thing you want. If you are a serious runner, your body will process even the worst possible food and turn it into energy. I ran cross country and played soccer and burned through 7-8k calories a day and if you want to eat raw cookie dough do because your body will burn it up.
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Oded Oded
It's natural bc you're working out that you're going to eat a healthy diet. After all what's the point of busting your butt to go stuff, as you say a box of oreo's. I don't have a diet at all, don't believe in them at all.. But I eat healthy for the most part in portion, and if I want a junk food item, I do I certainly won't deny it but I lower the quanity I might have.
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Larkin Larkin
Running cross-country is very physically demanding, and you do need to eat pretty healthy. Limit the amount of grease you eat and especially the amount of soda you drink. But I think more importantly then what you eat, make sure you are incredibly hydrated.
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Larkin Originally Answered: How can I make healthy food taste as good or better than junk food using pre-bought snacks and recipes?
Once you cut junk food out of your diet, you will notice an increase in your energy level and mood. Soon enough your taste buds will crave things like fruits and begetbles rather than fatty empty calorie foods like chips, chocolate, fast food, etc. The sooner you begin to cut out those foods and eat healthy, the sooner the urges for those kinds of bad foods will leave. Just slowley add maybe a serving or two of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, then start to take out things like ice cream, chocolate and junk food like chips, and those processed snacks and fast food. Hope that helps!

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