Constipation problem?

Constipation problem? Topic: Constipation problem?
June 16, 2019 / By Adilene
Question: I have a terrible problem with constipation. I average about 3 bowel movements per week. And when I do have a bowel movement my stool is allways very hard, shaped like different sized pebbles or rocks, and never larger then 1and 1/4" { 5/4 inch}. I have tried laxatives & fiber products but nothing helps. It has been more then 5 years since I have had a normal bowel movement. I greatly appreciate any ones help. If you know some one with my symptoms and there is a diagnosis for it, please tell me what I have. Thank You !!
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Temeni Temeni | 10 days ago
The problem isn't that you have 3 bowel movements a week. Because that's okay, everybody's body is different and we all don't go everyday. The problem is that when you DO have a bowel movement, it's not much and it's hard. Have you tried exercising and drinking a lot of water? That may sound like a generic answer but ive read EVERYWHERE that it almost cures this problem. And have you tried stool softeners so your stools aren't hard? Also, look up "Plumsmart", it might work for you! Whatever you do, do NOT get into the habit of taking laxatives, they do NOT help or cure the problem. All they do is weaken your intestines and make you unable to go to the bathroom without them. And it gets to a point where even laxatives don't work.
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Temeni Originally Answered: Constipation problem?!?
You really don't need to make a trip to the ER, just to the drug store for something to open up your bowels. The ER should be saved for things that are life threatening. Vomiting and constipation are not reasons to seek emergency care unless you are vomiting blood. What I am going to tell you to do is exactly what the nurses at the hospital will do to you, but you will have to wait most of the day for it because this is not an emergency and they have to treat emergencies first. So save yourself the time and get relief a whole lot faster. When your dad wakes up in the morning have him take you to the drug store and get 2 Fleets enemas. If you're not sure which ones to get, ask the pharmacist. When you get back home this is what you will need to do. Print these instructions. Lay on the floor on your left side. Remove the cover/cap from the enema bottle. The tube/tip is lubricated already. Now gently insert the tube into your rectum until the bottle is touching your rectum. Now squirt the fluid from the bottle inside of you. When it's empty, remove the bottle but be careful not to let the medicine squirt out of your rectum. Stay laying on the floor on your left side. Hold the liquid inside of your rectum for as long as you can... at least 3 - 5 minutes if possible. When you absolutely can't hold it in any longer get up and sit on the toilet and let 'er rip. To prevent this in the future you need to make sure you not only get enough fiber in your body, but you also need to drink plenty of liquid to keep your stools soft. Next time you are constipated try this method: 4 ounces of prune juice 2 ounces of milk of magnesia mix them together, and heat them in the microwave until warm (not hot), and then drink it down. It will take a few hours to work, but it works. This is what we do for patients in the hospital before we give enemas. But you are past the point of milk of mag and really do need an enema to open your bowels back up.

Phillip Phillip
stool becomes hard because the liquid in it is absorbed by the large intestine. Either you are drinking enough water/fluid or the stool is hanging out in the bowel too long, cause more absorption of fluids. Try eating a balanced diet.
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Mackenzie Mackenzie
well, i stay regular but have a high fiber diet. i would recommend eating as many (substituting) uncooked, unprocessed meals that you can. For example, a 46oz jar of natural or organic apple sauce goes down smooth and may soften your stools. but you should definitely be in the bathroom afterwards. hope that helped > or <
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Jehoiachin Jehoiachin
i have tried everything also due to pain pill induced constipation believe me .. Prune Juice works the best ... but you'd better have quick access to the toilet at all times ... the only generic prune juice that works for me is Safeway brand though and i swear i have tried every laxative known to man .. docusate, senna, stool softners, miralax, exlax, etc, etc actually the only option i have not yet tried is "aloe juice"
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Gay Gay
Go buy some of that Yoplait digestive health yogurt...I swear its like a miracle cure. Also make sure when upping your fiber to drink plenty of water or it can backfire on ya!!
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Gay Originally Answered: Constipation problem. Why? Help!?
Try eating more carbs and stuff that includes fiber. Some cereals have fiber and other things. Make sure to drink like five cups of water because even when we think we are drinking a lot of water, sometimes we are still needing more. Like your water can be used up when you go to the bathroom, through sweat, etc. I hope this helps. If not you should go to the pharmacist and buy laxative pills.

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