How to lose 30lbs in 2 months?

How to lose 30lbs in 2 months? Topic: How to lose 30lbs in 2 months?
October 14, 2019 / By Elkanah
Question: I am 5' 160lbs and I want to lose about 30lbs. I have an event coming up in 2 months and there will be a pool and I want to look nice in a bikini. Can anyone give me any ways to lose the weight in 2 months? I do not want to hear that it's not possible. Just give me advice please :)
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Cheyenne Cheyenne | 2 days ago
dont eat grains.... no potatoes every morning start your day with a glass of fresh clean water and then follow up by a 30 minute cardio and 30 minute strength training....then have a breakfast of green tea and a piece of any fruit grapefruit, apple, banana, any fruit citrus fruits work better then dont eat anything for at least 3-4 hours drink water 30-60 minutes before any meal and 1 hour after anymeal it helps digest food nicely.... drink at least a litre of fresh clean water add lemon to keep your body hydrated your last meal should be 4 hours before bed time dont weight yourself all the time keep up a low sodium diet no sugar or substitues at all no caffiene except for the morning green tea drink a cup of peppermint tea everyday take a fish oil supplement daily with lunch (carlson labs have good quality fish oil supplements) lunch should be a garden salad with nuts or seeds as protein source dont eat meat for protein options (low fat yogurt, skim milk, eggs, salmon, sardine, egg, low fat cottage cheese) take probiotics eat raw fruits and veggies as much as you can you will lose lots of weight dont cheat
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Cheyenne Originally Answered: What's the best diet plan to lose 30lbs between 2-6months?
This is what I do to lose weight effectively, SAFELY and stay perfectly heathy. Run about 4-5 miles everyday :) Make sure you have the right shoes. Spikes or Reebok RunTone running shoes should help (: I got mine a month ago and since I had them, I've been running 5 miles everyday and so far these are my results: - Lost about 10 pounds of fat. (I can practically see my abs) - I feel stronger - I'm a lot less tired in the morning. - I love my muscled legs right now. Well, they we're already muscled since I'm naturally really big-boned but now they're more muscled. So, running helps alot :) - Gained 13 pounds of muscle (This is different for everyone depending on the type of body you have. I'm really big-boned, I have a body that's 72% muscle and I'm a mesomorph and a endomorph) Also, you can eat almost anything as long as it's not too fattening. I eat a huge bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the morning and about 2 hours before I go to sleep. During the day I just eat a regular meal. Then go jogging for 30 minutes. Also try eating every three hours. When you learn to eat every 3 hours, you'll gain control over your blood sugar, which will help you put control of your appetite. When you control your appetite, you control your weight. When you control your weight, you'll feel so much more energized and confident. Your self-esteem will go through the roof. You'll enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror and appreciating all the hard work you've done. You'll feel so good about yourself so healthy and fit, that nothing will stand in your way. This is my diet: Meal 1 @ 8 am : Breakfast (400 calories of balanced nutrients) Meal 2 @ 11 pm: Snack (100 calories) Meal 3 @ 2 pm: Lunch (400 calories of balanced nutrients) Meal 4 @ 5 pm: Snack (100 calories) Meal 5 @ 8 pm: Dinner (400 calories of balanced nutrients) Meal 6 @ 9 pm: Treat (60 calories) Eat a BUNCH of vegetables and fruits, avoid all cokes, caffeine's, smoking, alcohol etc. AVOID "JUNK FOOD" and "Fast Food" as this type of food is very unhealthy, lacking in vitamins really and has plenty of fattening molecules which make one gain weight and is very bad for overall health. If you do this every day for one month, you should lose around 10 pounds per month until you get to your natural healthy weight. Look up on the net for an idea of what your weight for your height should be. When you get to this weight, your body will look very nice and you'll feel very good. Extra Tip: Try drinking at least a glass of Green Tea everyday. It's filled with antioxidants which helps use energy faster and burn calories twice as fast. Many tests have been conducted on the effects of green tea on weight loss and it has been found that individuals that consume this beverage on a regular basis are able to successfully drop body fat. The reason that this beverage assists in weight loss is because of the fact that it assists in increasing the metabolism in the body. Believe it or not, this is all coming from a FULLY-OVER DEVELOPED, 120 pounds, 12 year old. I know all this thanks to Jorge Cruise. Today he's recognized as America's #1 weight-loss expert because he makes weight loss easy. He's been featured on VH1, THE TYRA BANKS SHOW, OPRAH AND CNN and is the exclusive diet coach for AOL. Here's his website: http://3hourdiet.com/tour/ Hope I helped :) Best of luck ! - Emmaneeemm ;] ♥

Amaria Amaria
Try out one of those diet supplements. Most of them claim to have fast results. Remember to eat healthy and lots of exercise!!
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Tiffani Tiffani
Basically get the norovirus so you will eat like 4 crackers a day for like a week, you get really sick but you end up losing like 100 pounds. it's so worth it.
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Rowan Rowan
eat tiny meals, don't eat junk, nd exersize. It's very simple as long as your metabolism isn't super slow
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Rowan Originally Answered: I have 22 months female and 12 months male dobermans, what's the best diet for them?
The optimum diet for a canine which is an opportunist carnivore would be raw meat, organs and large bones to gnaw on - raw bones with chunks of meat of are nature's toothbrush, keep teeth clean and maintain gum health. If an owner prefers to feed kibble (perhaps due to convenience or affordability) then grain free would be the best choice as the canine digestive system is not designed to break down and take nutrition from cheap bulking ingredients such as oatmeal, wheat, rice, corn and maize. One of my Dobermanns is fed Taste of the Wild pacific stream which is packed with quality ingredients that promote long term good health and he falls on his food, has a flake free high gloss coat, small regular firm bowel movements and in peak condition. I vary the formula I give him when one bag in finished to provide some variety in his diet. http://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/pro... The finished adult height of Dobermann was predetermined at conception by genetics and therefore set in stone. With regard to lean muscling – it is not meant to be a heavily muscled bulky breed – that can be improved by taking a mature healthy adult – over eighteen months – jogging or trotting/short bursts of running beside a bicycle or regular off lead exercise sprinting/chasing a frisbee or ball. My five year old male Dobermann is taken out jogging daily and he is always eager to get outside, loves the exercise, has firm sleek powerful muscling and in peak physical condition.

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