Abdominal pains. Nausea. Fever. but no appendicitis?

Abdominal pains. Nausea. Fever. but no appendicitis? Topic: Abdominal pains. Nausea. Fever. but no appendicitis?
November 14, 2019 / By Eldis
Question: A couple of days ago i started having abdominal pains.. i thought it might be really bad gas like a lot of us do... but then i started getting really nauseous. I went home and ALMOST threw up.. i was really close to throwing up but never did. I tried to tough it out. I had horrible pains all through the night. I couldn't sleep and the pain seemed to get worse. When i woke up.. it was suprisingly better. However, i still had the pains and low grade fever. I went to the doctor yesterday and got blood work done for my abdominal pains. I still had fever but they said my blood work was fine and i would be too. They said it was probably just me being constipated. But i have NEVER had any problems with my bowels. I never have constipation problems...so it seems a little weird that those symptoms would show up and its just a bunch of clogged up poop. But isn't constipation part of appendicitis? The pain has eased a lot.. but it is still there. I have even taken laxatives.. but the pain is still there when i push down where my appendix is and pull up. But the "gassy" feeling isn't as bad. I just need to know.. is this something i should consider? Is it a big possibility i have appendicitis? Were the doctors not noticing something? Or is this early stages of appendicitis? I do not want it to rupture if that is the case. Please help me!!!!! GInger With my blood work, it said that my WBCs were normal.. but my neutrophils were high. Which are "new white blood cells." They said that could be a part of appendicitis.. but they didn't give me clear answers for anything. Also.. i have really low RBCs. Overall the results were abnormal.
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Carroll Carroll | 1 day ago
Appendicitis is an acute inflammatory infectious process. Any physician with half a brain would order a complete blood count since if you have an infection you'd have an elevated white blood cell count. Appendicitis presents almost exclusively with an elevated white blood cell count. So, no you shouldn't worry about appendicitis.
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Carroll Originally Answered: i'm having really bad abdominal pain and cramps where i can barely walk also i have a fever and dark feces i
It is possible you may have a gall bladder attack. You need to go to the emergency room right away as this is very seriouse. The doctors there will run tests and find out if it is a gall bladder attack or something else. If it is the gall bladder they will need to remove it. My friend experienced the exact same symptoms you have and she was rushed to the emergency room. They found out it was her gall bladder attack and immediatley did surgery to remove it. Go to the emergency room and get medical attention right away. Good luck

Allger Allger
Appendicitis pain has a tendency to move throughout your abdomen, and it is what is referred to as "rebound" pain... This means that when you press on the spot, it stops hurting but as soon as you release the pressure the pain is extremely intense. The pain would be accompanied by inability to stop vomiting, and a spiking fever (103F +). Keep in mind that if you were constipated enough, it would be normal that your abdomen is still sore to the touch... Or, even if you had a bad intestinal virus. Did you get a copy of your blood work? If so, I could go over the results with you to help you understand (and be assured) that what you're experiencing isn't appendicitis... Blood work doesn't lie, so if the doc says it's clear, then it's clear. I hope this helps to ease your worries... Best wishes! :0)
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Teale Teale
All the symptoms mentioned above are associated with acute appendicitis. They may or may not all be present at the same time. Important to note is that the pain usually starts in the epigastrum and later settles in the right lower quadrant; and that there is almost always guarding and rebound tenderness upon palpation of the right lower quadrant. This means: 1. the patient tries to prevent the examiner's hand from pressing the abdomen (guarding) and 2. the pain is sharper when the examining hand is been abruptly released (rebound tenderness)
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Ronalda Ronalda
Get a second opinion if you are truly distressed about your symptoms. However, with appendicitis, I'm quite sure the pain would not lessen to any appreciable extent on its own. And if it ruptures, believe me, you will know due to the insane amount of pain that would be involved. Again, get double checked to put any fears to rest if you must, but the fact that alot of the pain has eased seems to correlate with what the doctor told you. You might want to try a stool softener along with a laxative to get better relief (i.e metamucil with Sennakot.) Hope you feel better soon!
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Molly Molly
By the time you have the pain of an inflamed appendix, your white blood cell count would be high enough for the doctors to notice. I don't know if they were right, but I don't think it's an appendicitis. Maybe an ovarian cyst?
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Molly Originally Answered: Have you ever experienced nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, & SEVERE stomach pains all @ once?
Have I ever experienced nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and severe stomach pains all at once? Everyday. I have IBS (Irritable Bowel) and, yes, you can be constipated and then suddenly have explosive diarrhea. There is bloating and nausea, too. It's pretty painful and gross. Don't worry about child birth. Nature takes care of that. You get so big and uncomfortable that you are like "Bring it on," just to get it over with. You don't have morning sickness for the entire pregnancy. Usually, it is just the first 10 to 12 weeks. I hope you are feeling better. You may have had a stomach virus.

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