What kind of eating disorder is this?

What kind of eating disorder is this? Topic: What kind of eating disorder is this?
January 25, 2020 / By Darin
Question: I sometimes binge, but only if I eat more than a serving. I guess I think once I've already ate more than I should have I might as well eat more, so I eat and eat and eat until I'm sick and feel like ****. Also, usually a few days a week I cry over eating. I refuse to eat something with carbs if I ate too many that day, I wont eat canned food, frozen food, or anything with any amount of sugar or fat. I get so worked up I cry and refuse to eat. Later, I give in and it usually results in overeating. What I consider overeating is two peanut butter sandwiches. I feel like crap from eating one. The peanut butter is fattening and the bread is carbs.
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Azriel Azriel | 6 days ago
Just sounds like a regular problematic relationship with food to me. Anorexia is where you limit your food intake or not partake in eating at all, whereas bulimia is where you binge eat and then forcefully excrete the food later through vomiting or taking laxatives to excrete it out. I recommend possibly seeing a health professional to discuss your psychological state of mind with food, and to possibly come up with an eating plan that will be healthy for you. Canned, frozen, and other foods of the like aren't very healthy in the first place, so try eating organic. Also, you do NEED some sugar and fat to properly digest other food intake. I wish you luck in your life.
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Azriel Originally Answered: Which kind of doctor should I go to if I suspect I may have some type of inflammatory or autoimmune disorder?
I think your in the right type of doctor's office; however you may need another doctor. I went to a couple of rhuematologists when I was having joint pain for years. My labwork never showed any elevations high enough to be diagnosed with RA or anything. After 5 years and 2 different doctors, I finally took a long list of all my complaints in the exam room with me. The nurse practitioner was the one who finally listened to me and prescribed plaquenil, voltaren, and sulfasalazine for me. It took 5 months before the drugs began to help significantly, but now I feel 95% better. So my point is, you may need to see another doctor, or go back to your doctor with your list and insist that he/she give you some relief. Best wishes.

Willa Willa
EDNOS Eating Disorder Not Otherise Specified. It is correctly extra usual than bulemia and no longer really as usual as anorexia. You can discover out all of the data approximately it. It additionally contains 'Binge-Eating'. Binge -Eating is doing what you do; no longer consuming for a even as then actually happening a big binge. Hope this is helping.
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Sharmain Sharmain
sounds like bulimia. But have you considered working out those extra carbs instead of missing meals or throwing up? It's way healthier, and you will look much prettier than your current method. Just get into a regular routine. Hey! don't fret too much, you just have to get motivated! I'll cheer you on from here!
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Page Page
Definitley NOT Bulimia, cause you didn't say u purged. But it might be binge eating disorder or EDNOS. Look it up
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Page Originally Answered: Eating disorder or not?
yup. your begining to have bulimia nervosa, otherwise known as bulimia. i know because i am full-blown bulimic. like me, you probably will find it hard to believe you have a disorder. do you experience any: -not wanting to eat around others -binge eating in a ahort amount of time -excessive exercise -throwing up or trying to -abuse of laxatives -feeling guilty about eating then not eating at all for a while -low amount of food you eat or diet food in front of others -eating fattening food when alone -weight is not always the same -deny a disorder to anyone who says you have one -low self-esteem -you care about your body image any of these has to do with bulimia. i went through this and i still am going throught it. heres an "am i bulimic" quiz http://www.angelfire.com/ri/edsm/edtest.html you can check if you are bulimic there more on bulimia: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/bulimia_signs_symptoms_causes_treatment.htm If you need help for bulimia... call the National Eating Disorders Association’s toll-free hotline at 1-800-931-2237 or click here for free referrals, information, and advice. http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/ i think you are at a very healthy weight. people may tell you that, but being a bulimic i know that if you dont believe your weight is good, you still feel good wen people tell you that you are healthy. according to your height and weight, 120 is perfectly healthy for someone of your height of 5'3

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