Help! My kitten is constipated!?

Help! My kitten is constipated!? Topic: Help! My kitten is constipated!?
May 22, 2019 / By Cathy
Question: I have a bottle baby that is 3 weeks old today. He's eating REALLY well and going pee as well when I stimulate him. Hes been going #2 since I got him up untill 3 days ago. Has anyone had experience with this and did something to help them go? I called the vet and asked them and they said try stimulating him as best I can and if he doesnt go by tommorow to take him in. I would really hate to take him in if theres something I can do to maybe help him? Any suggestions? Hes overall a very healthy kitten but hes just not going poop. Has anyone tried adding a few drops of mineral oil to their milk? If so, has it worked?
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Annamay Annamay | 1 day ago
yeah. stimulate/massage him. his mother would do the same if he were with her. once constipation is relieved, make sure you massage the belly after each feeding to prevent this again and to promote proper digestion. heres a good link: http://www.petpeoplesplace.com/resources/articles/cats/042-01.htm
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Annamay Originally Answered: How do you help a kitten who is constipated?
Your kitten definitely needs kitten replacement milk. One thing that a mother cat does to keep a kittens poops moving along is to lick their bottom. Don't panic! I'm not suggesting you do that!! LOL! Take a warm (not hot) wash rag and gently run it across his bottom like a mother would lick. Also, it sounds like your kitten should see a vet, anyway. They would be able to check his condition and give you some pointers. Good luck!!
Annamay Originally Answered: How do you help a kitten who is constipated?
First of all, STOP feeding the kitten cow's milk. You're making him sick. He needs Kitten replacement milk. You can buy this at ANY pet store. He will die if you do not feed him that. He will not eat regular food yet because he isnt ready. He's supposed to still be drinking the mother's milk. This is why you're going to have to bottle feed this kitten every 2 hours (including in the middle of the night). If you do not do what I am suggesting, your kitten will die, soon. Where did you get a kitten so young? Where is it's mother? Add- What exactly do you feed him all day long? He will die if you're feeding him cow's milk. He DOESNT need meds. He NEEDS kitten formula.

Woody Woody
make sure to look around where you're keeping him, my 3 week old dont really respond when i stimulate after feeding, but i leave them for five minutes and come back and find out they just did it on the floor :| they're not really comfortable with the litter right now, so make sure you look in any area that might look good enough to do it (mine likes to do it in between their sleeping pillow and the wall -_-! ) if its really constipated, maybe you have been feeding it too much? dont know much about oil, really, but i've read about adding yougurt? try reading about that, it could be helpful. good luck to you :3
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Shaul Shaul
iv hand raised litters i no what you mean try stimulating it differently slip your hand under its tummy so its head is facing the other way and stimulate from under its tummy to just under its tail slowly or try gently massaging its tummy hope that helped you a bit! RGxx
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Shaul Originally Answered: How to help a constipated kitten?
No wonder the poor thing is constipated, kittens should not be taken away from their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old. It's your fault and don't try to stimulate him, you're only hurting him. Leave him alone until you go to the vets, you are only irritating him and making him worse. Ask the vet when you can have him neutered too.

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