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Top Diet Pills? Topic: Top Diet Pills?
November 13, 2019 / By Calder
Question: First, no lecturing please, i don't want an intervention. I'm only interested in loosing ten pounds, I excercise daily (weights and cardio every other day) , and strict dieting, i mostly need the pills to curb my appetite. I also don't have have a credit card or access to one, so suggestions of pills that need to be bought via internet, are of no help...thanks tho. (I've tried NV, and havent had that much luck with it.) Any help will be greatly appreciated! BTW, i don't know if this helps, but i already lost 8 lbs, but i feel like I hit a wall, i havent been loosing any weight in the last several days...but i havent been gaining either... Thanks Again!
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Alfie Alfie | 9 days ago
If you can find them, try out venom hyperdrive by a company called ALRI. They work REALLY well. They are pretty strong though so i would not recommend using them 6-8 hrs proir to bedtime. I have also had some good luck with Ergopharm "Amp". These are much better than hydroxycut or any of the other "leading" sellers out there.
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Alfie Originally Answered: I want to lose a lot of weight, I WILL change my diet but besides that would diet pills or protein shakes help?
Hi. I dont know about protein shakes, but i have had good results with the weight loss pill proactol. Some people say that they dont work, or that they are a quick fix, but i dont agree. I lost at least 5 kilos the first week i used these pills, without exercising any more than normal. I found this site on google that will give you good info on proactol. http://www.fastweightlosstoday.info/weight-loss-pill-reviews/proactol-product-review

Tammara Tammara
I like and am using Slim Quick. The best feature is that it curbs your appetite so that you are not hungry and when you do eat you are unable to eat as much so, you are cuttting you calories. I like it and it works for me so good luck to you but I have to say I agree with many of the other people drink water. I read once that when you drink cold water yor body has to work and warm the water as part of the process and it burns calories this way. It you drink water and take a slim quick some times you don't even feel hungry and have to remind yourself to eat. One other thing, if you do dead lifts where you lift weight from the ground up to your waist and back down to the floor, you work you major muscle groups burning more calories. Try using the Neoprene body wraps also they cause you to burn calories in target areas and lose more weight than exercising alone. I use the shorts and the abdominal wrap. Good Luck
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Rhoda Rhoda
I have lost 15 pounds in the past month and i take Hoodia it works very well by suppressing your appetite you can get it from walmart. I also take thermogenics they cause your body temp. to go up and you really sweat during your workout. You can buy them from GNC or a vitamin store.
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Milla Milla
Hey listen,I just got these from my doctor...They work great but they are a controlled substance.Phentermine 37.5 MG Oh and the side affects are sweating and anxiety.
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Liddy Liddy
you do not need pills to curb your appetite. they never work anyway. when you get hungry, pound some water... i guarantee you will not be hungry anymore.
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Liddy Originally Answered: what are the best diet pills for weight loss? (no "none--exersize and diet" answers please)?
I totally understand your dilemma. I am a BUSY mom of two toddlers and NEVER have time to "work out" or maintain a healthy diet. But I can tell you that I have found an amazing diet pill. It is called Super Slim Pomegranate. I have lost 15 lbs in 2 /12 months. I highly recommend it. It is all natural too. So you don't have the caffeine affects either. I hope this helps.

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