Neck feels like there should be a big bruise on it after drinking?

Neck feels like there should be a big bruise on it after drinking? Topic: Neck feels like there should be a big bruise on it after drinking?
June 19, 2019 / By Chantale
Question: After I drink alcohol, my neck is very sore as if there would be a big bruise on it, but there's not. There's also pain in my armpit. So I'm assuming it's my lymph nodes??? But, why would this happen after having a few beers? (I am suspected to have an autoimmune disorder. I don't know if this ties in or not). and yes, I stopped drinking after I found this to be the cause. forgot to say - i get the same 'bruised' feeling in the back of my head, at the base (top of neck area). My doctors suspect an autoimmune disease because I have intermediate uveitis. But I have yet to be diagnosed with anything.
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Ansonia Ansonia | 3 days ago
After the ingestion of even small amounts of alcohol, individuals with Hodgkin's disease may complain of a rapid onset of pain at the site of disease. Hodgkin's disease is characterized by painless (other than when consuming alcohol) swelling of the lymph nodes of the neck. If treatment is obtained early in the course of the disease, prognosis is very good (95% cure rate).
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Ansonia Originally Answered: my rib kind of feels broken.please help!?
Coughing up blood is never a good sign! There are numerous causes for something like that. Also the fact that you have had a cough for 3 weeks leads me to believe that there is some kind of underlying condition that you are dealing with, maybe an infection or disease of the lungs/respiratory tract. Though its not really that common, you definitely can fracture a rib from coughing too hard. Here are some causes i have copy/pasted from another site: Causes A number of conditions, diseases, and medical tests may make you cough up blood. Diseases and conditions may include: * Blood clot in the lung * Bronchiectasis * Bronchitis * Cancer * Cystic fibrosis * Goodpasture syndrome * Inflammation of the blood vessels in the lung (vasculitis) * Inhaling blood into the lungs (pulmonary aspiration) * Irritation of the throat from violent coughing * Nosebleed that drips blood down into the lungs * Laryngitis * Pneumonia * Pulmonary edema * Systemic lupus erythematosus * Tuberculosis I would strongly advise you to seek medical advice immediately. If you don't feel comfortable at your doctors office, then you need to find a new one asap, you can visit your local emergency room today, or at least go to a walk in clinic with your mom. You need to be comfortable when going to the Doctor, so i would also recommend checking out some new doctors in your area! NOTE: Most of these conditions would be considered worst case, and i doubt that you have something that severe, but i want you to understand the importance of seeking medical help. I would say you most likely have bronchitis or pneumonia and most likely should be on antibiotics. Besides its better to be safe than sorry, so please go to the doctor ASAP!
Ansonia Originally Answered: my rib kind of feels broken.please help!?
GET TO A DOCTOR, WHAT ARE YOU SO SCARED OF? You probably have pnuemonia and yes, you can fracture your rib from coughing.

Zabdi Zabdi
You definitely need to involve some other people in this situation. I recommend the police for this situation because he has committed crimes and needs to experience the consequences for his own good. His drinking and thus his violent behavior will only get worse with time. So it's not just for your own good, but also for his and any other people he might victimized. He needs AA to get over his drinking and he needs a reality check now, before he ends up killing you. His lack of remorse is a self delusion that is caused by his belief that he has no control of his actions when he is drunk. He fears going to prison, but apparently not enough to stop drinking, thus, it is apparent that he is addicted. He knows that he does unlawful things when he is drunk. Any sane person (non-addict) would avoid the behavior that results in the liable behavior. So you know now that he cannot be reasoned with. Sorry about your work situation, but your employer will probably fire him eventually anyway as his drinking gets worse and eventually affects his job performance. Better to get him fired sooner so that he can get help for his drinking problem. So don't fear the consequences. Law varies from place to place and I know that in some states it seems like the law is no help to the victim, but at least in NJ the laws are actually slanted in favor of the accuser. Involve the police now, so there will at least be a paper trail. You will be believed more when you call them each time this happens. Sure, if you both have a mark and it's a he-said-she-said situation, the police might not arrest him, but they won't arrest you. If you have a bruise that isn't visible, the police can take you to the hospital where they have machines that can image the bruise. Yes, technology is great! Contact them now and have a report filed. In NJ the police will press charges for you if they believe there is enough evidence. This helps prevent cases of dropped charges due to witness intimidation. It also prevents witness intimidation since there is nothing to gain from it. Get a restraining order. The next time he calls you, whether you have the restraining order or reported this yet or what, call the police immediately and let them know the situation. You've heard the saying, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away? Well call them when you only suspect he might come over and that way they can get a cruiser posted in the area. Give them a chance to protect and to serve. Call them! Since it's not an emergency right now, you should go down to the station to file a report. Then go on over to the court house and apply for a restraining order. You've been assaulted. You were in a dating relationship. You qualify for a protective order. It can save your life. Despite his threats, you know he fears the law.
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Sheridan Sheridan
Possibly you're not sleeping well when you've been drinking. You might not be reaching the recovery stage of sleep. Why do you suspect an autoimmune disease? .....
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