whats the fastest way to lose weight but not lose muscle in the teenager years?

whats the fastest way to lose weight but not lose muscle in the teenager years? Topic: whats the fastest way to lose weight but not lose muscle in the teenager years?
July 19, 2019 / By Stacie
Question: whats the fastest way to lose weight but not lose muscle in the teenager years? and a way or exercise that reduces peck region fat and waist fat quickly and best way to get my endurance up in running.... help
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Best Answers: whats the fastest way to lose weight but not lose muscle in the teenager years?

Pru Pru | 5 days ago
To lose weight lessen the calorie intake but make sure you eat heaps of protein. High protein foods include; chicken, lentils, tofu, nuts (but these are also high in fats).its impossible to just work fat off 1 body region but if you get on the treadmill and increase distance and speed every day then you will build fitness levels and endurance but to have high endurance levels your body cant be depleted of energy so make sure you are eating well. Bottom line is to lose weight you need to expend more calories than you consume. Have a healthy attitude and try to eat mostly foods that are clean and unprocessed. You are pretty safe consuming foods that have come from the ground and plant based. If you want muscle tone you will need to lift weights also and have a protein shake etc within an hour of training to help with recovery and muscle growth.. Bodybuilding.com is one of the best bodybuilding sites there is. Good luck!
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Pru Originally Answered: Whats a good diet to LOSE WEIGHT GAIN MUSCLE 15 YEARS OLD?
What are the Benefits of the Low Glycemic Index Diet? Low GI diets help you manage and regulate your blood sugar level. Low GI diets help increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Eating complex (low GI) carbohydrates can reduce the risk of heart disease. Low GI carbs help you manage your hunger and keep you feeling fuller longer. A low GI carb diet can help prolong your physical endurance. Complex carbohydrates are best for refueling your body after exercise. Sample 7-Day Menu In addition to the planned meals, you can also have a milk allowance—three 1-cup servings of skim milk daily—a good way to boost your body’s calcium levels. You can add variety to the diet and add calories (if you need them) by choosing foods from a snack list. 1. Monday Breakfast: Fruit and yogurt smoothie Lunch: Grilled ham and Swiss on rye, fruit Dinner: Baked chicken breast, vegetables with lentil 2. Tuesday Breakfast: Oatmeal with cinnamon and apple Lunch: Shrimp and melon salad Dinner: Chunky soybean stew 3. Wednesday Breakfast: Cereal with seeds, walnuts and fruit Lunch: Deli-takeout lunch Dinner: Stir-fried pork and vegetables 4. Thursday Breakfast: Bran cereal with yogurt, honey and walnuts Lunch: Chickpea, rice and nut salad Dinner: Pasta with tomato sauce, cheese and walnuts 5. Friday Breakfast: Banana and berry smoothie Lunch: Broiled turkey breast, salad Dinner: Homemade hamburger, salad 6. Saturday Breakfast: Bacon, eggs and fruit Lunch: Chicken pesto and vegetables Dinner: Broiled salmon and vegetables 7. Sunday Breakfast: Veggie egg scramble and cheese Lunch: Tuna melt on rye Dinner: Quick pizza, salad

Maybelline Maybelline
beware of fat free or zero trans fats foods as you could be trading fats for huge amounts of sugar or sodium
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Laurena Laurena
well pecs are easy just do push ups (if you can). stomic area is not to hard eaither just do regular crunches stop eating unhealthy and eat in normal portions not portions to feed the starving homeless people. also for endurance play a sport. if your bigger and like taking breaks get into football and become a lineman. you get a break after every play. also play backetball or soccer something that keeps you moving.
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Jilly Jilly
Speedwalking,sit-ups, eat les processed foods, more meats and vegetables red meat in moderation chicken and white meat pork are better choices along with fish; like salmon, trout, and red snapper, for examples. The rest is up to you.
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Jilly Originally Answered: Whats the easiest or fastest way to lose weight?
It’s okay to be really skinny when you’re a little girl but then eventually, you become a mature woman with curves. Sometimes it happens suddenly and is a big adjustment, not only physically but also emotionally, especially if you live in a place and time where beauty criteria are somewhat crooked, like body fat is not okay on the lower body, like the thighs (the baby fat for the survival of the species) but okay on boobs. On average, you should gain about 5 pounds a year until you’re in your early 20s. It’s doubtful that you went from very skinny in 2010 to very fat now. Maybe your idea of being very fat is just having tummy fat...that you need if you’re a teenager and need to balance your hormones (adipose tissue = body fat, is an important endocrine organ to produce hormones). Anyway, it never hurts to eat healthy and exercise. Eating healthy is about cooking healthy food and can take some years to learn unless you’re a natural. Exercising is not easy but it should not be that hard either if you adapt your exercising intensity to your fitness level and not try to do something that you cannot handle. If you’re a teenager, losing weight could stunt your growth (shorter people look fatter). But instead of gaining 5 pounds a year until you’re 21, you could focus on maintaining your weight, eating enough to cover your BMR and your grow, and using exercising to use body fat. You do not want a “fast way” to lose weight. A fast way = unsuccessful way (you regain the weight, so why even bother?).

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