How do I strengthen my immune system?

How do I strengthen my immune system? Topic: How do I strengthen my immune system?
September 20, 2019 / By Chance
Question: I get sick really easily and stay sick for much longer than most people and no medicine seems to help me. I think I have a really weak immune system because I try really hard to keep myself from getting sick. I don't ever touch doorknobs, I wash my hands a lot, I don't touch my face before cleaning my hands, and I have endless bottles of hand sanatizer. I even hold my breath when someone coughs so I don't inhale something. I even avoid going out sometimes because I know I will get sick, even in summer. And of course I'm sick right now..and I have 4 exams this week so I have to go to class =/ Oh and I have anemia so that might be the problem but I take a lot of Iron everyday. Is there something else I can take? I will try anything, I already drink 10+ glasses of water a day and exercise and eat very healthy. The only fast food I eat is Subway haha..thanks in advance ! :)
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Anona Anona | 10 days ago
Stress can impair the immune system. Meditation is a good way to reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. Moderate exercise will provide a temporary boost. You might also want to try some positive affirmations. Thinking about getting sick does not help. Your thoughts influence your immune system. If I am worried about getting sick my immune system responds like there is a threat coming. When an actual threat is introduced my immune system is tired from attempting to stop an imaginary threat. There is also the placebo effect. When companies test products they use a control group. For example shampoo to trigger hair growth and regular shampoo. Some of the people in that get the regular shampoo grow more hair. If you think you have something it is also possible to make yourself sick. You can develop the symptoms of something you do not have.
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Anona Originally Answered: How can I strengthen my immune system?
A few things, simple but effective: - one vitamin C tablet each day, no more and no less than 1 - about 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day, and a catnap in the middle of the day is a good idea to add to that - a short relaxing walk in the nature each day, that takes about 20 minutes or so - eating fruit and vegetables and avoiding anything too heavy or oily - yoga, meditation or prayer, something to help releive stress - stopping any bad habits, like smoking or eating unhealthy foods This will take some time, but you will feel the difference, it really works and is good for the long run. Hope this helps!

Ywain Ywain
The immune gadget protects the physique by utilising assisting it to ward-off and recover from countless ailments. at the same time as tension relief and universal workout are huge-unfold to assist in strengthening the immune gadget, the forms of food ate up make the biggest contribution to a healthful immune gadget. ingesting a properly-balanced eating recurring alongside with one in each and every of those healthful meals will strengthen this methodology's effectiveness like no longer something.
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Shemaiah Shemaiah
As long as you're eating reasonably well and staying active, the only way to "strengthen" your immune system is with vaccinations. Check out the CDC's website for adult vaccination schedules to determine how to remain up to date.
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Normand Normand
Try supplements like Cod Live Oil pills....i have been on them for a year now, and i have not gotten sick in a long time:) the pills have vit. A and D and omega which boosts your immune system like crazy
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Lake Lake
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Isador Isador
You're doing everything right. There is no evidence that mega-dosing vitamins is beneficial in any way and it can actually be harmful in some cases.
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Farrell Farrell
take your vitamins, drink acai berry juice, pomegranate juice, tea and lots of water they have antioxidants and minerals in them that can help your immune system,
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Farrell Originally Answered: What part of the immune system is being affected in individuals with HIV? (innate or acquired immune system?)?
innate immunity is the immunity you're born with- your white blood cells, your skin, and other membranes and protective enzymes. acquired immunity is the immunity you gain throughout your life against certain diseases you've been exposed to (like immunity against chicken pox, or immunity you gain as a result of a vaccine). HIV affects mostly your innate immune system- specifically receptors which function with white blood cells. as a result of this decreased immunity, individuals with HIV are more susceptible to common diseases and sicknesses that most people can fend off without a problem- even a common cold can be life threatening, as their body's natural defenses are very weak.

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