Why does this happen when you're constipated?

Why does this happen when you're constipated? Topic: Why does this happen when you're constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Brielle
Question: Sorry if this is one of those TMI questions, but I'm curious. Why when you're constipated do you get bad cramps? Is it because you're large intestine is full?
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Alia Alia | 6 days ago
Often your peristaltic rhythm is altered because you can't shift the feces. The muscles keep contracting, trying to shift the load, but it doesn't move so you get a cramp.
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Tyron Tyron
ordinarily, constipation is considered to be your third day in a row and not using a bowel pass. many human beings's norm is each-different day. If the trials are very solid, evaluate going to an pressing care or nighttime medical institution. Your pains must be from a various reason.
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Rigby Rigby
Not every body. Don't generalise. Different individuals have different concomitants i.e accompanying symptoms. So different individuals will have different remedies for real cure. THAT IS HOMOEOPATHY.
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