What do I do if I overdose on niacin?

What do I do if I overdose on niacin? Topic: What do I do if I overdose on niacin?
September 20, 2019 / By Celinda
Question: I am trying to flush my system and I have been taking 500mg of niacin twice a day. 1000mg total. I have been doing this for three days now and I feel sick to my stomach, and I have been getting light headed and feel like I am having hot flashes. What should I do?
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Annmarie Annmarie | 7 days ago
You should probably stop taking the niacin. Its a water soluble vitamin, so you'll eventually pee it out or break it down. Your symptoms might be from acute toxicity, and will resolve quickly. But you also said you are trying to "flush" your system. Does this mean your on a juice diet? With no food? If so all your symptoms, the hot flashes and headaches especially, ae probably due to low blood glucose. It shouldnt be life threatening unless your diabetic. Its your body's way of telling you that its cranky and wants some food. The sick to your stomach feeling might just be due to the large amount of liquid and lack of solids in your diet, especially if you didnt have time to wean yourself off of regular food.
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Annmarie Originally Answered: does niacin flush your system permanently or just temporary mask it?
Working out: BIG EFFECT. (It has been shown repeatedly that high levels of exercise will speed up ones metabolism and expel THC metabolites from fat cells at accelerated rate. The key is to stop exercising a week before urine test; it's better to leave remaining THC metabolites locked in fat cells than risk having them end up in urine sample.) Metabolism: BIG, BIG EFFECT (It has been proven over and over again, the faster your metabolism, the faster the remaining THC metabolites will be expelled from your body. A fat person with slow metabolism can expect 2x to 10x as long to drop THC metabolites below detectable levels. In scientific terms; that's a significant difference.) Skinny just means a sign that you have a fast metabolism; so generally speaking, the younger and skinnier you are, the faster your metabolism is likely to be.) Positive results for THC in urine tests beyond 30 days is EXTREMELY rare; even for heavy smokers. Also dilute any home urine drug test kit enough and it will show negative for any drug. So here drinking excess fluids on the day of test DOES matter. It matters a great deal. (You won't be able to fool a lab though so easily.) I never understood the wisdom of drinking excess fluids weeks and days before a drug test for marijuana use; the THC metabolites are fat soluble, and all data suggests it would make no difference. I could however understand why drinking excess fluids daily would be helpful if you didn't know when you would be tested; it's better to flush system continually in case of test being unannounced or on short notice. Niacin has mixed results but I guess it can't hurt to try. The second link has detailed information on success rates for various common tricks (including niacin) to fool a drug test; how good any of them are is questionable. Below are two links that explain realistic detection times and more about the tests. There facts are fairly accurate and consistent with other studies and sites. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_test http://www.erowid.org/psychoactives/test...

Yarwood Yarwood
Niacin is a B vitamin, therefore water soluble. You CAN'T overdose. Water soluble vitamins pass thru the kidneys if there is an abundance without affecting the body. It's only A-D-E-K that stay in fat cells and can have a harmful effect. Hot flashes are a NORMAL effect of niacin. You just have to ride them out.
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Shelomi Shelomi
That 'flush' should be done under medical supervision. Just because something is available OTC doesn'r mean you can't hurt yourself with it. According to the Merk manual, 1000 mg /day is an 'intermediate adult dose'. If you're getting a bad reaction, stop taking the niacin. If you want to continue the 'flush' decrease to 500mg/day of a timed release preparation. The above assumes you are a healthy adult and have been checked for liver problems.
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Noll Noll
If you fall into the group of people who take niacin for any reason, here is some basic info on niacin side effects take care
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Kurtis Kurtis
The first thing you could do is rid yourself of the gullibility. It isn't as if sensible people actually believe you can flush your system, whatever that means. Once you've stopped taking it, the symptoms should resolve quickly. A bit of an antihistamine tonight might help a little.
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Irwin Irwin
Lexa is right, if you're trying to "flush" drugs out of your system, you can't do that. Niacin won't "flush" anything, but it does make you feel like you're on fire. If you want to pass a drug test, don't do drugs. There is simply NO WAY to flush them out of your system. Niacin won't work. Grapefruit juice won't work. Pickle juice won't work. Special elixers from the Head Shop won't work. Stuff you order online won't work. Drinking water won't work. Exercising won't work. (Shall I go on?)
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Irwin Originally Answered: Is it possible to cure a disease by an overdose?
No, I can't think of any diseases that can be cured by medications alone, directly. Most medications enhance the body's ability to heal (with the exception of topical antiseptics, which might be the one instance where a medicine actually cures on its own). I'm not sure what medication your mom's on, but most of the medications listed as treatments seem to be interferons, which are molecules the immune system makes naturally, so it's basically enhancing the immune response. Overdosing on those would be deadly. Alternative treatments that are recommended in overdoses (Vitamin D and Vitamin C overdoses) do the same thing--enhance the immune response. It's not a cure. The cause of MS isn't known yet, unfortunately. It's an immune problem, so the immune system is a little screwy, but it's not know WHY. Drugs alter that response, but it's temporary. Until we figure that out, through research, we can't find a cure. Likely there are many different causes.

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