My 4 week old kitten is constipated , what do I do?

My 4 week old kitten is constipated , what do I do? Topic: My 4 week old kitten is constipated , what do I do?
September 23, 2019 / By Breeda
Question: We have tried stimulating her with a wet towel and nothing has worked. I have tried giving her some extra water in her formula , but all that has seemed to do is make her urinate more. What at home things can I do to help her , because she is uncomfortable at the moment. Also , a vet is unavailable until tomorrow , so I need some things right now.
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Alexandra Alexandra | 8 days ago
Causes of Constipation in Kitties Once kittens get constipated, it's crucial to recognise the trouble promptly and commence assisting the kitten to get unconstipated, whilst also eliminating graver causes of the irregularity. Kitten impairment can be a more common happening, particularly for cats which are or have lived in a shelter. Baby kittens’ digestive tracts are built for milk from the mother feline. Their bodies are constructed to break milk down expeditiously, and the good bacterium and nutrients contained in the mother cat’s milk would facilitate the kitten digest food plus remain unconstipated. Nevertheless, a lot of kittens are selected from their mothers too soon, are placed on regular cat food too early, or are existing under conditions where they are not able to suckle. Cow’s milk, hard, dry cat food, or getting fed table scraps too soon or in overly big amounts can cause kitten irregularity. Such foods are not easily digested, and this might put a stress on the kitten’s system, hence making constipation. Dehydration could likewise induce constipation since the digestive system is not obtaining adequate quantities of liquid to propel waste out of the body. As waste moves through the bowels, it draws water and this assists to create a bulky, moveable feces. Without enough water, bowel movements might turn hard, dry, and hard to pass. Relieving Kitten Constipation Once your kitty is constipated, there are a few home remedies for furnishing relief. For kitties not able to lap fluids (instead of nursing), utilize an eyedropper or doll bottle to feed the kitten water. Keeping the kitten hydrated can be really significant. Giving the baby cat goat’s milk can be advantageous because it’s easier to digest than cow’s milk. Conferring with a veterinarian over additional liquid-food alternatives can be crucial before feeding it to your kitten. You can likewise feed your kitten with the eyedropper or, if the kitty is capable, supplying a low-rimmed bowl the kitten may lap from may likewise do. Avoid feeding kittens hard cat food and table scraps till it is almost 3-5 months old, or older if the cat goes on to battle with digestive troubles. Lightly kneading the kitten’s abdominal surface area can help energize the intestinal muscles and nerves to progress their own, and may likewise help preclude abdominal growths or blockages as a problem. If your kitten proceeds to have digestive and constipation troubles, and doesn't display some betterment from home remedy attempts, you might want to visit a professional vet and have your kitten thoroughly tested. Kitten constipation is a dangerous matter if left untreated or if it happens
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Alexandra Originally Answered: Got a constipated 5-week old kitten .?
When he gets constipated feed him baby food meat - human baby food - just the meats. My cat liked the lamb and chicken the best. That will help get him back on track. Another thing is that the canned food does not have as much fiber (not by half) as the dry stuff, so mix some dry with the canned maybe half and half. Some warm water if he will drink it may help his tummy when it's hurting too. Good luck.

Turlough Turlough
I would put some vasoline/butter on kitten's paw, so kitten licks it off. You can also try giving kitten a little less then half of what a syringe holds of milk of magnesia in the kitten's formula to get the digestive system moving again. If you give kitten some cow's milk, it will give her diarrhea, but make sure she gets enough water so she doesn't get dehydrated.
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Richie Richie
if the kitten is 4 weeks then its still too small and it needs stimulation help to do either #1 or #2 i know this sound weird but get a wet warm moise paper towel and wipe the kitten's bum...that should help it go #2
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Meredith Meredith
Add a few drops of mineral oil to the formula each time you feed. It is not a stool softener but it WILL lubricate the digestive tract so the poop passes easier.
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Meredith Originally Answered: orphaned kitten constipated?
First of all, stop giving her human baby formula. She is 5 months old and needs kitten food. No milk. Most cats/kittens are lactose intolerant and will get diarrhea from the formuls. Give her kitten food. Plain and simple kitten food. Canned kitten food with a little added water will solve your problem. 5 month old kittens do not need milk, kitten or otherwise.

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