Do I need to follow the p90x nutrition diet?

Do I need to follow the p90x nutrition diet? Topic: Do I need to follow the p90x nutrition diet?
September 19, 2019 / By Celestine
Question: I am a women's soccer so I already am in o.k. shape...just not the best shape since it is off season right now. I bought this program to get me in shape for preseason which is in a month and a half. I already eat very well. Barely ever sweets like ice creams, cookies, processed food etc. Mostly salads and some protein every day. So if I was not to be on the p90x nutriotion diet, would that make my results not as good?
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Annitra Annitra | 5 days ago
Well it sounds like you are already a smart eater but you do not need to follow it exactly, but it does have some great principles. I don't use it all to a tea, but I use the portion chart as a good indication to what I need each day. In saying that, this is an extreme workout and therefore your body needs more fuel to burn. I have a belief that it is not all fruit and salads. It goes for 90 days and you have to survive this time by eating normal. I still enjoy the little extras in every day meals and I have still lost 7.5 pounds in the first 30 days. It proves that you can still enjoy every day food without going over board and still lose weight. Protein & Carbs are important to any diet especially one with such extreme physical exercise. The diet requires high amounts of protein, purely for development and recovery of the muscles. Good Luck
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Annitra Originally Answered: Do I have to follow the p90x nutrition plan?
I use the P90X program and it works with out utilizing their Diet. Just watch your diet and eat well. You may need some extra energy, Carnation instant breakfast drink is cheap enough and adds the protein and carbs you will need. It is what I did. The results were great.

Yancey Yancey
I would recommend you follow the nutrition plan also. The first 4 weeks you do HIGH protein (about 125 g per day) and lower carbs, which will increase your fat burn. Then you transition to more carbs and a little less protein.
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Shell Shell
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Nolan Nolan
limit if not eliminate all extras like butter mayonnaise ketchup dressing added sugar added oil etc
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Nolan Originally Answered: P90x diet plan.?!?!?
It's much more complicated then calculating how much you can eat because it goes by phases. Phase one is fat shredding, two is energy boosting and three is endurance maximizer. I'll give you the basic formula. First calculate your RMR (resting metobolic rate) - this is basically what you need to survive. Body weight x 10 = RMR in calories Then calculate your DAB (Daily Activity Burn) - this is what you need to do your regular daily activities. Take into account this number is skewed if you play x-box all day vs work in construction. RMR x 20% = DAB Finally, add your calories needed to get you through your workouts (average P90x workout will burn 600 calories) RMR + DAB + 600 = Energy amount Now, use that number to know your nutrition level. If your total outcome is 1,800-2,399 you need to consume 1,800 calories per day and are in level 1. If your total outcome is 2,400-2,999 you need to consume 2,400 calories per day and are in level 2. I fyour total outcome is 3,000+ you need to consume 3,000 calories per day and are in level 3. ----- Once you have all that figured out, you need the nutritional manual to actually show you the diet plans. It's far too involved to type here but perhaps you can find a download online, or have your inlaws call Beach Body and send them a replacement Nutrition Plan Booklet.

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