Healthy skin and gain weight plan and for a 14 year old?

Healthy skin and gain weight plan and for a 14 year old? Topic: Healthy skin and gain weight plan and for a 14 year old?
September 20, 2019 / By Melany
Question: I'm 14 year old girl, going 15 in September. I've had bad skin since I was 12, I'm not going to say I've acne because I don't go to a dermatologist and my mom says it's just teenage skin. I take very good care of my skin and do my research but I eat absolute junk! My whole family does but we are just naturally thin I guess. I have an extremely fast metobolism so if i eat a cake, I can burn it off not even trying to. I would love to be bigger than I am, I used to be called anerexic but now I've filled out a bit. I'm 5'2 and weigh 7 stone 6. I want to gain weight healthy and this will benefit my skin hopefully. Can anyone suggest a healthy gain weight plan??? much appreciated!
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Leann Leann | 5 days ago
Yes I can help you with a healthy gain weight plan. When it comes to gaining weight one must have a plan of action combining nutrition, exercise and recovery. So for instance a plan would include: *How much weight you would want to gain (realistically 2-4kg per month). *Which foods to consume (mainly high protein, high carb foods such as brown rice, pasta, wholegrain bread, eggs, full cream milk,etc). *Which exercises to use (compound exercises such as push ups, pull ups, chin ups, dips, squats are the most effective in building muscle since they recruit the most muscle fibres stimulating a greater release of muscle building hormones such as IGF-1, HGH and Testosterone. *How much you rest (between 6-8 hours of sleep are crucial to gaining weight, in fact sleeping is the time whereby you build muscle and lose fat. These are just some of the things you should include in your weight gain plan. If you're interested to know more on how to gain weight for girls checkout http://www.howtogainweightquicklyforgirl... Hope this helps :)
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Leann Originally Answered: Healthy meal plan for a 15 year old?
Here's two meal plan options im going to give you the first one is a lot more stricter then the second one, you chose what you would like to do. Raw food diet until dinner: Breakfast: (choose one) All fruit smoothe, big bowl of fruit, fresh squeeze juice, and drink a cup of green tea as it would give you energy and make your metabolism faster.) Lunch: Dip carrots and celery on raw almond butter with 1 tablespoon of raisins, 1/4 cup raw almonds and veggies sliced up. If you feel hungry at all during school keep a bag of raw almonds and dried fruit in your locker and munch on that during passing time. Dinner: Steamed veggies and brown rice, organic soup from a can like lentil, large salad with a dressing (with no high fructose corn syrup or sugar) things like that be creative (this raw diet plan will help you lose weight fast, and will clean your out) 2nd diet plan is Breakfast: Whole grain cereal w/ 1/2 fruit (use almond, hemp or skim) or 2 eggs (hardboiled or cooked on stove) with steamed asparagus or brocolie, or almond butter and honey on whole grain bread with 1/2 cup fruit. Lunch: Whole grain turkey sandwhich with lots of veggies (spread on low fat mayo with mustard if you desire) or hummus and veggies, whole grain bagel with cream cheese and cucumbers. Dinner: Salad with soup from a can, stir fry with whole grain rice, lettuce wraps, etc. be creative Also make sure to incorrporate exercise daily aim for 30 to 1 hr a day (: good luck
Leann Originally Answered: Healthy meal plan for a 15 year old?
Hmm you certainly don't ask for much do you? :P What I'd suggest for you to eat is this: In the morning you might want to eat, eggs because they are the best for you when you first wake up as they contain all the protein or energy you'll need. Eat them with a good bowl of muesli and skim milk. If you usually eat white bread I'd suggest you stick away from it. Eat mutli-grain instead In the afternoon, the best food for you would be chicken. Try eating it with a bit salad or something, whatever way you like it, it's up to you. And finally for dinner, you may not like the suggestion, but the best meal to eat is fish, steamed fish preferably with a side dish of vegetables or something else you could think of.

Joetta Joetta
First of all,YOU LUCKY THING! i am younger than you and shorter and weigh more! i understand that maybe you would want to be a bit curvier and its good,size 0 is never good! Try and be healthy,but maybe speak to your doctor about pills or any particular ways you could gain weight,as he will know what your metabolism is like and may be able to help more than i can.Skin wise,try and use a facial scrub at least once a week,and wash your make up off every night.Also,try not to touch your face too much for example if your at school and you lean your face in your hands,think about all the bacteria on your hands,and your putting it straight on your face.Try and drink lots of water,as it can give your skin a healthy glow,but it will not "flush out" spots.Also,try and use make up that is hypoallergenic or non comodegenic,as it is beter for your skin than the regular stuff! hope i helped!
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Gay Gay
You know whats really good, Almonds, they're high in fat but it's "good fat." 10 almonds = 70 calories. Go to the website i listed to see other benefits. Of course washing your face with a facial scrub is good. And i say scrub because the cream ones don't work as well. Using Clean & Clear will work good too. Try eating protein such as eggs, or some oatmeal. And eat fruits and veggies.
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Gay Originally Answered: Healthy Weight Gain Menu/Meal Plan?
There are some high calorie weight gain mixes at places like GNC but I found through experience, that if your body has a high metabolism it won't matter what you do, you won't gain weight. If you do, it will be extremely slow. I spent alot of money on powders and foods and it never did anything. My doctor said, be thankful, because one day it will slow down and you'll start to gain weight, and he was right. Be thankful. It's much easier being thin, than it is being over weight.

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