Where should me and my date go. LDS people answer preferably.?

Where should me and my date go. LDS people answer preferably.? Topic: Where should me and my date go. LDS people answer preferably.?
January 29, 2020 / By Marigold
Question: Me and my freind are taking 2 girls on a date tommrow night but need an idea of where to go and what to do. Like i need some good date ideas, none that cost to much too. We are 16 by the way. So ya. If age makes a differance on what you would suggest we do.
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Kourtney Kourtney | 7 days ago
If you live near a DI, Salvation Army, etc, this is something my friends and I used to have a blast doing on dates: Go to the thrift store at the beginning of the date. Everyone buy a few items to make a 'costume' or silly outfit. Then go to a fast food restaurant for dinner. Then we'd do something that is typically considered for kids, like roller skating, to a playground (if it's not too cold), bowling, etc. Then we'd end the night at a cheap place for ice cream (like McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Hogi Yogi, etc). This date is not designed to be romantic, sweep her off her feet. You shouldn't be trying to do that at this point, anyways, as you're not looking for a spouse yet. This date is all about cutting up and laughter.
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Kourtney Originally Answered: today is my due date.i dont even feel preggo.best natural ways to induce? [10 pts best answer]?
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Jaylee Jaylee
I was LDS several years ago, if that makes a difference. Going to the movies is usually a safe bet and somewhat inexpensive. It is "allowed", since I am guessing that none of you are missionaries. If ya all can skate, ice skating is the preferred for my daughter and her friends. Hope it works out.
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Everette Everette
It may not necessarily be cheap but it's not expensive. You don't want to look like your afraid to make it about her. So what you want to do is you and your friend take the girls out to dinner at a sit down restaurant (not McD's) and to a movie......
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