6 weeks 4 days pregnant . SEVERE constipation :(?

6 weeks 4 days pregnant . SEVERE constipation :(? Topic: 6 weeks 4 days pregnant . SEVERE constipation :(?
September 19, 2019 / By Cecily
Question: I have had no symptoms, no sore boobs, enlarged boobs, sickness, frequent peeing ... big fat nothing ... apart from constipation since week 4 and omg today i cant stop the gas but im doubled up so much with constipation pain i dont know what to do, i have tried stool softeners pregnancy safe laxatives, prune juice LOTS OF WATER and it just wont shift, it must be near if the pain is bad but please ladies i really need help if its happening now what will i be like at 7 months etc
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Annice Annice | 1 day ago
I think constipation is worse in the 1st trimester-- but then again all pregnancies are different. (at least for me, it was worse) But try to eat more fiber, cereal, granola, whole wheat...etc. Try some dairy and/or fruits and veggies. Don't worry unless its been like 5 days or more.
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Annice Originally Answered: Pregnant 14 weeks.Havent pooped in 5 days:(?
Go to the pharmacy, tell them you are pregnant and ask what to take. There are many over the counter things you can take that are safe in pregnancy. Stool softners (e.g. coloxyl) and metamucil are some examples. Ask your pharmacist what they stock Constipation is normal in pregnancy unfortunately, so it might be good to find out what you can take now, as you might be needing it again later on in the pregnancy. Just be sure to check with the pharmacist first. But there are many over the counter laxatives you can buy they are appropriate in pregnancy...just check first Goodluck!

Xan Xan
Hey Hun I expect you will find the constipation side of things will calm down further in pregnancy, with my first I was terribly constipated at the beginning of my pregnancy, with him I foudn the further along in my pregnancy I got...the more well...less constipated I was. With this pregnancy its a whole different ball game, I've been constipated since the word go, Im now 19w and I am not constipated but I have terrible gas pain 3 or 4 times a day I am doubled up in pain as I need to pass wind, the only thing I can do that seems to work is bend over or sit on the birthing ball and roll my hips this tends to help the gas come out, I'm hoping like my first this will dissapear soon but until then I don't know what either of us can do, You're so lucky you don't have anything else! On alot of the threads on here I've put my pregnancy is great, but now I'm having heart palpitations, SPD, varicose veins, headaches, swellings, really bad gas, terrible back ache, leaking boobs, constant urination and sore boobs! I guess every pregnancy is different, if you do get so you are in terrible pain go and see your dr maybe he can prescribe something to help with the gas. I'm used to the gas pains so I'm not really concerned with it, I know baby is fine and it will pass soon! Sorry I couldn't be of any more help! x
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Sheamus Sheamus
those do sound like the indicators of being pregnant, yet indicators a woman could be experiencing at 5-7 weeks pregnant (a million-2 weeks after a neglected era)via fact remember the being pregnant cycle starts type the 1st day of your final era. you have got had a mild era or bleeding that could have been from the embryo implanting final month and theory that replaced into your era. you're a pair months alongside now. the only thank you to confirm is to get a preg try, or pass see your rfile. I had each and every of the indicators you have been describing while i replaced into 7 weeks preg. alongside with the nausea vomiting!!! that replaced into the worst. i'm now 27 weeks preg and function all varieties of recent discomforts!!!! nicely stable success with each and every thing
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Noah Noah
Drink plenty of water or prum juice and u should b fine I just read the more u sit the more constipation u can become
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Kortney Kortney
i went through the same thing when i was 16 weeks. i was almost in tears. the only thing that worked for me was milk of magnesia. it is safe for pregnancy. just follow the directions. it doesnt taste the greatest, but in the directions it says to drink a full 8oz glass of water after taking it, so that helped get rid of the taste some
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Kortney Originally Answered: 3 months pregnant with severe constipation! DESPERATE FOR ANSWERS!?
I know exactly how you feel, i had it too with my little boy. Go to the pharmacy and ask for lactulose solution, its the only laxative you can take when pregnant, take a couple of big spoons of it a day when neeeded it works a treat! its very mild so dont be frightened of taking it! x

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