Will taking these pills help me with losing wieght? Im desperate! Please help.?

Will taking these pills help me with losing wieght? Im desperate! Please help.? Topic: Will taking these pills help me with losing wieght? Im desperate! Please help.?
January 22, 2020 / By Laraine
Question: I am taking a mix of CLA(Conjulated Linoliec Acid)-3000 mg/2 times daily, Green Tea-1200mg twice daily and Cortiplex(a cortisol controling pill)-1 pill and 4 fibre capsuls at night. I try to eat right but I do love popcorn and cheese..and tend to eat it alot...and I don't really get a chance to excercise regularly. I've tried alot of the brand named diet pills..like SmartBurn and Xantrex. Nothings working, I want to lose a realistic 30 ponds in the quickest amount of time possible. Are those pills I mentioned going to help...do you have any suggesytions other then the regular "diet and excerise" option thats always given? Anything that has worked for you, please help! sorry guys- 30 pounds..not ponds lol.
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Best Answers: Will taking these pills help me with losing wieght? Im desperate! Please help.?

Jerrie Jerrie | 8 days ago
Diet pills do help you lose weight because they can up your metabolism and lower your appetite. But if you want to lose weight, you need to lay off the cheese (high fat, low nutrition) and try to include a lot of green vegetables in your diet. Also, if you want to lose 30 pounds realistically, you're going to HAVE to find a way to get a workout into your day. Walking around the block helps some, but to lose weight quickly you're going to need to do 45-60 minutes of cardio at LEAST 4-5 days a week. Otherwise you will not build muscle or burn fat, you might even LOSE muscle mass. I recommend 15 minutes of each: running, biking, and stair - stepper. This is what I do, and it's helped me a lot. Good luck
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Jerrie Originally Answered: Need help losing weight over summer. :( I am really Desperate?
It's true about the green tea. It does increase metabolism and not just that it does much more. You should drink green tea after meals but no more than 2 or 3 cups daily. Because of the caffeine it contains. If you also drink coffee keep in mind that green tea also contains a lot of caffeine. Green tea also absorbs fat in the food that's why it is good to drink it after the meal. But you said you are vegetarian so I guess you don't eat that much fat. Another thing. You don't need any meal plans or exercise plans, I will tell you something that works and is really easy thing to do. And your parents won't even suspect :D Eat healthy and eat lots of different foods. For the breakfast eat only fruit if you can. Eat vegetables and other food in afternoon and evening, but don't eat fruit after breakfast. If you do want to eat fruit later keep in mind that fruit and vegetables don't go together well so you need to eat fruit either 20 minutes before other food or 2 hours after a vegetarian meal. This way you will make sure your metabolism works fine all the time. Eat 5 smaller meals daily and chew food really good (chew at least 15 times). This is very important. If you do only these two things you will already lose weight because you will stimulate your metabolism with it. Also green tea after meal and the fat will go away like nothing. Go on a short walk after each meal, this further stimulates metabolism. You need no other extra exercises. If you want to workout you can run or jog. You don't need any special extra or hard workouts. Don't forget you need to drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. But also keep in mind t hat you are 15 years old. That means your body is still developing and it needs a lot of energy from food. Your height and weight indicate that you are in pretty good shape. Losing weight also depends on your genetic makeup. If you are at ideal weight there is no way you can lose weight healthy. So if you are going to lose weight it depends on your body. But please do not starve yourself. You can do permanent damage to your body at your age if you don't eat properly. If you starve you might not get some necessary vitamins or minerals that are important for proper body development. From my experience and my expertise in alternative medicine I think you can easily lose 12-15 pounds over this summer if you follow my advice. If you want to lose 20 you might want to exercise a bit more. Maybe go out for a 30 - 40 min run 5 times per week. Take 2 days for rest. Good luck, I hope you make it!

Flora Flora
first things first , stop feelin inscure about ur self, seconde no Diet pill dont help everybody, plus i am sure ur not suppos take all of the together, but for green tea try brewing the real kind, it wont make u loose weight but cleans ur body from toxins and other stuff, seconde try to cut back on cheese and popcorn, or eat unbuttered pop corn, that has a lot less fat, third, try to make some running exercises, when u get time go for a walk, start to eat a good break fast and healthy lunch, therfore u would have more energy and eat less dinner, all that shold help u, u might loose 30 pounds in a month or 2, and that is healthy way, not destroying ur body with chemicals way.
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Dalia Dalia
All righty then, why r u taking the fiber pills at night? You don't give the size of these, but I would suggest that they would be much more effective if taken ;2 pills with a 1/2 litre of water 1/2 an hour before meals (3 x day).No snacking, might help if you read the ingredients first and stay away from the chemical ****.Your CLA and corti?are these prescribed, if not DON'T.Take a natural supplement;caffeine, bee pollen, ginko biloba,&/or ginsing.Talk to a herbalist or health supplement shop owner/manger as to how much to take.Sorry girl but if you don't exercise till you sweat and ache it ain't gonna happen.
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Blanda Blanda
The only option you have is to diet and exercise, otherwise we would be in a world full of skinny people if it was that easy. It takes work to look good. Gone are the days of Phen Fen, so sorry but if you want to lose 30lbs, then you have to get moving and exercise and watch what you eat. All of those weight loss pills are a waste of money and don't work. Take it from someone who knows, I have tried them, and the only thing they do to me is make me sick or I feel speed up. EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE, its the only way. Unless you are morbidly obese, which I don't think you are, the only other option is weight loss surgery, but only the severely overweight have that as an option.
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Ainslie Ainslie
Well I'm sure the pills are going to work a little but if you don't get into the habit of eating right and exercising regularly then they're really worthless. Just try to make better choices with that you eat and start exercising regularly.
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Tony Tony
Sorry, pills don't solve anything. Try eating smaller portions of your faves, such as less fat or less buttered popcorn. Lack of time is no excuse not to exercise. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try stretching exercises at your desk to build muscle or walk around the block. You're taking too many pills and the wrong combo can be dangerous.
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Read Read
The only answer is diet and exercise. Don't you think if there was some secret mix of drugs, that all the fat celebrities would have already figured it out? Take all the time and effort you spend looking for the pills taking a walk.
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Read Originally Answered: I need to know how to become at least healthier and skinnier without taking pills. Even if I'm 13? Please help?
My diet plan is the best :) I figured it out myself and works fabulously ;) Limit your diet to fruits, vegetables (no potatoes unless baked) and chicken or turkey. Don't eat anything fried, only baked or sauteed in olive oil. Don't eat condiments like ketchup or mayo. For protein make sure you are eating things like beans and a little 2% milk cheese. Don't drink soda. Then Jump rope for 30 mins a day. You will be skinny and feel great. Once you start dippin into the snacks and fast food again though you will gain it right back.

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