How can I get my girlfriend to stop taking weight loss pills?

How can I get my girlfriend to stop taking weight loss pills? Topic: How can I get my girlfriend to stop taking weight loss pills?
January 25, 2020 / By Kiley
Question: My girlfriend is 5" 1 and weights around 115. She's skinny and still takes weight loss pills. She claims she takes them for long lasting energy in the morning not for weight loss (which makes no sense to me..) I'm concerned about her health in the future and don't know what is the next best move for me in helping her.
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Best Answers: How can I get my girlfriend to stop taking weight loss pills?

Jancis Jancis | 5 days ago
Tell her to opt for vitamins! They give you the real energy you need for all day...diet pills are likely to give you energy for a bit then make you crash. I personally take 2 B12 pills a day along with a good multivitamin and an iron pill.....I used to be so sluggish but now I have plenty of energy to be active all day. Diet pills aren't something you should take for an energy boost if you arent trying to lose weight.
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Jancis Originally Answered: i need to stop eating alot without taking pills!?
Well, first off, you are 13 years old. Your body is changing and your appetite will increase to keep up with your body growing. If you are really concerned about keeping your appetite down eat things with protein in it. I always have protein bars for lunch (although at your age just have them as a snack) and they keep me satiated until dinner. If you are constantly craving sweet snacks, get your blood sugar tested, you may have insulin resistance or a diabetic condition.

Eppie Eppie
the next time you see her do it, strip down naked, do a hand stand and then a cartwheel. afterwards punch yourself in the balls three times and shout your "pain is my pain!"
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Ciss Ciss
Do you have tested out Garcinia Cambogia Extract? Move from here : http://Assistance.HelpfulGarcinia.com . This would surely helps anyone.
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Bailey Bailey
fast food is salty food if you cut back on the salt in a few weeks youll be able to better taste the natural salts in food and may not crave the junk as much as you used to
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Bailey Originally Answered: Can I stop taking birth control after taking just one pill?
There's no harm is stopping taking birth control at any time. All that birth control pills do is prevent fertilized ova from adhering to your uterine wall. If you stop taking it, all that means is that...you know, you could get pregnant if you have unprotected sex. Obviously. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of birth control pills have side effects for the first few days (nausea, loss of appetite, etc.) that go away once you've been on them long enough. It's a hurdle that you will have to face with almost every kind of birth control pill. It also affects everyone differently. One of my close friends said she never had better skin than when she was on Yaz. I'm on Loestrin and in the first two months, I went up a full bra cup size. Like I said, it affects everyone differently. Just a note—it sounds like you don't know anything about birth control!! You had to have a prescription to get it...why didn't you talk to your doctor when he/she prescribed it, ask about your concerns and questions, etc.? There's also information stuff inside of your birth control packet/box which will answer all of these questions, too. You shouldn't start taking a medication like this without understanding it! It makes me extremely nervous that you don't know what's going on with your own medication. Do your research before you put stuff in your body!!

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