Help! My poop is green! ):?

Help! My poop is green! ):? Topic: Help! My poop is green! ):?
September 20, 2019 / By Cayley
Question: As embarrassing as this may be....I need your help! For the past week, I have been pooping green poop. My diet hasn't changed at all, and I am beginning to worry about my new pooping habits. Some of my poop even floats, and I have no idea why! Any ideas as to why this may be happening? Any solutions would be of great help. I know my problem may sound funny, but I'm being completely and totally serious about this issue. My diet consists of veggies, seafood, whole grains, and some dairy, water, coffee, and lots of tea.
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Annemae Annemae | 5 days ago
What does your diet consist of? My guess is that you have been eating only vegetables, and very little carbohydrates or fats. See a nutritionist, and be sure of whether or not you're getting a healthy balanced meal.
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Annemae Originally Answered: Is it safe to take green tea, green coffee bean, and cla at the same time?
I don't recommend any weight loss supplements for anyone under 18, if you are over 18, ask your doctor.
Annemae Originally Answered: Is it safe to take green tea, green coffee bean, and cla at the same time?
There's no such factor as a green tea coffee bean. Tea is a leaf on a shrub. A coffee bean grows in a pod in subtropical areas. In different phrases, it's crud that something is trying to sell you. To drop pounds, eat healthful (legumes, entire grains, healthful fat, greens, fruit, protein, etc) and undertaking. Eat small parts and sparsely but do not deprive your self of something. Do not bypass meals or starve yourself. If there particularly used to be a magic capsule or bean that would help folks shed some pounds, there would not be an weight problems main issue right now. Use some customary feel.

Wymond Wymond
There is nothing wrong with this. Floatation generally is due to lots of fiber, which holds air pockets, or lots of fat in your diet. Some insist it healthier than the sinking kind. I doubt it really means anything other than you have a lot of fiber or a lot of fat in your diet. Green is usually due to blueberries, dark grapes, grape juice or wine. Or it can be caused by lots of dark green veggies. It is not a sign of anything bad at all. Oh also drinks that are artificially colored blue, dark red or purple can cause green as well as popsicles with those colors.
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Shawn Shawn
LOL mine was green one when I was 6 because I ate green tortilla chips from those "Lunchables" lunch things lmao.
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Shawn Originally Answered: What is the difference between Lipston's "100% natural green tea" and "pure green tea"?
"100% natural" generally means that a product doesn't contain artificial flavorings or synthetic food additives, and "Pure green tea" means that the product is pure tea, not flavored tea. Pure green tea is a stricter classification, because you can have a flavored tea that is flavored with natural flavors or whole ingredients. Lipton does make flavored green teas, so you may have been looking at a product...but it could have just been different packaging. Neither of these statements means that the product is organic. Both of them may have been produced with the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers--unfortunately, these are both fairly widely used in the tea industry. Organic certified teas, and traditionally-processed artisan teas are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. To guarantee that it's organic, you need to look for the USDA Organic logo or other certifying logo. I run RateTea, and we have a page explaining all about organic tea: http://ratetea.com/topic/organic-tea/3/ I wouldn't worry too much about organic certification though. But I will say one thing; Lipton green tea is not the best green tea out there, even in the supermarket. I personally think Lipton does a better job of their black teas than green teas; they're historically a British tea company and I think British tea culture is more about black tea. If you want to buy green tea, I really recommend buying from a Chinese or Japanese company. Some brands that I like include Yamamotoyama (Japanese), Foojoy (Chinese), and Ten Ren (Taiwanese). Of these I think Ten Ren is the best, but hardest to find in supermarkets or stores. You can also buy green tea online or in specialty tea stores, although a few supermarkets (Wegmans is the best, IMHO) also have loose-leaf tea. I personally think that's the best option. You can get cheap, organic certified, loose-leaf green teas from Upton Tea Imports. There's also a company, TeaVivre, that direct ships from China--$15 shipping, but their teas are AMAZINGLY fresh. You will probably need to buy a strainer or tea filter or tea infuser if you want to brew loose-leaf teas, but believe, it's worth it. The tea is so much fresher and loose-leaf tea is cheaper per cup anyway. I recommend reading this page, also on RateTea, which has general info about green tea, as well as specific reviews, if you're looking to get into it: http://ratetea.com/style/green-tea/4/ I hope this more-than-answers your questions!

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