I am 5 feet 11 and weigh about 100 pounds. How can I gain weight quickly?

I am 5 feet 11 and weigh about 100 pounds. How can I gain weight quickly? Topic: I am 5 feet 11 and weigh about 100 pounds. How can I gain weight quickly?
November 23, 2019 / By Elea
Question: I eat all the time, just don't gain weight. People make fun of me because of my size. I don't even like going out in public anymore. What's the fastest way I can gain the most weight?
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Best Answers: I am 5 feet 11 and weigh about 100 pounds. How can I gain weight quickly?

Cherise Cherise | 10 days ago
If you don't mind what form the weight takes, just chug cooking oil. You can gain a pound a week easy! But if you want muscle, eat lots of food (say at LEAST 2500 calories daily, due to your height), with lots of protein in it. For strong bones, I'd recommend a full litre (like 1/4 gallon) of full fat milk a day ON TOP OF 5 smaller meals. You will get swolled in a hurry. For muscle, nothing sexy. For you, pushups, squats and fatman pullups (ironic, huh?) will hit every muscle sufficiently. Google these exercises, do 4 sets of as many as you can DAILY. Very important.
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Cherise Originally Answered: Im 23 years old, male, and weigh only 125 pounds. How can i gain weight really fast and not loose it?
Hi , Frankly speaking , you need additional supplements to gain weight . There is nothing better than Protein powder from nutrilite company . This you need to add with milk , stir it well and drink it it. you will see the result in 2 to 3 months . for more info contact deepak kumar rane from Bangalore, India 9845626025

Ashlie Ashlie
Eat more, and then some more. I used to think I was eating alot, but when I did some calorie counting I realized I wasn't even getting 2000 calories on some days. So do a bit of math, and figure out what you're eating now. Then try to go for an extra 500 calories or so. Foods with whole grains and proteins are good, and nuts or peanut butter are pretty good to add into your diet too. The other thing you'd need to add in is a bit of light strength training. I'm guessing you don't want to be XBAWKS HUEG so I'd go for some weight lifting with lighter weights and more reps, and some core workouts like situps and stuff would be good too.
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Zia Zia
Slow down your matebolism by eating three large meals for two days ( instead of snacking) then the next day snack all you like. Do this for a week and see how it works. Also eat a LOT of protein and excersise to create lean muscle tissue (:
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Slade Slade
Hi, I am 5'11 or 179 cm and weight 54,5 kg I eat like a truck driver , but can't put on weight. u not alone. My husband said that my arms are like spagetties . AH. Hurts...
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Ormonde Ormonde
im the same way ! im about 5'7 and weigh like 110 pounds but i actually got pregnant and got an abortion and i gained like 15 pounds and i loook pretty good now. lol but im not advising you get prego
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Ormonde Originally Answered: I weigh 130 and i want to weigh 115.What is the best diet pills for me to take to lose these extra 15 pounds?
The best thing to do would honestly be to NOT take pills at all. Especially a 15 lb weightloss. You'll lose weight much faster dropping ALL sodas (diet or not) and heavily processed or fast foods and just eating healthy and exercise. A lot of people don't realize that pills are only a temporary solution, and your body could become dependent on them for a source of weightloss hormones and you could gain all the weight back and more because you'd be messing up your natural chemistry.

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