If you go off on the atkins diet one day what happens?

If you go off on the atkins diet one day what happens? Topic: If you go off on the atkins diet one day what happens?
September 23, 2019 / By Eda
Question: Will it ruin everything you've been doing throughout the induction? should you eat no carbs the next day? pLEASE HELP! *I personally am not on the diet, I'm just trying to watch my carbs and cut my portions but my boyfriend is on it, isn't too computer savvy-- so I'm askin for him We're both trying to loose weight-- anyone know what happens if he goes off?
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Chantale Chantale | 1 day ago
Carbs are energy for life. The Atkins diet is a fad that will fade away and return in a few years, as so many others have done. Your best bet is to eat balanced meals. Eat only the caloric intake that you burn in a day. If you want to eat more, you will have to burn more. There are many easy ways to enhance your metabolism to burn more calories without special effort. Avoid soda pop and any caloric drink (your body stores liquid calories quickly). Don't stuff yourself. Eat smaller portions more often. Get your exercise in the mornings. Don't eat after 7:00 pm.
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Chantale Originally Answered: Has anyone done the Atkins diet?
I have done this diet off and on for years and think it's great. I totally disagree with the other person's answer about it causing heart attacks, that's just hogwash. If you have read the book then you understand the principle behind it, did you determine which body type you have? A, B, or C? It was while reading that section that I had my revelation about my health and finally an understanding of my eating, sleeping, and energy habits. One thing that I love about this diet is that while I am on it, I FEEL great. I wake up in the morning feeling rested and I have tons more energy all day long. I sleep better, and I find it easier to concentrate and focus on work etc.. I also don't have huge cravings for sweets or carbs, in fact I sometimes have to remind myself to eat because my appetite drops a lot. One thing I have found however, is that if you don't have a lot of weight to lose, say something like 20 pounds or more, it tends to not be as successful. I am not sure why, but the more overweight you are, the better you respond to this diet. If you are only trying to lose something like 10 pounds, I would skip it and go the standard exercise / eat healthy routine. Lastly, I found that the book reviews of the Atkins Diet book on Amazon.com to be enormously helpful when I was trying to decide whether or not to go on this diet. There are literally hundreds of reviews of people who have been on the diet and posted their experience. I recommend a few hours reading those reviews so you can get a broad spectrum of answers to better help you make a decision. Good luck!!

Ansonia Ansonia
I have been doing Atkins for 3 years. It is not a fad diet. If this is a fad it's been around for 25 years with great success. It you cheat and your still trying to lose just go on induction which means you limit your carbs to 25g for a couple of days. You do not have to do the whole two weeks unless you didn't do this diet right to start with. You never should do low carb or any diet without knowing how to do something. Dr. Atkins diet makes so much sense if you read the book. But thinking this diet is just meat and eggs is not true and thinking this diet has no carbs is also another untruth. Everything including eggs has carbs. The only food that doesn't is meat. So therefore how can Atkins be NO carbs. It is however, low carbs and you eat the carbs that affect the blood the least. For example: A white potato or white bread will spike your blood sugar making your pancreas make insulin the rise and fall of the sugar in the body helps with fat production. Limiting your carbs actually begins to burn the fat (not muscle) However, this is not a way of eating that one can go on and off of. It has to be a lifestyle change and unless you wish to dedicate yourself to eating this way find another way to eat.
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Zabdi Zabdi
Just continue with the diet on the regular schedule. One day won't make a difference. But continuing to cheat will keep you from loosing weight and may actually make you gain weight.
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Sheridan Sheridan
Going of a diet for one day is usually fine so long as you don't make a habit out of it. Just continue on the diet as normal.
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Norton Norton
You cannot cheat on Atkins. You have to follow the diet exactly. This is explained in the book. You will have to start all over, but this time it will not be as effective.
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Norton Originally Answered: How do you go about the Atkins diet?
As I wrote yesterday, I followed the Atkins diet and lost 45lbs in 12 weeks. It is not unhealthy at all, so please don't listen to all the others who say it is. Put quite simply, the Atkins diet doesn't cut out all good foods. Just those which are high in carbohydrates. This is mostly sugars and flours (starches). And, it doesn't cut out all carbs. but limits the amount you should consume. You can eat as much meat as you like, have as much water, diet drinks and alcohol (no wine or vodka) as you like. You can eat fruits and vegetables which are low in carbs(there's lots of them) and remember your not cutting all carbs from your diet. The book recommends that you start by limiting your daily intake of carbs to 20/day for the first 2 weeks, then increase it by 5, to 25 the next week. If you continue to loose weight with the additional 5 carbs added, add another 5 in the fourth week etc. until your weight loss stops, then cut it back by 5 again. Believe me when I tell you, you will lose weight, you will feel better, and you will have more energy than you have had in years. Remember, no breads, no potato, no rice, no sugar. Simply put, cut out flour and sugar, and you will win.

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