Has anybody had any success with the Atkins diet?

Has anybody had any success with the Atkins diet? Topic: Has anybody had any success with the Atkins diet?
May 22, 2019 / By Eavan
Question: I started the Atkins diet 4 days ago. I have already lost 5 lbs (which seems to good to be true). But I am constantly craving sweets. Anyway to kick the craving Im in the induction phase and have limited myself to just 5 carbs a day.
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Chance Chance | 8 days ago
5 grams of carbs is not enough, in 4 days your still not FULLY in Ketosis. Your allowed 20 grams a day, EAT 20 grams a day. Don't play with the diet. Your craving because your blood sugar is still all over the place. If you were following the diet correctly your blood sugar would have probably leveled off by now and you wouldn't be craving. If you don't have the Actual book in hand, get it and FOLLOW it, don't improvise. Until your in full Ketosis your body is going through starvation (yes, even though your eating). Doing what your doing with the carbs can be very dangerous. follow the diet correctly. I lost 80lbs is 12 weeks staying in Phase 1 the whole time, but again if you improvise you asking for failure. There's no shortage of people who think they know more than Dr. Atkins himself so they screw with the diet, then blame IT for it's failure. Or when the weight comes right back because they didn't listen. Do it RIGHT and you'll be very happy with the results, keep up what your doing and you will guarantee a failure, or a trip to the hospital.
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Chance Originally Answered: Anyone had success on the Special K diet?
A friend of mine tried it and was starving the whole time cos Special K is full of sugar and refined carbs which end up increasing your appetite in the long run. She also realised afterwards that Special K is actually higher in calories than most adult cereals which would have filled her up for longer so she'd've been much better off doing it with them. You're also missing out on essential nutrients so end up looking and feeling unhealthy. There are the same number of calories in a bowl of Special K as a cheese salad or tuna sandwich so there really are better ways to diet.
Chance Originally Answered: Anyone had success on the Special K diet?
Indulge yourself foodwise, and excercise, it's fun and raises endorphens. I do it. My friend did the special k diet, but hey, diets don't work. She's still obese.

Anona Anona
The Atkins Diet is NOT a healthful alternative. Deprivation of carbohydrates results in depletion within the muscle groups; no longer simplest fats cells. The such a lot amazing option to drop a few pounds is a balanced vitamin (no longer following the meals pyramid both). The such a lot amazing option to lose fats cells is by way of decreasing your consumption of carbohydrates however no longer wholly getting rid of your consumption seeing that your muscle groups want them. Muscle weighs greater than fats and in addition calls for extra energy. The extra muscle you construct up, the extra energy and meals you like you'll be ready to experience. With the Atkins Diet, you might even see outcome quick however most often, persons have a tendency to reap again two times the load. Your excellent guess is to peer a nutritionist who can broaden a customized figure out and healthy eating plan only for you seeing that a lot of these books and internet sites are more commonly common, and unisex; treating guys and ladies like they're the identical. Women have got to paintings two times as rough to drop a few pounds so you're most commonly excellent off with a nutritionist who can broaden a plan for you, male, feminine, tall, brief, fats, thin.
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Ywain Ywain
the thing about atkins is it gives you immediate results but doesnt last. for the craving have you tried sweet potatoes?
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Ywain Originally Answered: Has anyone had success with a safe, yet effective diet pill?
Hi, If you are ALWAYS hungry either: a) You're not consuming enough calories a day b) You're really not hungry but rather just craving foods for other reasons. You could be reacting to stress and that might be the issue. As for diets pills, there is no magic cure. Sorry. I've tried several things in the past and NOTHING WORKED. I did it the good old fashioned way by: watching my calories and portion sizes while living an active lifestyle. I also take care of my mental well-being by dealing with stress more effectively and by doing things that make me happy. That's the only way to succeeding and maintaining your weight for life. All the best to YOU.

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