What Are My Chances Of Getting Lupus?

What Are My Chances Of Getting Lupus? Topic: What Are My Chances Of Getting Lupus?
November 14, 2019 / By Diamond
Question: Both my mother and grandmother have it. In a couple weeks I'm going to get a blood test to see whether or not I have it. so just because my grandmother passed it down to my mother does it mean lupus will get passed down to me?
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Capucine Capucine | 2 days ago
Lupus is believed to be both genetic and environmental. That is to say you have a particular gene or are a carrier and that something in the environment, ie stress, illness, etc. causes it to flare. So you do have a slightly higher chance of having Lupus because both your mother and grandmother had it. Do you have an symptoms or signs of Lupus?
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Capucine Originally Answered: In your opinion. what are my chances?
To mike litoris and witts end... get the heck out of TTC and go educate yourselves. If you obviously do not understand these abbreviations, then you don't belong here! Stephanie... you are absolutely wrong! It is DEFINITELY possible for one to know when ovulation occurs. I know exactly when I ovulate! There is something called a BBT that pinpoints it and also some women have the gift of feeling their egg release and then feel the ovulation in action, many women are very in tune with their bodies. Truth! So sorry... and finally to answer the most important question... yours Truth! Don't listen to the negative people on here. I answered your question earlier, and I'm sure you reposted cause no significant amount of answers... I understand how you feel and where you are coming from. I think you definiitely have a strong chance of being pregnant. Not all women have the same symptoms, and usually many women don't begin feeling pregnancy symptoms until after they miss their AF. Hang in there, test on Sunday 5/25! I know it's hard to wait, but at that point the HCG level should be high enough for a HPT to read the pregnancy hormone! God bless you, good luck and lots of sticky baby dust! Let us know the outcome!

Amey Amey
There's a greater chance that you will get Lupus because of your family history. It doesn't mean that you have Lupus or will get Lupus, though. If you decide to worry about it today, then Lupus, whether you eventually get it or not will affect you from today on for the rest of your life. If you decide to worry about Lupus when you finally show symptoms, then it won't affect you today and you'll probably live life happier until that day. So you know that you have an increase chance of getting Lupus. Leave it at that and put off any worrying it until you become sick or develop symptoms. You will save yourself from a lot of worry.
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Warner Warner
Just because people in your family have had it doesn't mean you will by any means. I have had two of the three types of lupus since I was fourteen and i live a life that I really can't imagine being any better. And believe me, I have had more that a few issues with it. Whether you get it or not, don't fret about it. Lupus is no longer a death sentence. You might never have it or you might not have it until you are fifty years old. Good luck! And remember, if you get it, it is not stronger than you!
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Rusty Rusty
There is no definiitive blood test for lupus. If you are talking about the ANA or antinuclear anitbody test, you need to know that 10 million Americans have a positive ANA but only 1.5 million have lupus. Of the 1.5 million who have lupus, 5% will have a negative ANA. You might develop lupus, or you might not. Unless you have symptoms there is no point in wasting your money.
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Moss Moss
It can be hereditary, yes. You do have an increased chance of having it passed down to you, but don't worry though, it's not a dire sentence. Most people live full productive lives with Lupus. Are you exhibiting any of the signs or symptoms? My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family, and if you have any more questions, contact me. Good luck.
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Moss Originally Answered: Any tips on how to increase the chances?
Do not have sex every day. You must wait and have sex every other day in order to build the sperm back up. Have sex the day before ovulation. The sperm must have time to travel to your egg. The sperm live in the body up to 5 days. If you have sex the day before then by the time you ovulate the sperm will already be there and in place. I am living proof. My husband and I were having sex every other day and we had sex the day before I ovulated and did not have sex the day I ovulated. I have a baby boy to show for it now :-) It was the first time we tried. Good luck

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