How to get gocery coupons? How to know which place accepts double or triple face value on coupons?

How to get gocery coupons? How to know which place accepts double or triple face value on coupons? Topic: How to get gocery coupons? How to know which place accepts double or triple face value on coupons?
January 28, 2020 / By Deanna
Question: I heard they are only in sunday papers, but I don't use sunday papers. Is there a good online place where I can easily get the coupons, but does the stores accept print coupons? I heard that certain places will double the coupon face value, but how do I know which company do that? Which companies usually do that? I don't eat much processed food, so maybe coupon wouldn't help me much?
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Best Answers: How to get gocery coupons? How to know which place accepts double or triple face value on coupons?

Bridgette Bridgette | 4 days ago
There are places where you can print out grocery coupons and more from your computer. A friend just recently told me about it...He has printed out over $600 in grocery coupons this last month (March 09). You can save money with National and Local companies, too! I live in Fresno, California. I just plugged in my zip code and got over 400+ products, services, and stores in a 25 mile radius from my home! Many are national companies and the rest are local. Plus, countless numbers of grocery coupons from Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Hamburger Helper, and many more, along with coupons for over the counter drugs, too. Below are just a few examples of place you can save money in Fresno. You can put your zip code in too. TAX PREPARATION at H&R Block ($20 off), Liberty Tax services ($25 off) AUTOMOTIVE: Big O Trires, Discount Tires, Pep Boys Auto Centers, AAMCO Transmissions, Goodyear auto services- Hertz, Avis, and Budget Rental...... HEALTH AND BEAUTY: Jenny Craig, Gold's Gym, Sally Beauty Supply, Astrum Hearing Solutions-HEARING AIDS, Beltone hearing aids, Eye Exam of California, Lenscrafters, ..... DINING: Di Cicco's (local), Carl's Jr., Dominos Pizza, Tony Romas (local), Tastee Freeze, Arby's, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Johnny Rockets, Chevy's Fresh Mex, Subway, Burger King, Quizno's... LODGING: Ramada Inn, Super 8, La Quinta Inn and suites, Days Inn, Comfort Suites, Knights Inn, Quality Inn and Suites, Country Inn and Suites, Red Roof Inn..... SHOPPING: Ann Taylor Loft, New York and Co., Macy's, Target, J.C. Penny, Rent A Center, Office Depot, Costco, Sears, Michaels, Plus Golf, Movies, Bowling and much, much more! Here is a link that will tell you more: http://formykids.myworldmovie.com/ P.S. I was also able to purchase gift certificates from local restruants for $25 and only paid $2-$5 for...it is cheaper to eat out then it at home. I hope this helps.
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Algoma Algoma
Buy a Sunday paper. The savings is worth your while. You spend a buck on the paper and get hundreds of dollars in coupons. Stores advertise if they double or triple coupons. My local Kroger has a big sign on the front window saying they triple coupons up to 39 cents and double coupons up to 50 cents.
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Tyrell Tyrell
There are plenty of ways to get coupons without buying a Sunday paper. Many times, junk mail flyers sent out in the middle of the week (Wednesday or Thursday) that contain sale ads now include coupon flyers in them. Also,grocery store sale ads that come in the mail, will generally have coupons that you can use at their stores exclusively. As for printed coupons, there are many great web sites, some stores except them, some do not. Many stores in my area have choosen not to accept printed coupons, but there are a lot of places that will, the only way you will know for sure is by calling your store and asking them, or by trying to redeem a coupon at the store of your choice. The following web sites will give you free printable grocery coupons. www.coolsavings.com/ www.coupons.com www.couponmom.com/ www.coupons.smartsource.com/ www.grocerycoupons.com www.ppgazette.com/ www.wow-coupons.com/grocery.php As for not eating processed food, yes most of the coupons are generally for processed food, but not all of them. They also have plenty of coupons for other things you would buy at the grocery store like paper towels, paper plates, toilet paper, eggs, milk, etc. When it comes to which stores double coupons, that varies by state. You can check which stores in your state double coupons by visiting: http://couponing.about.com/od/storesthatdoublecoupons/Grocery_Stores_That_Double_Coupons_by_State.htm
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