is this good for my diet?

is this good for my diet? Topic: is this good for my diet?
September 20, 2019 / By Cathryn
Question: is the special k cerel and protien bars good for a diet? also i have slim coffee to cut my cravins and keep my full so i dont eat more than three meals a day i have a diet and still walk 45-60 minutes a day so is the ceral and coffee good and still work for my diet?
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Annamaria Annamaria | 1 day ago
The diet you describe has good sources of fiber--and that's good. But it lacks vitamins. A variety of very well known vegetables can be a good provider of those: Vitamins A - K, from carrots and cauliflower; also try spinach. Broccoli is a cousin of spinach--and it can be a good addition to any soup and baked bean (or chili bean) dishes. Go to Google and type in vitamins+vegetables for a nice long list of good references. Best of health & good luck.
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Annamaria Originally Answered: is this a good diet to lose weight and am i overweight? and any good diet?
You can look up what your body mass index is by using your height and weight, and then find out what it should be. You should eat a balanced diet of mostly fruit and vegetables with limited meats and very very few fats and sugars. Portion size is the key to a healthy intake of food and calories. And moderate exercise, 30-45 minutes at least 5 days per week will help you lose weight if you need to, and also maintain a healthy weight once you have lost the pounds and fat. Do not do a "diet." Diets such as "no carb" or "no fat" or juice diets, may allow you to lose weight but they are not typically designed to follow long term. It's unrealistic to say you will never eat chocolate or pizza. And you should not buy powders or pills to lose weight, simply because you do not need to. You will lose weight if you choose healthy foods. If you need detailed information or support in your weight loss efforts, the only "diet" that I have heard of which works long term is Weight Watchers. You will have to pay for Weight Watchers, but after you learn their method of how to eat healthy, you can stop paying the fees and maintain what you have learned on your own. Good luck and love yourself no matter what you weigh. It's all about feeling good in mind, body and spirit through a healthy way of life. :-)

Woodrow Woodrow
Forget weight loss diet I consume like a horse and I most effective weigh 9 stone. This is what works for me: Eat most likely, if viable each and every 3 hours, while your frame realises that it is getting a steady deliver of meals it raises it is metabolism, burning energy faster and is far much less more likely to retailer energy as fats. When consuming attempt to consume plenty of prime protein meals and do not pass too rough at the carbs. Try pass convenient on trans and saturated fat even though you're allowed the bizarre deal with. Drink plenty of water! At least one gallon according to day. Tea, espresso and fizzy beverages are O.K however they don' depend closer to your total water consumption. As for pastime I perform a little gentle weight coaching 4 days per week and cardiovascular (I use a rowing laptop) 2 days per week with one days leisure. There is a traditional notion that doing cardiovascular pastime on an empty belly is helping burn energy. This is absolute garbage don't do it. Weight coaching is a well inspiration as muscles burns plenty of vigour, even at the same time you sleep. You do not must come to be Mr/Mrs universe however any fats tissue which you'll convert to muscles won't most effective make you appear higher however expand your metabolism. Getting tons of sleep may be most important while looking to construct muscle. Good Luck
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Shaquille Shaquille
Unfortunately no. There are a LOT of sugars in them. However, if you are searching for a breakfast that will fill you up and keep you going until lunch - then I would suggest raw muesli with skim milk, or poached eggs on toast. Protein in these choices are the special ingredient to ensure your energy levels don't wildly fluxuate up and down. Good luck!
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Nickolas Nickolas
Cereal is not good for your diet, try plain granola. Raw fruits and vegetables with excercise, while cutting out unnecessary carbs are essential to dieting.
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Kody Kody
don't be silly, just eat normal. Avoid junk food, have lots of fruit. You don't need to spend your money on cereal bars, if you eat properly you don't even need any of those inventions.
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Kody Originally Answered: is this a good balanced diet need some1 with good nutritional knowledge?
you are not eating enough calories at all! you will temporarily lose weight, and then will gain it all back plus more, and you will ruine your metabolism and get very ill. in order to lose weight, i know this sounds funny, but you have to eat! normally you should eat 1800 - 2000 calories a day no matter what. if you want to lsoe weight then eat 1500 but do not go below that! it is also not healthy to eat the same thing everyday because you cannot get the proper nutrition, so be sure to vary your healthy meals. just eat when your hungry and stop when your full. or try eating small well balanced meals every 2-3 hours. but make sure to eat enough or your metabolism will slow down. eat healthy and regularly and youll be thin. anything else, you wont.

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