Weight lost?

Weight lost? Topic: Weight lost?
September 19, 2019 / By Cathleen
Question: What’s a good amount of weight to lose within a month cause I don’t want to lose to much but at the same time I don’t want to lose 1 pond a month.
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Annamae Annamae | 10 days ago
1.5 - 2 lbs a week is a what is considered normal to lose. In the first week you will lose the most weight......anywhere from 5-10lbs.....some ppl may lose more. if you lose weight too fast ...they say that weight you will put back on.....and if you lose it slowly, then you are more apt. to keep it off.
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Annamae Originally Answered: How have YOU lost weight?
I've lost weight on several different occasions. The first time I lost weight (where I was originally 62kg and about 168cm tall) I started skipping everyday for about 15-20 minutes and cut down on a lot of junk food. I was 14 or 15 at the time (I'm 17 now) and I toned up. I'm not sure how much weight I lost, but I know that, according to my mum, my arms, legs and bum slimmed down. The second time I lost weight I was on the Wii everyday burning about 300 calories a day doing numerous different exercises (including running, step ups, more running etc). I lost about 2kg. The third time I lost weight I was on holiday and wasn't actually intentionally losing weight but rather trying not to PUT ON weight (because of all the food I was eating throughout the day), so I went to the gym for about an hour - 2 hours everyday and burnt about 300-500 each day. I also was walking around and climbing stairs throughout the day so I lost a lot of weight (about 3 kg in 16 days, maybe more) keeping in mind I was still eating heaps of food. I was also eating a gallon of water each night... Heaps! The fourth time I lost weight I was at home after the holiday and continued to exercise but not as much and got down to 55 from 57. Now I'm back at 59 and trying to lose weight again. So I'm doing 20-30 minute workouts and cutting out all bad fats, bad carbs and bad sugars. Hope this goes well. I'd say you should do the same. Cut out all bad fats, bad carbs and bad sugars. Also do exercises that really get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes. Try to walk everywhere and drink plenty of green tea and water.
Annamae Originally Answered: How have YOU lost weight?
How have I lost weight? Well first off, Im 14, obese (5"2, 182) I got sick of the way I looked and how I felt, so im changing it. I have started exercising more. I workout after every meal and snack and usually get around 45-1hr of cardio and somedays just 30 minutes. I started shopping on my own and picked out some veggies and fruits for real cheap because I had coupons and it was a sale on them already :) I only have 1 cheat day where I eat as if I am not on a diet BUT i still get in my cardio because 1 day missed is very bad to me. I also do ab workouts 3x a week, and get pretty sore but that only means im doing them right :) I hardly ever eat out anymore unless they have a healthy menu, so honestly unless they have a small salad(Wendy's salads are a no no, they have over 500 calories in them) but If I go out I usually get a salad and I have lost about 6-7lbs in about 2 weeks. But I also eat in moderation, meaing if I have a craving I take a little bit and workout right after, its like punishment, because 1. Its not my cheat day and 2. I shouldnt be eating it. I also watch portion size and drink water with every meal and snack. I drink about 4-5 on a normal day on a good day I drink 8 glasses. I try walking 30 minutes everyday. I get small plates so I dont overload it with food. Which, with a small, plate I dont eat much. So basically I made a change in my life and im sticking with it, I may have a day or two where I bindge but thats very rare.

Wolfe Wolfe
Whoever said weight lifters cant lose weight is wrong, maybe he was saying they dont have much fat to lose? Cause of the high muscle mass. Just as well, if you dont want to lose muscle, continue to lift weights but do less weight with more reps, it helps to maintain muscle, not gain, so you wont gain weight that way. As far as cardio goes, i seriously recomend doing a boxing workout, even if you have no intention of getting in the ring at any point, its still a great full body conditioning workout that will burn fat. Like the person above me just cut sugar and saturated fat. Good fats are from nuts, or olive/canola oils. Good luck!
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Shannon Shannon
anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds is considered safe. if you go a little over this it is o.k. but make sure your are taking daily vitimins.
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Shannon Originally Answered: How much weight can I lost at most WITHOUT looking anorexic?
"How much weight can I lost at most WITHOUT looking anorexic?" - Nobody can answer that. Another guy, your same height and weight, might lose a different amount and look unhealthy. Bodies are not the same. Your idea weight range (for a male your height) is 135 - 156, depending on body frame size, per the source site. If you dropped some pounds it may or may not come off your face quickly. Your body decides which fat stores to dip into. When I drop weight, one of the first places it shows is my face (esp since my face is oval shaped). For other people, they see the fat loss in other body areas first. There's no way we can know at what number of pounds down, that you'd see fat loss in your face.

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