where can i find laxatives?

where can i find laxatives? Topic: where can i find laxatives?
November 13, 2019 / By Camille
Question: i am trying to find out where i can find some common laxatives in order to loose weight. please, no rude comments, thanks
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Amabel Amabel | 2 days ago
Laxatives are sold at all major drug stores: CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. They are also sold at all major grocery stores: Vons, Ralphs, and Albertsons. Discount stores like Walmart and Target also carry them. Online you can buy them from Amazon, Drugstore.com, or the Walgreens web site, just to name a few places. For what it's worth laxatives will not help you lose weight. They can actually cause you to gain weight and cause other health problems if used on a regular basis.
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Amabel Originally Answered: where can i find laxatives?
If you are having problems with your bowels it is best to go and see a GP, and/or talk to your parents. If you have a legitimate reason for needing them then they will be able to get some for you. I'm sorry if I am jumping to conclusions, but if you plan to use them for weight loss, please don't bother. They wont make you lose weight, only fluid. Food is digested much higher up in the bowel than laxatives work on, so you cant use laxatives to 'push food through' without getting the nutrients from it. They can also cause long term damage to the bowel, which can in some cases lead to feacal incontinance (pooing your pants) or a colostomy bag. It's so not worth it, and it just doesn't work I'm afraid. It's also dangerous to give someone laxatives without them knowing as a prank. Again, if this does not apply to you then apologies, but I can see no reason you cant ask your gp (and get them for free).

Vortigern Vortigern
No rude comments? Are you serious? Look, kid... You're an idiot. If you want to lose weight, go see a doctor and get on a proper diet, or do some exercise, or maybe question why you're being so shallow as to risk heart disease, severe illness, or death in order to shed a few pounds. Clearly, if you're asking here, then you're not an adult. You're asking because you haven't involved any adults in this decision of yours, and you know what? It's STUPID. You need to get your head screwed on straight, stop risking your life for an image, and learn that something as trivial as a few pounds is NOTHING once you enter the real world and compare it to the value of your life. Stop being a moron. If you feel you are overweight, then ask to see a doctor and plan a proper diet. If you're a healthy kid who is being picked on by other girls for not looking like the airbrushed models you see in magazines, then you need to find some new friends. If you're not overweight and you still want to risk your life taking laxatives to lose weight, then you really need to see a counselor or psychologist, because you have a body-image issue that might put you at risk. Seriously... Don't take laxatives to lose weight. Doing so just proves to the world that you ARE the dumb kid they think you are.
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Royce Royce
The greater water interior the colon, the greater common you would be. advance your WATER intake. For severe circumstances arise very early interior the morning and earlier you sweep your tooth drink 32oz of warmth water as heat as you may take it, for acceptable effects upload 2 tbs uniodized sea salt to the water and drink it. this could be via 5:00 am by way of fact the physique tries purge itself between 4:00 and seven:00 am. Becareful your physique has no longer stepped forward a dependency on laxatives, you additionally can attempt Cascara Sagrada
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Moriarty Moriarty
At your local drugstores. Just saying this though, laxtives don't help you lose weight. They just make your food digestive faster but the fat still gets absorbed. And they give you really bad cramps. Personal Experience.
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Moriarty Originally Answered: I'm going to South Africa in August, and would need to be able to find Laxatives for constipation?
You will not have any problem finding laxatives, there are pharmacies all over the show (see suggestions that others have given, Clicks pharmacies are quite common) and most grocery stores will also keep non-prescription ones in their toiletries isles along with other basic drugs like painkillers and cold medications.If you prefer a specific brand, you should google to see if it is sold under the same name here.

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