What colour is the healtiest green tea?

What colour is the healtiest green tea? Topic: What colour is the healtiest green tea?
September 19, 2019 / By Catherine
Question: My green tea comes out a golden yellow colour but a lot of people say it should be green. If it is golden what does this mean? Is it better or worse? Stronger or weaker?
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Annalee Annalee | 9 days ago
Green tea is highly variable in color. Actually, right now I'm drinking a roasted green tea (called hojicha) and it's very dark brown, like the color of black tea. Some green teas brew a very pale green cup, almost white, others (like Gyokuro - http://ratetea.net/style/gyokuro/80/ ) a very rich, deep green color, and many a deeper yellow color. A few green teas can be reddish or brown in color. Some green teas will change color on the basis of how they are brewed. For example, some sencha (a kind of Japanese green tea) will look thinner and paler if you use water that is too hot, and will be richer golden or green-colored if you use the proper temperature (which is water that has cooled down from boiling, about 160-180F or 71-82C, depending on your own preference). For a given tea, brewed at the same temperature, darker will mean stronger. But comparing different teas, or even the same tea at different temperatures, it's impossible to generalize, because the temperature can change the color dramatically. --- Which tea is healthiest? I have not seen anything scientific about this relationship, but in general, it's true that foods with a bolder, darker color tend to be healthier. Gyokuro, the "greenest" green tea, is one of the teas highest in L-theanine, which is one of the beneficial chemicals in tea. But another tea, Anji Baicha ( http://ratetea.net/style/anji-bai-cha/11... ), is also high in L-theanine, and it produces a very pale cup with an almost clear / white color. (the name "baicha" means white tea, even though it is not technically a white tea). Green teas of many different varieties are quite healthy, and other teas (including black tea and oolong tea) are also healthy. I think the most important thing is to buy high-quality loose-leaf tea. This is going to be much fresher, and besides being somewhat healthier, it's also going to taste a lot better. I am attaching some links that you may find helpful!
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Wolf Wolf
Hello Katriona! When a tea has a golden color, it means that is it a strong tea. (Usually a golden color in green tea happens when they are made with two tea bags and little water content or when a tea bag was left on the water for a long period of time) When a tea is weaker, it's usually a light yellow color or might have a little green hue color in it. But if you want green colored tea, you should use green tea leaves. Due to the pigmentation of the leaf, the water will turn out green making it pure green colored tea. Hope it helped!!
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Shannen Shannen
The un-roasted non fermented but raw green dried tea leaves yield this color. Green tea is attributed due to its raw status of leaves. The black bleeds only in red no black all in all.
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Nicholas Nicholas
green tea has differentiating colors so theres no real healthiest color if you want to learn more about green tea you can go to http://www.cupofgreentea.com
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Nicholas Originally Answered: Green Tea how much?
it can help you, but don't expect any miracles. You can drink up to a gallon of tea a day without any ill effects. Oh, and dont' add lots of sugar and cream to your tea, or else you'll be defeating the purpose.

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