How often do you get constipated?

How often do you get constipated? Topic: How often do you get constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Bethanie
Question: I was listening to the song "Everyday normal guy" by Jon Lajoie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PsnxDQvQ... The song says Jon "gets constipated once a month", which seems quite improbable to me. I'm 17 and have got constipated only 3 or 4 times my whole life. Once a month!!? So for a normal person, with a typical diet, how often will he/she get constipated?
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Aggie Aggie | 10 days ago
Some things such as narcotics, antidepressants and other medications can cause nearly constant constipation. Some women have constipation every month associated with their period. For some people, "normal" may be going once every 2 or 3 days. Once a day isn't normal for everyone.
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Aggie Originally Answered: Is my dog just constipated?
She is probably just constipated. This can happen if they have had a lot of fiber in their diet and not enough water among other reasons but these are most common. I have the same problem with my dog from time to time. Usually a little bit of milk gets things softened up and going. Hope this helps.

Tierney Tierney
I've lived my whole life constipated. Then, at 24, I started taking anti-depressants. I may never be a once a day same time of day girl ever again. tx mom
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Rainard Rainard
If you don't "go" once a day, then its considered constipation. Sounds dumb, but that's how it is. You probably won't get constipated if you have a regular, healthy diet.
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Marlin Marlin
Like once a year? Especially around holiday time with all the carbs, or summer time when I don't really pay attention to what Im eating.
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Jerrard Jerrard
I never get constipated. I drink lots of water, eat yogurt EVERY morning, and like most fresh fruits and get plenty of those.
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Jerrard Originally Answered: do u think im constipated?
could have whats called fecal impaction, make sure that your diet is high in fiber and water. Also make sure to eat low fat foods as that can make it harder to pass your bowl movements. Also when you do have a bowel movement , i know this may sound gross but look at it to make sure there is no blood, or foul odor or that it looks off color. If its any of the 3 it could be some type of condition. I would also be very careful when taking a laxative because they can be harmful to your intestinal system I would recommend getting gentle laxative, also try prune juice i know it might sound nasty but it helps to soften the stools. Also it could be medications that you are taking , if you are taking any

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