I am constipated and I need to know how to get rid of it.FAST! HELP!?

I am constipated and I need to know how to get rid of it.FAST! HELP!? Topic: I am constipated and I need to know how to get rid of it.FAST! HELP!?
November 22, 2019 / By Urban
Question: I have been constipated for about 5 days now. I've tried miralax and dulcolax, they didn't seem to do anything. I really don't want an enema because it's embarassing. Keep in mind though, I have also been sick and taking alot of other medication, so maybe that's what's causing it. Would this go away by itself or do I have to do something?
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Best Answers: I am constipated and I need to know how to get rid of it.FAST! HELP!?

Robert Robert | 1 day ago
Being sick/taking medication can have a negative effect on your digestive system so it's possible that this is the cause of you being constipated. You may need to see a doctor to help you with this. You can't count on this going away by itself so this may help: eat at least 5 portions of fibre (vegetables/fruit, foods containing whole-wheat/whole-grain and pulses), a portion of non-processed meat or fish and drink 8 large glasses of plain water every day. Include massage (2 hours after eating, use your palm, add light pressure to the constipated area, massage clock-wise for 2-3 minutes) and exercise (like 30 minutes walking, yoga or stretching your major muscle groups) to help stimulate the constipated area and (hopefully) have a bowel movement. I hope this helps!
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Robert Originally Answered: 3mo. old son is constipated?
When my oldest son was constipated my doctor had me put dark karo syrup in with his formula to help get him to go. I think I used a tablespoon of it... can't remember for sure how much because he's 11 years old now and my other 2 baby's haven't been constipated.

Micajah Micajah
Drink clear liquids , maybe eat some foods that will help you "go". Fiber can clean out your system , fruit , prunes , if it gets to the point where it is maybe unbearable you should try some laxatives. Refrain from foods too high in fat since it could make it worse. Take over the counter constipation medicine if it doesn't interfere with the other medication you are taking .
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Jotham Jotham
Hi there, I feel your pain and would like to provide some info that is not typically considered: Squatting is the natural position for people to use the toilet. The sitting toilets we use here in North America can cause serious issues, since the position is not ideal for eliminating waste. Just look at the statistics - the incidence of colon diseases is very low in countries where squatting is used by the majority of the population. Especially since you are experiencing bowel issues, I think you'll find tremendous relief in squatting. For further info & instructions on how to try squatting now: vancouveryoga.com/squattytraining.html
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Harlan Harlan
Have you tried Metamucil? You could also buy some oral laxatives from the local supermarket. I recommend boiling some prunes in water with a little bit of sugar, and pouring into a glass (with the water). Just make sure you eat food which is really high in fibre. Dried apricots also help.
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Elam Elam
The mildest thing to use is a glycerine suppository. 25 for about $2 at drugstore or grocery store. Don't strain, you will rip the insides and need general surgery.
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Elam Originally Answered: I'm constipated! Help?
i will copy what i wrote to someone else, im sure its gonna help you!!! in your case maybey you're eating white rice huh?.. let me tell you that its a big constipator! i swear i just have a little bit and PAM for like 3 days i go bad :( even tho im vegetarian! cuz meat definatelly constipates you too... so pretty much carbs are my only enemy lol (in huge amounts of course) anyways... there are many things you can do, but there is one thing i came up with that will help you RIGHT AWAY! in like at least 30min.. like a natural laxantive lol: i first ate Fiber One Cereal (the one that has 57% of fiber), i had it with soy milk, so that was for breakfast (that alone helps.. but of course you need to drink lots of water since you just had fiber).. then later do this: (this is the one that works very well.. i told you about the breakfast in case you want it to be even better) mix black beans, red beans, lentels (cant spell), with like 2 lemons or more if you can handle it, you can add vinegar too in it if you want to add more taste, then have a cup of water with benefiber (it disolves completally), then green tea (that does a lot too), and i think i had a drink with aloe vera (natural ones).. and i swear in at least 30min i went and you know.. i dont think i had any left HAHAHAH oh and do not eat meat that day! (im vegetarian so its easier for us cuz meat causes constipation big time..so maybe you can try it for a day) edit- also i had those beans with 12 grain whole wheat bread! there are other things you can do too, like having prune juice, apples, stop eating white rice and white bread, instead it brown rice and wheat breads <- those two are huge too!

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