I am so angry about my inability to lose weight that I genuinely hate myself. Weight loss programs are for the

I am so angry about my inability to lose weight that I genuinely hate myself. Weight loss programs are for the Topic: I am so angry about my inability to lose weight that I genuinely hate myself. Weight loss programs are for the
December 9, 2019 / By Tanner
Question: wealthy, how can someone on a budget that barely allows gas for the car afford to lose weight? I take medication that causes dramatic weight gain ( no I can not stop taking it ) and on our budget we have to buy what we can afford, healthy foods are a lot more expensive than bargain foods. It's not fair that everything from meat( the cheaper it is the higher the fat content) to fresh friuts and vegatables ( very expensive to buy) are too expensive for a family on a very tight budget to buy regularly. Believe me, when we buy healthy foods we get less than half of the food that we need for the week. In order to feed our family we have to get what we can afford and its garbage. And all of the advertisements for weight loss programs where people lose large amounts of weight in a healthy way are way out of reach for me, the cost unbelievable. Does anyone know of a way I can safely lose weight that wont break our budget? I want to do it right, I dont want my daughter to see me starve myself. You are offering really helpful and practical advice, sometimes it's hard to see past you frustration, I am going to try some of these suggestions and hope for the best. Thank you so much for offering kind words and not nasty remarks. Very much appreciated. Thank You.
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Best Answers: I am so angry about my inability to lose weight that I genuinely hate myself. Weight loss programs are for the

Peregrine Peregrine | 6 days ago
I don't consider losing weight the right way as losing it on a weight loss program. If you can't buy health food use portion control with the food you do buy. You don't have to starve, you just have to know when and how to eat what you have available. Most important to losing is exercise. You didn't mention any inability to do a regular work out routine so go for walks, jogs, bike rides, take yourself and your kids swimming if entry to a park pool is not too expensive. There might be a cheap aerobic video at a retail store that can help you stay fit. Don't rule anything out. Make sure you are drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and the more you drink the less hungry you will feel so the better you can control your portions. I know this will sound stupid, but please don't hate your body. When you act positively towards it you get more positive results out of it.
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Peregrine Originally Answered: Most weight loss programs are only for grown ups.?
Hello Ally, You might find that some adult weight watching clubs do take children or young adults, provided they have a certificate from your doctor, advising you are to achieve 'x' lbs or kilos, being your goal weight. You might be quite surprised at how nice the adults are in the clubs that accept Junior Membership. :)) I wish you well with your search and of course also losing the weight you need to, but be happy and healthy in doing so. :))

Lucas Lucas
how you cook is as important as what you cook. I know the high fat hamburger is cheaper, so cook the hamburger and rinse it with hot water to get rid of most of the fat. Chicken should be skinned, the skin is basically pure fat. Canned veggies are cheaper, ok, be sure to rinse the vegies, don't cook them in the fluid in the can, and don't butter them. Weigh your portions, limit your meat to 5 ounces in one day, get in six servings of fruit or veggies, canned is ok as long as you rinse them before eating them. Measure your pasta, eat only one cup at a time and be sure to once again rinse the pasta before you eat it. By rinsing and weighing your portions, you can eat cheaply and lose weight.
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Jed Jed
You take a medication that causes weight gain so your inability to lose weight is not entirely on your shoulders. I understand about having a tight budget and having to buy cheaper foods in order to make it thru the month. Frozen fruits and veggies are not as expensive as fresh and are just as healthy. And if your family is drinking whole milk you can gradually step down to 2%, then 1% and it won't cost any more than you already spend. But the best thing to do is to start paying attention to your serving size and cut back on your portions. Most people eat way more than they think bc they eat huge portions of food. And start exercizing if you don't already. You don;t have to join a gym, you can take a walk around the block with your family and it won't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.
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Gare Gare
I know what you mean. For me the answer has been portion control and making small changes. Start by eating on a smaller plate (it sounds silly, but it helps), and you can go back for more if you want it. Drink plenty of water, aim for 10 cups per day, and drink some water and wait 10 minutes when you feel hungry, so that you don't mistake thirst for hunger (it happens a lot) I also try to eat a small salad(just some lettuce, which is cheap, croutons, tomato slices or cherry tomatoes and low fat dressing) before I eat dinner, it helps fill me up with veggies. Get your daughter involved in you being more active, like going for walks together, that way you help her to have healthy habits, too. You can totally do this. I've lost 27 pounds so far,and I haven't gotten onto any diet. You can do it, too!
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Derry Derry
The best and cheapest way to lose weight is to exercise. No excuses. Go outside (if your community is safe) and walk everyday, for 30 minutes. Or if you're tight on time, divide the 30 minutes into 15 minutes twice a day. Just get your heart pumping. Also, if you live around a highly-concentrated Asian community, I recommend looking for an Asian supermarket nearby. There will be a large amount of produce at a cheaper price, and I believe even the meat/poultry is cheaper.
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Derry Originally Answered: Are you into extreme weight loss programs like this man?
good one, gave me a good chuckle. we all need an incentive to get rid of excessive weight and just goes to show with the right one you can do anything. thanks for the laugh.

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