Why can't my 9 month old dog hold his urine for 6 hours?

Why can't my 9 month old dog hold his urine for 6 hours? Topic: Why can't my 9 month old dog hold his urine for 6 hours?
September 23, 2019 / By Adelyna
Question: He was to the vet a few days ago and everything was fine. He didn't get blood work though. I'm not totally sure it's not just a house training problem, but I think he can't hold it because this morning the urine was right beside, and a little on, his bed. He had the whole kitchen, so he would have gone in a corner or something, right? This is the second night this has happened. I took him out between 11 and 12 and got up around 5:15 and found it, and cleaned it up. It was warm or anything, so it wasn't extremely new even though it was his whining that woke me up. I took him out and he didn't do anything. Is there anything wrong with him? How can I prevent this? Do I have to get up around 3 or something? He IS a little sick with a sneeze, but otherwise in good health. (Neutered, too.)
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Teigue Teigue | 6 days ago
Some young dogs just have trouble holding their urine all night long. You could try putting down some pee pads or newspaper near where he sleeps, so that he has a place to go that is near his bed. Also, you may need to make sure your dog does not drink a lot of water before bed time. Try not letting him have any water after 9pm. Then walk him around 11pm or so. Some dogs tend to drink a lot of water and have trouble holding the water all night long. With my dogs, I have to pick up the water bowl at a certain time at night. Then first thing in the morning after I take them out, I give them a fresh bowl of water. Your dog may just be getting nervous if they have to go, and they don't know where to go. Sometimes dogs, especially young ones have trouble holding their urine all night long. Try putting down some pee pads or newspaper in an area that's near where he sleeps, so he knows it's there, and try to make sure that he does not drink a lot of water at night before bed time. Best of luck with your dog. Hope I helped.
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Teigue Originally Answered: My 9-month old puppy is forgetting how to hold his bowel movements!?
Changes in potty habits could signal health problems like parasites. Perhaps you should take a stool sample to your vet. If it comes back clean go back to basics.
Teigue Originally Answered: My 9-month old puppy is forgetting how to hold his bowel movements!?
He is probably drinking a lot of water and eating lots of food. Feed him and wait till he is done with the food and water, then take the bowl away so he does not eat/drink too much, or just put a small amount. Another idea is to get a dogie door. You would need to train him to go through witch is extremely easy! My dod learned is one day. That way he can go out when he wants.

Phil Phil
He may have a Urinary Tract infection - you'll know if he pees more often. Ask the vet for a full set of blood tests if he is also drinking a LOT more than usual. I think I'd restrict water after 9pm (if he defintely isn't ill) and wait outside with him in his favorite spot for as long as it takes last thing at night. By 9 months you shouldn't be needing to get up at 3.
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Mace Mace
The problem is he has the whole kitchen. He doesn't have to keep his room clean. He isn't house broken! House Training House training your dog is simple if you follow a few basic rules. Remember that puppies younger than 10 to 12 weeks have little control. Accidents will always happen when teaching puppies to be clean in the house. Be kind and patient, and reward handsomely all outdoor elimination. Always remember that dogs do what works for them. Make outdoor pottying work really well for your puppy. 1) The puppy must have NO time unsupervised in your home. NONE. If you are not directly watching the puppy, it should be in the crate, or outside in a safe area. You MUST watch the puppy at ALL times when loose in the house. Use baby gates, crates, or tie the leash to your belt. 2) The puppy should sleep inside the crate by your bedside. This way you can hear if the puppy should happen to need to go out during the night. 3) You must go WITH the puppy outside for ALL trips for elimination. You must have treats with you. When the puppy is urinating, say "GO PEE PEE" in a nice praise tone of voice the entire time. When she is finished, pop the treat into her mouth at once, and praise praise praise. This should be something she gets at no other time, like tiny pieces of string cheese or boiled chicken. Same for defecation. Say "GO POOP" while she is going, and food reward and praise afterwards. You must observe and reward ALL outdoor potty time. 4) Keep a schedule. Feed at the same time, and walk outside at the same times. Your pup needs at least 4 trips outdoors each day, and 5 is probably better. Pup needs to go out at wake up time, lunch time, 4-5 PM, after dinner or any other meals, and before bed. Younger puppies may need to go out much more often. 5) Use a key word each time you go out. I say "Let's go out!!" in a happy tone of voice each time I'm opening the door to go out with the dog. 6) If you catch the puppy IN THE ACT of eliminating in your house, CLAP YOUR HANDS, say AH AH, OUTSIDE!! And immediately rush her outside. If she finishes there, do your usual food reward and praise. The keys to getting your dog reliably housetrained are: SUPERVISION: NO loose time in the house if you are not watching REWARDS: ALL outdoor elimination MUST be observed and rewarded. If you only do this ONE thing, your puppy will get housetrained. PATIENCE: Anger and punishment have no place in dog training. Elimination is a natural and pleasurable experience for your dog. You can teach her to not soil your house, but punishment will NOT help. It will only teach the dog to hide when she needs to eliminate. If you have applied these techniques carefully for 4 weeks and you are still finding spots or piles after the fact, it's time for stronger measures. Roll up a newspaper and fasten both ends with a rubber band. Keep it handy. The very next time you find a spot of a pile that the dog has left behind, whip out that newspaper, and hit YOURSELF over the head firmly several times as you repeat "I FORGOT TO WATCH MY PUPPY". Works every time. :D This article copyright 2004/2007, RedyreRottweilers. Free for unlimited distribution as long as copyright info remains intact.
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