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healthy food? Topic: healthy food?
November 23, 2019 / By Shemaiah
Question: I've always heard about eating healthier, healthy food. but what exactly is healthy food?? please give me some examples, but please don tell me to eat proteins and folic acids and things like that, please tell me what kinds of food, like apples, chicken or whatever it is healthy food. please.
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Normand Normand | 2 days ago
The most important thing that most nutritionists and doctors agree on are to stay away from anything that is processed food! No frozen dinners, bag of this, boxes of that, microwave ready, etc. Stay away from sugar, or any artificial sweeteners (other than the natural sweetener stevia which comes from a plant). Soft drinks and sports drinks are not always the best things to drink—try good old H2O (purified). Limit caffeine products, especially trading coffee in for teas which have about 1/3 of the caffeine—White teas or Green teas will have the most benefits. Drink about 4 cups a day. Try the "real loose-leaf" tea. Limit red meat and try to eat chicken (fowl), or fish especially—fish with omega 3s, like Salmon should be consumed twice a week. Fresh fruits and vegetables of all types are great—just choose what is in season at the time. The actual fruit, like an orange for instance, is much better than a glass of orange juice. A banana a day is great. Try raw nuts for snacks. I usually carry a bag of almonds and an apple with me for pick me up emergencies. Dairy is great, especially if it is a live culture, like active cultures in yogurt or kefir. If your body can tolerate grains, aim for whole grains in breads, cereals, brown rice, and the likes—and check the sugar content. That's it in a nutshell. If you want to take it further, I would suggest this enlightening book listed below. I personally have chosen to eat this way for about the last four years. Best wishes. The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin http://www.makersdiet.com/publicsite/int...
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Normand Originally Answered: Why is healthy food at fast food restaurants more expensive than regular food?
Because the ingredients in the unhealthy food are so cheap they're actually cheaper than the healthy stuff. In the past fruit & vegetables always used to be cheaper than animal products, but thanks to some modern inhumane intensive farming methods and new methods of carcass processing (for example "mechanically recovered/separated meat" etc) its very cheap to get a bit of animal on your plate these days. What part of that animal though is another question (its not even technically meat most of the time), but when its all processed into a nice nondescript paste which is then cooked up in a shape with some flavourings & additives etc people don't seem to really care! But yeah. I know farming, i know food factory work. I've lived/worked in both and i've done a lot of research on these matters too, and long story short my advice is: Save your pennies up for the better quality healthier food and avoid such processed foods (chicken nuggets, cheap sausage meat, burgers etc) like the plague! You'll be doing your health a big favour- its not just gross & fattening a lot of what they put in junk/fast food, there are major concerns over the long term health implications over a lot of the other things they add to food.

Lake Lake
Healthy food, has lots of vitamins, minerals and less fat. All fruits and vegetables are healthy. If you lightly stem your vegetables, or eat them raw is when they are the healthiest for you. The same can be said of fruit, eat it raw. Most of the time the skins of fruits and vegetables have more nutritional value than the meat of the substance. Lean meats are the best, because they have the least amounts of fat. Chicken and Fish are the best. Fish also has a lot of oils that have other properties. Lean Pork and Lean Beef can be added to the diet occasionally to break up the monotony.
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Isador Isador
Vegetables especially dark, leafy green ones or legumes are very good for you. Also fruit, it is better to actually eat the fruit as opposed to the fruit juice as the actual piece of fruit contains fiber (which is good for your digestive tract) while the juice does not. Low fat dairy products are good as well as leaner meats, fish being probably the best choice. Nuts are also good for you, they contain the better kind of fat as opposed to meats. Oils are also a better choice over saturated fats (fat solid at room temperature). Whole grains are a good choice as well.
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Farrell Farrell
Five Basic Nutrition Strategies For Healthy eating: Eat High-Fiber Low-Glycemic Foods: Low-glycemic foods are carbohydrates that breakdown slowly, releasing sugar into the bloodstream gradually rather than all at once. These foods almost always contain fiber. The fiber is what is mostly responsible for slowing the absorption of the sugars. These foods can provide long-lasting energy. Most vegetables (especially dark green), most fruits, whole-grains and nuts are high-fiber, low-glycemic. For optimal health, get your grains intact from foods such as whole wheat (whole-grain) bread, brown rice, whole-grain pasta, and other possibly unfamiliar grains like quinoa, whole oats, and bulgur. Eat More Protein: Your body requires more energy (calories) to process protein than it does carbohydrates. Eating more protein can increase your metabolism, thereby increasing your bodys ability to burn fat. Protein is necessary for your body to build muscle, and building more muscle increases your ability to burn fat. Good options include eggs, low-fat or no-fat dairy products, lean meat, poultry, seafood and whey protein supplements. Nuts and legumes are also excellent sources of protein; plus you get the added benefit of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Legumes include black beans, red beans, pinto beans, navy beans, garbanzos, and other beans that are usually sold dried. Eat Frequent Small Meals Throughout The Day: Eat 6 smaller meals per day, rather than 2-3 larger meals. This will ensure that you will supply your body with the necessary nutrients to build muscle and burn fat while increasing your metabolic rate. It will also supply a constant stream of energy to prevent fatiguing early and prevents the body from kicking into starvation mode. If this happens, your body will burn muscle for energy increasing your body fat stores as well as slowing down your metabolism. Eat Balanced Meals: I eat lots of chicken and fish plus an occasional serving of lean red meat. I love my salads and veggies. Beans, brown rice and whole-wheat pasta are my side dishes. I snack on fruits and nuts and even use them to top whole-grain cereals and yogurt. I drink fat free milk everyday which I use also in smoothies.My meals are simple and nutritious. I balance my meals by making sure Im eating plenty of protein and fiber in each meal. NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST: This is the one meal you cannot afford to miss! Jump start your day with a high-fiber, high protein meal containing complex carbohydrates, avoiding simple (sugary) carbohydrates which trigger hunger and sleepiness a few hours later. Choose whole-grain cereals that are loaded with fiber and protein instead of sugar (i.e. Kashi Go Lean .. or Oatmeal). Top with fat-free milk or soy milk and sliced almonds. Sweeten with blueberries or strawberries for a boost in disease fighting antioxidants. Smoothies are great for breakfast too! I hope this will help Good day
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Curtis Curtis
One thing that will help you lose weight: diet pills. I was one of those who did not believe in them until I tried it. And I tried a few. The best product I found on the market is made with pure hoodia and it works great! You can go to http://www.think-fit and order you free trial, also you only pay $6.95 shipping and handling. Good luck!
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Curtis Originally Answered: how much food is healthy for me i have high metabolism my friends think i am anorexic i eat tons of food?
Eat healthful foods (and occasional treats) when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Eating tons of junk is unhealthy for everyone, regardless of your weight.

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