How do you help a kitten who is constipated?

How do you help a kitten who is constipated? Topic: How do you help a kitten who is constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Shayne
Question: I have a kitten who is only about 3 weeks old and he is constipated he can't eat regular cat food or anything like that so how do I help him? His poop is white is that normal? I have tried giving him water and cow milk and he doesn't have a mother so he can't receive cat milk. I want to get him some med but I am not sure what kind. Please help me save my kitten! I am not giving him up he has been with me for two weeks and he survived so far! At least I had better since than the first person who had him they didn't even have a bottle for him! I know I feed him all day long now help me find him some med!
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Nimrod Nimrod | 10 days ago
Your kitten definitely needs kitten replacement milk. One thing that a mother cat does to keep a kittens poops moving along is to lick their bottom. Don't panic! I'm not suggesting you do that!! LOL! Take a warm (not hot) wash rag and gently run it across his bottom like a mother would lick. Also, it sounds like your kitten should see a vet, anyway. They would be able to check his condition and give you some pointers. Good luck!!
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Nimrod Originally Answered: orphaned kitten constipated?
First of all, stop giving her human baby formula. She is 5 months old and needs kitten food. No milk. Most cats/kittens are lactose intolerant and will get diarrhea from the formuls. Give her kitten food. Plain and simple kitten food. Canned kitten food with a little added water will solve your problem. 5 month old kittens do not need milk, kitten or otherwise.

Korbin Korbin
First of all, STOP feeding the kitten cow's milk. You're making him sick. He needs Kitten replacement milk. You can buy this at ANY pet store. He will die if you do not feed him that. He will not eat regular food yet because he isnt ready. He's supposed to still be drinking the mother's milk. This is why you're going to have to bottle feed this kitten every 2 hours (including in the middle of the night). If you do not do what I am suggesting, your kitten will die, soon. Where did you get a kitten so young? Where is it's mother? Add- What exactly do you feed him all day long? He will die if you're feeding him cow's milk. He DOESNT need meds. He NEEDS kitten formula.
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Indigo Indigo
you absolutely must feed him kitten milk replacer. it is a kitten formula made just for felines. he will starve to death on the milk as it does not have the proper nutrients or fat or protein content that kittens need. there is no way around it. you must get some kitten formula and stop giving milk. I have handreared many kittens through the years and foster newborns for my shelter. I always use KMR formula. you must must must give him the formula or he will die. the white poo means he is sick and is not getting enough fat and protein and nutrition from the milk. kitten formual also has taurine in it which cats need in order to see. if they don't get it they will become blind. if you can not care for him properly then do the right thing for him and call a rescue group or a no kill shelter. I am not being mean to you but that is the best thing for this kitten and if you care for him then you should either get him the proper food or give him to someone that can care for him. he will die without the formula.
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Everett Everett
"He survived so far". He's getting worse every day and will eventually die if you don't care for him properly. He needs to be bottle fed with kitten formula and he needs to see a vet so his condition can be determined and you can get instructions on caring for him properly. I'm afraid if you keep going like you are, you'll find him dead soon. He is starving on that cow's milk because it doesn't provide him with the nutrients he needs and it's causing him to be constipated. Either go to the vet and get on the right track or prepare to bury him soon. There is no medication you give him without getting it from a vet. Human meds are toxic to cats and you will poison him by giving him anything.
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Cornelius Cornelius
Missy. Just because you are "better" than the last person, doesn't mean you are doing this kitten any good by denying him the proper care he deserves. He needs kitten formula, fed every 2-3 hours. He needs NO cows milk, you are killing him with that. He needs a vet visit to make sure he doesn't have worms and is ok otherwise. No meds are going to help him, he is dying and needs nutrition. You are personally killing him. Please take him to a vet, you sound very young, do your parents even know you have him?
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Arvin Arvin
The kitten maybe still getting used to his new home, BUT if he doesn't go within the next 12 hours you really should take him to the Vet. Being unable to deficate is nothing to mess around with. Don't give him milk, most cats are lactose intolorant and will make them sick.
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Val Val
i raised 2 kittens from birth because the mom didnt want to care for them. we have no idea whos cat is is. i NEVER fed them cow milk, i fed them KITTEN MILK REPLACEMENT and they survived. they are now 3 months old. you can get it at KROGERS, PETCO, anywhere. if you care for it, go get it some KMR
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Scholastica Scholastica
To expand on Amanda's answer;try going to a local rescue group and try to find a nursing mother who will take him in.Or get him to a vet NOW.Do not keep the kitten or he will die of neglect.
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Nydia Nydia
ok listen, i read the comment before mine, DO Hers OK?? just do it i cant put mine is different words so, do the first comment ok??
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Nydia Originally Answered: Got a constipated 5-week old kitten .?
When he gets constipated feed him baby food meat - human baby food - just the meats. My cat liked the lamb and chicken the best. That will help get him back on track. Another thing is that the canned food does not have as much fiber (not by half) as the dry stuff, so mix some dry with the canned maybe half and half. Some warm water if he will drink it may help his tummy when it's hurting too. Good luck.

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