6 month old baby and solid feeding issues: constipation?

6 month old baby and solid feeding issues: constipation? Topic: 6 month old baby and solid feeding issues: constipation?
June 18, 2019 / By Caryn
Question: My almost 6 month old starting eating solids at about 4 months old. Since then he has had an on again/off again issue with constipation. I've seen the doctor for it once to find out if he had an obstruction in his intestines, took X-Rays and everything was fine. The doctor told me to switch to Soy formulas, use apple juice or prune juice, high fiber solids and make sure he's getting the right amount of fluids. Well I did just that, fed him prune juice and pureed prunes fallowed by a top off of soy formula for dinner one night. He was still constipated. So I stopped feeding him solids altogether. It's been about 3 days of nothing but Soy formula and today he has been constipated with hard pellet-like poops. I want to call the doctor, but he said to try this for a few weeks then if nothing works he'll prescribe us a baby laxative. I don't know if I can wait. My baby is in pain and I can't imagine it being good for his body to strain so hard. Any one ever had this problem? What did you do? Should I just bite the bullet and call the doc? Any advice would be great. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. Should I start him back on solids even though he's still constipated? I don't want to stop him from eating solids altogether but I am afraid to give him foods that will hurt him...
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Anima Anima | 7 days ago
Don't give him bananas - that'll make the constipation worse. Persist with the solids - it's likely that this is just a temporary reaction as his system adjusts to the new food. If the prunes aren't helping, I can only give my usual recommendation - put a baby-size glycerine suppository in him if he hasn't done a smelly for 2+ days.
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Anima Originally Answered: Can Similac Alimentum cause constipation in 5 month old baby ? What to give for constipation?
My son eats Nutramigen (Enfamils Alimentum) and takes prevacid and backlefan for acid reflux. We used Alimentum but we had constipation issues like you. At first I blamed the acid reflux meds but after consulting his GI doctor I found out that alimentum has a higher precentage of iron in it then nutramigen. Iron causes constipation. Before making anymore switches (since he has weight gain issues) give him some time to get used to the formula/prevacid. Also, have you tried putting a table spoon of oatmeal baby cearel in his bottles? It will loosen bowel movments and help reflux.

Wilmer Wilmer
I don't understand what switching him to soy was for. If he hadn't had any issues with the formula he was on prior, I would say that the constipation is from his food, not the formula. Soy has a possible allergy risk now than dairy based formulas do anyway and could actually be making his belly hurt worse. The constipation isn't going to stop with one feeding of prunes and some soy formula either... it may take a couple of days. I would slowly switch back to the formula he was on, and then add back in solids... start with fruit purees such as pears, plums and apricots or mixes of thsoe, NO bananas, and avoid rice cereals as well... they can be very binding. If cereal is desired, try using the oatmeal or barley ones.... and use just a small amount mixed in with the fruits. When feeding him his meals, or in between meals, let him start using sippy cups..makes life easier later BTW... fill with half apple juice and half water. We started doing all this with my son, and he along with gripe water, hasn't had any belly issues since he was about your sons age. Good luck to you, and I would see a new doctor if I were you... just wait a few weeks and if it doesn't work I'll give you some drugs for him just doens't sound like great advice to me.
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Selby Selby
My 11-month old daughter had the worst constipation, to the point where she almost got a hemmroid. It started when she was around 5 months old, the age when I stopped breast feeding (I got sick and just simply couldn't do it anymore, and lost my milk supply quickly). When I went to the pediatrician, he recommended Miralax (5mL). I tried this for a few days and it worked well. However, the moment I stopped giving it, the problem came back. I sought a natural remedy.... Please look into BABY CALM (magnesium drink). I got the regular CALM (it's the same stuff as the baby calm, but more concentrated, so use less). I use this every day on her (1/4 teaspoon 2x daily). I swear by this stuff. She's 110% regular, no more hard poops. You can get this stuff at Vitamin Shoppe. It takes probably 2 days to start working. But don't go more than one day without giving anything, otherwise the problem will come back. I'm hoping that in time when she gets older and her diet changes, she'll be regular without it. But in any case, this is completely natural and will keep your baby CALM You can read this article about it... good luck! http://www.absolutelythepurest.com/supplements/natural-calm-baby.html ONE MORE THING! I put this in her morning formula or cereal, and evening formula or cereal (please be sure to mix it with a little bit of hot water)
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Nelson Nelson
I am having the same issues with my 7 month old. It is nice to know that I'm not the only one going through it. I agree that it is a little frustrating. My little one ends up with 95% of her food on her - spits it all out. I also have tried many different foods including cookies (mum mums and arrowroot of which she does bite - then spits out) - she now has 8 teeth. My suggestion is find a mother who has just been through the feeding stage and invite her over to show you what she has done. I am having a friend with an 11 month over this week. I have also been told that she just might not be ready for solids yet (would be nice to have her eat food - she's a big girl (top 95% for both height and weight) - she nurses all the time!!) I hear your frustration and good luck with the feeding. Does yours take a sippy cup? I've tried with mine to no avail - only wants to nurse.
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Killian Killian
Sounds exactly like my son! Still to this day we battle with it a bit. This is what we did: I took him off baby cereals because of the added iron that tends to constipate anyone, switched him right over to ground up oatmeal and then when he was old enough to straight oatmeal. That didn't help a ton, but he wasn't adding to the problem. I tried laxatives, and even the one the doctor prescribed... and nothing! Prune, apple and pear juices, straight! Which causes nothing but problems when trying to get my son to drink water! Finally a dietician recommended milled flax seed. Or you can use flax seed oil. It should get things moving but made them a bit grainy. The reason I stopped doing this was it was hard to remember to add it to EVERY meal, and sometimes you CAN"T add oil or seed to certain meals! So i went to a health food store and they recommended infant acidophillus. It has worked WONDERS!!! It's an infant blend, so it's the same flora naturally found in an infants digestive tract and he poops like clockwork! And I only need to give it to him once a day. It's a white powder that dissolves in almost everything, I usually put it in his morning oatmeal, but if we have eggs in the morning I'll add it to his milk right before bed. It's not cheap, but it's worth not getting up 4 times a night with a screaming child! I think the bottle that lasted me about 2 months was 37.50 Good Luck! We, like you, got the same advice from our doctor, we tried high fibre foods and were not giving him things that say should constipate. So we weren't sure what was going on either! But we tried it all and nothing worked! But this did!
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Hughe Hughe
Well my son was 3 months when i started him on solids, i started with cereals (bad move) he got constipated from them after 2 days of being on them, i tried a little cooled boiled water and it never worked, i stopped solids altogether as i thought they weren't doing any good if they were making him constipated. It took him 3 weeks to get over the constipation, sometimes he had a tiny spot of blood as he was straining so much, i was giving him a few oz's of prune juice everyday until things improved. When he got over the constipation i started him on solids again, this time i skipped the cereals and went straight onto pureed fruits and vegs and i only gave him a few spoonfuls per day to make sure his body got used to it, this worked a treat and now he's no problems with his bowel movements. My recommendation would be to speak to your doctor again, or at least get a 2nd opinion. I think you should start him on solids again but take it slower and start with fruits and vegs as he won't get constipated or at least not as bad were he's in pain. You could also try giving him some cooled boiled water with some brown sugar, water helps with constipation and the brown sugar just goes right through their system.
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Hughe Originally Answered: what solid food for my 7 month old?
A long time ago when my daughter was 7 months old she ate the healthy food that I ate only mashed but when her kids were born and at the weaning stage she followed the Annabel Karmel cookbook for babies, Good Luck

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