***********WORRIED ABOUT HAMSTER?!?!?!?********?

***********WORRIED ABOUT HAMSTER?!?!?!?********? Topic: ***********WORRIED ABOUT HAMSTER?!?!?!?********?
October 18, 2019 / By Murty
Question: The past week my hamster has rapidly gained weight! she used to be slim and health now she is 2 times her size! She constantly runs on her wheel for like 4-5 hours! And she just keep getting bigger if u just lightly squeez the fat it feels like an animal hide a very THICK animal hide? whats wrong??? She hasnt been acting differently we had to seperate our 2 femal hamsters so she lives on her own now and she doesnt smell but her cage does and i cleaned it 2 days ago! I clean it 1 a week! I have have her about 7 weeks now. She is pooping fine. and no the other one doesnt have balls ;) also she gets fed daily but she hasnt eaten the past few days but she drinks water often. I have also noticed this weight gain after she was transfered to a different cage. same food, same shavings same everything!!
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Kennith Kennith | 8 days ago
Hamsters can be known for rapid weight gain in certain situations. In her old habitat, the other hamster could of been eating most of the food, or if you give her the same amount as you did before, she is obviously going to get fat because she doesn't have to split it. Hamsters have random growth spurts especially at a young age so if you just got her, it could be that. What I think, is she is stressed and is not used to her habitat. Hamsters normally store food, but if she thinks it's not permanent she may eat it all or touch none of it. Hamsters poop whens stressed and also scent mark new surroundings so that could explain the smell. The reason for running on the wheel so much is most likely stress, though some hamsters go wheel-crazy after a while. The last option could be that she's pregnant, but I doubt it. You would be sure right now if she was, and the other one would have to be male. I recommend keeping her where she is right now, and seeing if she goes back to normal. She may not, if she's simply changed but as long as she's healthy, don't worry about it. Also, if you don't mind me asking; How old was she when you got her?, Where did you get her from?, and What type of hamster is she? These questions will also help me narrow down what happened to her. Good Luck.
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Kennith Originally Answered: My hamster?
so i can see why you worrie...but don't you think if it hasn't drank ANYTHING it would have croaked by now? Anyway...so first you might want to make sure that the water can actually come out of the bottle and that it is not clogged. then if it is/or isn't working fine i would recommend putting a small cup or bowl of water in there just in case. next i would try to feed it lots of very watery veggies or fruits( grapes, cucumber, celery ect.) This way at least you know she/he is getting some fluid, in the meantime i would invest in a new water bottle! Hope this helps and your hammie is o.k.!!! Cassie:)

Holden Holden
She may be prego you might have a little man in there. if you have not had her long she may have gotten prego from where ever she was.... Not sure thought I had a hamster that wound up prego cause i had a boy in sted of two girls... not sure you can find a local wild life vet and call and ask them they would probably be able to help more accuratly.
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Elweard Elweard
If you have not long had the hamster, it could have just gotten pregant before you bought it. Make sure you're not feeding it to much. Make sure she's pooing properly & not constipated. If you're concerned go ask your local pet store about it & they should be able to give you free advice & ideas on what could be wrong. x
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Clement Clement
Are you sure the other one is female? Check underneath the other one. If it has balls, like big round pink thingies, then its a dude. Check and come back to add details so u can get better answers :)
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Clement Originally Answered: Hi! I want to save up for a hamster. How much?
well that's great im 13 i have a black and white syrian hamster called Izzy http://www.holmdenhillhaven.com/hamsters... kinda like that one. Syrians are fatter and cutter ,dwarf hamsters and roboski hamsters etc prefer to be bought in groups or pairs and i don't find them as fun or as cute but its your opinion that counts when it comes to picking out your furry friend.http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2297/2081... that is a rather fat russian dwarf hamster .if you live in the uk like me hamsters are cheap around £5 and a good cage can go up to £50 but you can get some for £25 and are good quality treats, food and disinfectantt etc when added up is around £20 to buy ,i would recomend you save around £60 if you need any tips email me at xxyellowmilkxx@hotmail.com

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