having major trouble getting in carbs for baby & im struggling with constipation, HELP?

having major trouble getting in carbs for baby & im struggling with constipation, HELP? Topic: having major trouble getting in carbs for baby & im struggling with constipation, HELP?
June 16, 2019 / By Caryl
Question: Sorry if TMI: Im 9 weeks and ive ALWAYS had a major problem with constipation (been in hospital a few times i have an actual problem with my bowel), I also have a gluten intolerance so eating bread, cereals, pasta etc... is very hard (Im in Spain and though they are getting better at the "Gluten Free" stuff its not easy to find) I find it very hard to digest potatoes also and even though ive been trying to get some carbs in im so bloated and constipated this week i cant face eating any of these foods. will this be ok? I have a midwife appt next week so ill let her know what can i do but im just wondering now if anyone has experienced this? Im eating plenty of fruit/veg at least 6 or 7 portions/day (I actually find grapes and Kiwi help me with my constipation but i get a good variety) milk/cheese etc, meat, eggs, some cereal. Do you think im doing ok? and will the constipation ease up like the morning sickness at 12 weeks or not? Rachel: I normally do have to help my system out every now and then with Laxatives but ive read on babycentre etc.. you can take normal lax's during pregnancy? ill ask my midwife what kind i can take im so scared ill end up in hospital again.
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Angie Angie | 6 days ago
Sounds to me like you're doing just fine. It's hard to eat enough in the first trimester even if you don't have digestive issues. Cheese and other dairy products are excellent for healthy calories, just as good as bread or pasta. Just make sure and mention it when you see the midwife, she probably knows some other foods you can add for calories. Also, it's different for everyone, but my constipation eased up a lot once I started the second trimester. Can you take over the counter laxitives? Any of those are safe for pregnancy because they do not get to the baby at all, they just travel straight through the digestive tract. Ask your midwife for suggestions as to what you can buy in Spain that's effective. I'm not much help there since I live in the US. I hope you feel better soon, and congrats on your pregnancy! :)
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Angie Originally Answered: Struggling to lose baby weight, help!?
Are you breast or bottle feeding? If you are bottle feeding it could take a fair few months to shift the weight gained during pregnancy, but it is possible :) My son is 2 months old and I am getting closer to my pre-baby weight with the help of a nutritionist. As I am nursing I can't cut out food groups altogether, but I limit the amount of carbs I have especially in the evenings as these can sit in the tummy and keep that baby bulge present, I also try not to have too much fruit juice and no sugary lollies or soft drinks as these will cause anyone to keep weight on. I try to make sure I have vegies everyday which I know is hard with a little one around to cook something up, but if you can try to cook in advance and freeze meals then you can microwave them each day... I hope this advice helps, as this is what's working for me :)
Angie Originally Answered: Struggling to lose baby weight, help!?
Unfortunately you can not spot reduce. The weight will come off where it wants to come off. I do suggest counting calories, just because you think you may be eating healthy and not a lot it can be surprising when you actually add everything up. I lost 25lbs doing this and am 5 lbs below pre baby weight. I worked out 5x a week doing cardio for 40 min/day and 2x a week of strength training 1hr. Always give your body rest days to heal itself (1-2 days a week) drink water (cut or limit pop(150 cals a can) coffee (good if black, cream and sugar are awful though) alcohol (your body stops metabolizing fat to metabolize the alcohol plus tons of calories) You should eat no lower than 1200 a day and should actually strive to eat at least your BMR (what you would burn if you were bedridden) Example: I am 5'7 135lbs I work out 5x a week for me to maintain my weight I could eat 2027 cals, to lose I eat 500-700 less so I eat 1300-1500. 3500 calories is equal to 1 pound of fat so with a 500 calorie deficit/day that is 1 pound a week, 1000 calorie deficit/day that s 2 lbs a week. You should never lose more than 1-2 lbs a week for it to be healthy and maintainable. Healthy weight loss is not fast and easy, it takes work, but worth it! I will attach a calculator and you can determine what your caloric needs are and go from there! Best of luck to you and you can do it :) If you eat too little, your body will slow down and will hold on to everything and after some unhealthy weight loss you will gain it all back, never a good idea. I also dont know why the poster above mentioned diet pop for breakfast LOL that's healthy. Try 3/4 cup oatmeal and some frozen berries, or whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter, heck and apple would be better than a diet coke. Also try eat 3 meals and 2 snacks 3/4 cup plain oatmeal-120 cals 1/2 cup frozen berries-35 cals cup black coffee-2 cals snack 10 plain almonds-70 cals apple- 70-80 cals tbsp natural peanut butter-90 cals lunch 2 cups spinach -10 cals grilled chkn breast (2oz) 80-100 cals peppers-8 cals 1 tbsp light dressing-50-70 cals snack Fibre one bar- 150calsper serving 2 tablespoon hummus-70 baby carrots-35 cals dinner chckn breast (4-6oz)-250 cals brown rice 1/2 C dry- 150 cals veggies-50 cals (rough) That meal plan is roughly 1300 cals, so you could eat more, and thats quite a bit of food! and healthy You may also want to be aware of sodium in pre packaged foods (lean cuisines etc) you will retain water weight like crazy! Best way to get rid of is drink drink drink (more water lol) Anyways this really works, and you notice you have more energy and just feel better in general. Caloriecount.about.com is a great site and it has food diaries where you can add the foods and count the cals, it breaks down your macro nutrients (fat, protein, carbs) and has a lot of support and info on the forums :)

Willy Willy
I had constipation in my first trimester but it stopped at around 10 weeks. Constipation in early pregnancy is mostly due to your hormones causing those changes in your body. In later pregnancy its mostly due to the size of your uterus and the baby. So it doesn't seem like something that's going to go away any time soon unfortunately. Are you seeing a specialist for your Celiac disease? If not I suggest you see one if you can. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to get more carbs. Eat whatever you can that doesn't bother you and try to supplement vitamins, minerals, sugars, and fats in other ways. The baby will take everything from you so I don't think you have to worry so much about the carbs. Just eat more of what you can instead of trying to add things you can' tolerate. Good luck and congrats.
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Selah Selah
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Selah Originally Answered: I am 24 weeks pregnant, and have been struggling with constipation.?
I started to get really constipated around 25 weeks and only found one thing that helped. Try taking straight Psyllium fiber pills every day when you take your prenatal vitamins. They are all natural and perfectly safe for you and your baby, can be bought at any grocery store or walmart, and are fairly inexpensive. You will have to "play" for a few days to figure out how many to take for your needs. it took me about 3 days to get the balance right so that I wasn't constipated but didn't have diarrhea either. Start at 3 pills once a day (that is what worked for me) and adjust from there if needed.

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