Is a low-fat vegan diet healthy for a teenager?

Is a low-fat vegan diet healthy for a teenager? Topic: Is a low-fat vegan diet healthy for a teenager?
January 29, 2020 / By Alea
Question: What would you say if your teenage daughter came to you and told you that she was going to be a vegan? She has thoroughly researched this on the Internet. Forbidden: - No milk, no eggs, no red meat, no fish. - She will eat no refined starches, and no sugar, honey, or sweeteners. - She will eat no additives, preservatives, hormones, colorings or other artificial food additives. What is on her diet: + She will eat beans and brown rice instead of animal protein. + She will eat whole grain pasta, bread, and other products. + She will eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. + She will take one vegetable source of fat tablet (minimum). + She will take supplements: Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals.
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Tristen Tristen | 9 days ago
A vegan diet is perfectly healthy. In this day and age, steering clear of animal products that are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics is not a bad idea. Steering clear of processed foods with artificial sweeteners, unpronounceable ingredients and are full of preservatives, fat and empty calories is not a bad idea either. It sounds like she knows her stuff. I'd let her go for it and see how she likes it. Just have her pay close attention to how she feels and make sure she lets you know if she sees any drastic changes in energy levels, menstrual activity, etc. (Sometimes those are the first to be affected when starting a vegan diet). Wishing her the best of luck!
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Tristen Originally Answered: is a vegan diet healthy?
A vegan diet, properly done, is very healthy. If you are unsure you should connect with some other Vegans or vegan resources and get control of the diet otherwise you do risk some serious heath problems. And the last line applies to all diets. Beef its what's for dinner. Non Vegan and not apologizing.

Reid Reid
Humans are Omnivores. Protein can be mimicked by mixing a starch and legume. It is easier to process than red meat. I believe Veganism is like a religion. It is very hard and time consuming to continue this lifestyle. There are many opinions on whether or not this is healthy. You have to add supplements. The B vitamins, D, Iron, etc. The human body is not meant to be Vegetarian or Vegan. This is the truth. We are Omnivores and you cannot change that. I am an animal lover. I have no fur or leather goods. I don't eat red meat. I can exist on seafood. I eat mostly fish. I eat rice and ramen noodles. Milk, butter, eggs, cheese, etc. These are gifts from the animals that are not harming them. I will wear a wool sweater. I will eat cheese. I eat what my body needs to be healthy. Teens need sleep, exercise, fluids, and a nutritious diet with all the food groups included. After they have finished developing and growing they can decide how to live their adult lives. My 15 year old son only likes Big Macs, Fries, Orange Soda. I am in charge of his health. I make him eat a nutritious diet. He hates it... I am in charge until he is 18. His haircut angers me. One eyed blond mop head. "But I'm a Scene Boy Dad"... How can you see with that hair covering your left eye. His hair does not effect his health. I allow that. His style of clothing I also allow. He will eat what doctors and nutritionists have decided growing children need. Your daughter's choices are healthier than what my son likes. You need to research and find out what she will be missing while seeking this lifestyle.
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Medad Medad
I would first want to know what led her to this decision. She may have good reasons but I would want to make sure I understood the basis for her decision. Though a bit extreme, it is a workable diet, but requires some motivated and consistent monitoring...I would worry if it was simply because her friends are doing it. That said, she sounds like she has done some good research although I might suggest considering some additional animal protein substitutes (soy, whey, and fatty acids ) which can be accomplished with supplements. I would suggest www. lef.org as an excellent resource in that regard. I wish her the best of luck!
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Johnie Johnie
Going vegan can benefit you in a lot of ways, like increased eating of fruits and veggies. However human beings are naturally omnivores and require Vitamin B-12 to remain healthy which can only be found in animal products. History also shows that although vegans have overall good health they tend to have the lowest mortality rate around the world.
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Gyles Gyles
I would like to see her eat some fish once a week at least . Supplements are getting some bad press lately.It is better to get your vitamins from fresh fruit and veggies.
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Dylan Dylan
I would say "Good", and I think it would be very healthy and I would help her in any way I can. Especially since she researched it. But I would want to talk to the pediatrician or other healthcare professional/nutritionist to help us make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs since her body is still changing and growing.
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Buster Buster
it depends on how thoroughly she sticks to it. that sounds perfectly healthy to me. just make sure she gets enought of all the food groups
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Aldous Aldous
If people were supposed to be vegans, they wouldn't have those four sharp pointy teeth designed for stabbing into meat in their mouths.
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Aldous Originally Answered: Is my vegan diet healthy?
Hi! You can check for yourself to feel more confident that you're getting good nutrition from your food. http://veganhealth.org/ is a site with detailed info from a vegan registered dietitian. Then, here's a tool you can use to look up the amount of nutrients in food http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/ It looks like you're doing pretty good! Teen vegetarian/vegan females need about 27mg of iron! (according to the vegan registered dietitian http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/iron ). You could add some leafy green iron-rich veggies and some beans to your day, and maybe a little more food. I don't know what kind of portion sizes you're eating. Also choose the rice that's whole grain brown rice-- not white instant. I'd also aim for about 50 grams of protein for your age-- or about 17 grams at each of your 3 meals. That's probably a little more than you need, but that's the recommendation for vegetarian diets from the registered dietitian.

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