Very Low Fat Chicken & Rice recipe?

Very Low Fat Chicken & Rice recipe? Topic: Very Low Fat Chicken & Rice recipe?
January 25, 2020 / By Kipp
Question: Im trying for as low fat (and possibly low calories) as possible and i want it to have chicken breast and white rice any ideas?
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Huntley Huntley | 9 days ago
Cook the rice in standard form, maybe stirring in some seasonings. As for the chicken, baked is usually a rather low-fat way to do it. Try baking a chicken breast covered with some light Italian salad dressing at 400 for 15-20 minutes.
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Huntley Originally Answered: Switching my dog to the "Rice and chicken diet"?
A rice and chicken diet is the bland diet and should only be fed to your dog when it's sick. What you want to feed your dog is a horrible diet. If you love your dog then feed it something healthy like Blue Buffalo, Wellness or Natural Balance.

Erwin Erwin
Place chicken breasts in a roasting pot and season with pepper (NO SALT- the chicken base you add later is salty). You can also add chopped up carrots. Fill 1/4 of the way with water. Add enough chicken base so that the water is visibly yellow. Cook until the chicken is done. Add some minute rice - probably about 2 cups at least. Let sit for a few minutes. If rice is still too watery, you should add more, until when rice is fluffy, there is no excess water in the pot.
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Connell Connell
My daughter re-wrote her own version of an old french dish that makes your chicken taste so moist and flavor rich you won't miss the fat. Baked Chicken with Garlic You take two or three boneless, skinless breasts, and cut each split breast in half making 6 generous pieces. Take the pieces and layer them in a covered baking dish, starting and ending with a little chicken broth. On each layer sprinkle lightly salt, pepper and nutmeg, and a hand full of whole peeled garlic cloves. You'll need about 20 to 30 cloves of peeled garlic all together. Don't Worry! the whole cloves roast up soft and sweet and they are awesome spread on french bread (no butter!). Bake tightly covered in a slo-oven 300 degree Farenheit oven for an hour at least before you check for doneness. Mean while cook your rice and serve with the broth from the dish, If you wish you can process the soft garlic and add to the broth to thicken it a little.
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Arlie Arlie
Sprinkle your chicken breast with some garlic powder and squeeze some lemon (or orange) over it. You could add a little of the peel too. Bake and serve withe the white rice. Cook your rice in chicken stock so it will add more flavor
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Twyla Twyla
Cook your rice and chicken..add a can of low fat low sodium cream of chicken soup mix in some fat free sour cream for a creamier taste
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Twyla Originally Answered: Healthy Chicken Sandwich recipe ?
Well its not so hard really, here what I eat everyday for dinner since im on diet: Spicy Chicken Sandwich: First you buy those packages at Walmart or something that have like 5 pieces of chicken breast. I like to pick the Tyson brand. Each serving is 110 calories and around 5-10 calories from fat and 26g of protein, which is very good. Then buy Bimbo Soft Wheat bread, or if you can find it, buy Bimbo 100% whole wheat. I buy mine off H.E.B. dunno if you have that store where you live. 2 slices are 120 calories, 10 calories from fat. And finally a spice called Cayenne Pepper Powder. Its very healthy and helps increase metabolism. Maybe perhaps you would like to add a little pepper too? You can add lettuce or avocado if you wish! Just sprinkle the desired amount of Cayenne Pepper on the chicken breast & cook it on high. I cook mine without any oil because it already contains fat which works well to not stick so much. And vuala, you have a very delicious chicken sandwich for less than 300 calories and high in protein & wheat And if you cant find the Bimbo brand, make sure the bread you buy does NOT have high fructose corn syrup. Many breads do. EDIT: Hmm well if you prefer tangy...you could always add a little lemon. Maybe perhaps you would like to cook the chicken breast in lemon juice or celery leaves for a change? But whatever you do, do not add mayo, mayo is never healthy even though it claims to be "low fat".

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