How can I gain weight quickly?

How can I gain weight quickly? Topic: How can I gain weight quickly?
June 20, 2019 / By Carry
Question: I have a lot of trouble with gaining weight. I play football, I'm a wide receiver, I'm tall, I'm a sophomore, Im agile, but I weigh 130lbs. I could get seriously hurt if a big enough guy hits me, I need some meat on my bones. Plus I need more power for an advantage in head_up situations.
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Angelle Angelle | 4 days ago
Do you want the real secret of gaining weight... then listen...and yes don't laugh... the answer is plain and simple....YOU HAVE TO EAT... I mean you have to eat a lot.... Weight Gain = Calorie Intake > Calorie Output Welght loss = Calorie Intake < Calorie Output In simple words you have to eat more than what your body needs for maintenance.. Follow this instructions religiously for the next 2 months and see the results: 1: Eat atleast 6 times a day 2: Divide the 6 meals in such a way that you are eating after every 2-3 hours. 3: Take Milk Shakes. You may buy Some "whey protein powder" from international brands such as OPTIMUM or EAS. Mix the whey protein in milk and add 2-3 bananas and make a shake. If possible add a scoop of ice-cream. Take this shake atleast 2-3 a day. 4: Eat Heavy Breakfast. 5: Drink Atleast one liter of milk everyday. 6: Dont go for too much workout. Exercise only 3-4 days a week with no cardio( means NO running,Cycling,biking etc) 7: Do Squats,Bench Press, DeadLifts every week 8:Rest. No need to worry and just dont waste your precious calorie in doing unnecessary things. 9: Drink Lots of water 10: If possible...eat a lot of non-vegetarian food... I know the above instructions are diffcult to follow. But if you will follow them, you will get wonderful results.. Hope I helped and good luck!!!
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Angelle Originally Answered: Is it possible to gain weight this quickly?
Any persons weight fluctuates daily, from salt, drinking lots of beverages, eating high fiber or low fiber foods, etc. Thats why its not advisable to weigh oneself every day. All you gotta do is take a poop and pee in the morning and that can change your weight by 3-5 pounds. You are still ill with an eating disorder. that gives you a skewed sense of self and of weight loss or gain. ONE big meal won't make much of difference. It will effect the scale THAT day due to simple volume but weight gain? doubtful It takes about 3500 calories to make one pound. relax. Take an extra walk. you are fine.

Willis Willis
Eat a lot of calorie-dense foods (peanut butter, nuts in general), meat, and full-fat dairy. EDIT: Do NOT listen to Gaelle. Eating "anything you want" can lead you to gain the wrong kind of weight-- adipose tissue that will never form muscle.
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Sefton Sefton
you need to double, triple the calories 1 gram of protein each pound u weigh 20x your body weight from calories an lifting heavy weight lifting.. 4-5 days a week u need that, training each muscle once a week 45 mins or more 60 mins take some whey protein try creatine
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Neil Neil
try to double the size of your food servings. increase your protein intake like pork or beef and an extra cup of rice will do.
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Neil Originally Answered: Looking to gain weight quickly?
Well first can i say your so lucky to be able to eat what you want im always watching what i eat so i wont put on weight to loose weight i don't eat white bread pasta junk food fizzy drinks and biscuits so if you eat more food maybe snack in between meals like bar of choclate/bread sandwich maybe this cold help but remember loosing weight is a very slow process gaining could be the same for you hope it all works out :) ive heard so much about Wendy's some day im sure we ll get one here in ireland :-)

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