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weight loss? Topic: weight loss?
September 23, 2019 / By Carrie
Question: Hello everybody. Well as you can see my question s over weight loss. Well one day we were in my parenting class and we were discussing weight loss. And in the conversations somebody asked if a person could lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. To my surprise the teacher said yes but that would be pushing ones self. Now my question is how can someone lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks?
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Angell Angell | 3 days ago
If you want to lose weight I am going to tell you best weight loss program. I will tell you what a weight loss program should include. A real weight loss program should not promise fast or rapid weight loss. As rapid weight loss programs never give long lasting results. So prepare your mind if you want to have a success in your weight loss program. The real weight loss program will never be fast you have to be patient as losing weight is a slow process. For more details visit http://www.looseyourweight.info
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Angell Originally Answered: Calorie deduction in relation to decreasing BMR and weight loss, to sustain steady weight loss of 2 lb/week?
You're way over thinking (and overcalculating....) it. Weight loss is an experiment with a sample size of one - you. 1. BMR is a very approximate number. If you get it within ±10%, you're doing better than most. Everyone's metabolism and digestive efficiency are different. Yours even varies from day to day depend on what you eat, when you eat it, and even how well you chew. 2. Same goes for caloric intake. Even if you're measure everything to the gram, you're doing good if your estimates are within 10% 3. Calculating the caloric effect of exercise is even worse. "lightly active" is a completely vague and meaningless term. You're calculating numbers out to 2 digits for something you can't even put a number on. The bottom line is, you're doing the right things, ie, eating less and moving more. Will you lose weight steadily at 2lbs/week? No. It doesn't work that way. Results will be bumpy as your body adjusts to varying work output (exercise) and fuel input (food).

Willie Willie
carry five grocery bags from the car to the kitchen and put the food away take out the trash wash the dishes and wipe down the kitchen counter
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Sebastian Sebastian
Stop eating. However this is obviously not healthy and it losing so much weight in 2 weeks would not be healthy. Losing the weight properly is the only way to ensure that you keep the weight off. Such a program is Herbalife's new Personalized Protein Programs.
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Nehemiah Nehemiah
Youd need to burn an 3750 more calories then u eat every day for 14 days! Thats an excess amount of exercise and no food! Very unhealthy to deprive ur body of all nutrients for 14 days. PS. The answer above me is from an idiot...you wont lose anything close to 15 pounds in two weeks eating 1800 calories a day.
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Kiaran Kiaran
replace your scale with a tape measure aim for 32 1 2 inches or less for women and 35 inches or less for men
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Kiaran Originally Answered: I have appt at weight loss clinic, with a BMI of 36 will the doctor prescribe me weight loss pills?
I would imagine somewhere in the range of $30-$50 a bottle. I don't know how much the bottles usually contain. Also whether or not he prescribes the pill will probably be based on you and what you've talked about. He may tell you it's up to you, or he may recomend it. If your obesity is at a point where your a daily health risk, he's probably going to strongly recomend a pill to help. Good luck, and remember your doctor is there to help, tell him what your feeling about price and such, and he'll discuss it with you. There are different drugs to choose from, he may know of a cheaper one.

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