What is the best food diet you know of?

What is the best food diet you know of? Topic: What is the best food diet you know of?
September 20, 2019 / By Jadyn
Question: I have the exercise thing down, but what is the best food diet that will cut waistline and calories? I don't want it to be some like really exotic unkown thing, but something i can actually do with out getting sick. lol
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Fintan Fintan | 6 days ago
Real food is the BEST way to diet: - whole grains - 2-4 fruits a day - 3-5 veggies a day - lean meats: chicken, fish, turkey, low fat cottage cheese, beans, lentils, tofu, etc. - nonfat dairy (no more than 3 servings a day) - save dessert for special occasions and you will do great! If you eat all your fruits and veggies daily...it is VERY difficult to get in too many calories from other foods because you'll be quite full!
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Fintan Originally Answered: Is junk food with a diet soda considered a "balanced diet"?
Hey muffins are healthy right? I say you are doing it all wrong, do you know how bad diet soda's are for you? Follow the major muffin by a beer or something! Good lord man think of your in'erds
Fintan Originally Answered: Is junk food with a diet soda considered a "balanced diet"?
Hot dogs are 100% junk food because it's all processed fillers and synthetic products including a high amount of animal fats. They contain no nutritional value and an excessive amount of sodium. Anything is better than McDonalds (YUCK!) but if you were going to choose between the hotdogs and the cupcake, you'd be better off with the cupcake. If you seriously want to lose the weight then you'll have to make the sacrifices. Cut out ALL processed foods. Once you get to your ideal weight, then you can treat yourself to the occasional hotdog but for right now, try to steer clear :o) Try a turkey wrap with fresh turkey, swiss cheese, avocado and tomatoes in a whole wheat tortilla instead.. yummier and healthier :o)

Darnell Darnell
Well, I've had the best luck with the Weight Watchers program. They teach you how to eat the right foods and how much of them. They also don't tell you that you can't have pizza or a candy bar once in a while. That's just it, eating candy and/or junk food is just once in a while. I think it works for most people because they make YOU acountable for what you put in your mouth. Just remember, eating healthy foods, watching your calorie intake and fat intake is key. Fat free foods aren't always the best either. Not only are they higher in sugar, to compensate for flavor since theres no fat in it, but your body does need some fat. A little saying I like is, "Eat to live not live to eat". Another one to remember is "Calories in Calories out" . You need to burn more calories than you take in to lose the weight. That means if you eat 2000 calories in a day, you need to burn more than that each day to lose the weight.
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Azuriah Azuriah
Eat healthy/normally with just cuttting calories is the best way. This is why so many people like weightwatchers. it allows you to eat what you normally would, just less of it.
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Azuriah Originally Answered: Raw diet, or dry food?
I believe that the purina company has spent millions of dollars to develop their feeds, for all animals, not just dogs. I feed it from puppyhood through their adult lives and haven't had a problem. In fact my vet is pleased that one of my dogs eats purina sensitive formula because of her allergies. No doubt that organic is good and better for all of us, dogs included. But the cost can be prohibitive. Also before venturing into the world of organic and raw meat, make sure it will fit into your lifestyle. For example if you are a person who works and has to get up and going early and comes home exhausted, a bowl of dry dog food isn't a really big deal to fix.

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