Does the atkins diet work!?!?

Does the atkins diet work!?!? Topic: Does the atkins diet work!?!?
May 22, 2019 / By Ithiel
Question: My health teacher was talking about it in health and she said it's the diet that involves bacon and coffee. So does it work??
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Fester Fester | 9 days ago
this diet works wonderfully for all body types but the human body is not meant to live without any carbs at all. they have proven this diet to be somewhat dangerous. google it before you diet. i personally suggest one small serving of bread every 2 to 3 days instead of cutting it out completely. you will see results very quickly.
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Fester Originally Answered: does the atkins diet work for "getting ripped"?
Atkins is on the right track, but is not quite the best solution. Modifying Atkins to become targeted carbohydrate diet, is the key. You will want to limit your food intake to protein and fat at all times unless you are planning to start intense exercise. This exercise MUST be intense, whether it's weightlifting, HIIT, sprints, etc... Do NOT use this protocol for strictly endurance exercise as you do not need the carbs for endurance work. 15 minutes before exercise, you are allowed an apple. Once you start exercising, you can sip on a Gatorade type drink. Post-workout you want to ingest a specific post-workout drink. Try Biotest Surge at the source link below. On a non-workout day you should limit your carbs to 70 grams or less. The carbs you do eat should be veggies and other low glycemic index foods. You can probably sustain this type of eating for months, or as long as you are losing weight. Two important points: 1) If you eat targeted carbs but you're not losing weight, you're still eating too many calories. To efficiently diet, you should keep a food log and record total calories, fat, and carbs that you eat each day. 2) When you come off this diet, you just jump back into full-time carbs again. No one should really be eating more than 150-200 gram of carbs in a day anyway. Check out the source link below for many articles about conditioning and nutrition. Also consider picking up a 100% acai supplement to facilitate weight loss and keep your body healthy. I use Extreme Acai, of which you can get a free trial at the second source link below.

Damian Damian
The Atkins diet certainly works but you could ruin your health in the process. It is very strongly condemned by most health professionals who believe it is an invitation for a stroke or a heart attack as in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22a...
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Averel Averel
No. The human body cannot survive long term on such a stupid diet. Going long term involves tiredness during the day, chronic fatigue, slow healing etc... The Inuits were very UNHEALTHY people. Do not take advice from people who are fat.
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Virgie Virgie
It seems to work for people who are fat all over their body but not for those of us who gain fat around the gut and remain slim in legs, arms and upper body.
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Virgie Originally Answered: ATKINS DIET?
It sounds like you are already on version of Atkins with the low carbs. I believe the Atkins diet will work, but only if it is adopted as a lifestyle change (longer term) than a diet or short term fix. In Atkins, primarily the emphasis is on increasing protein and minimizing carbs, with the exception of fruits and vegetables. Actress Courtney Thorne-Smith from the show Melrose Place has been the Spokesperson for Atkins for several years and you can check her out (if you have not already).

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