I need to loose weight?

I need to loose weight? Topic: I need to loose weight?
September 23, 2019 / By Caron
Question: I'm 16 and my mom says that's too young to diet or sign up for gyms or anything like that. But I really want to loose weight. The most she lets me do is not eat ice cream with everyone when we have it. I have 5 pound dumbell weights, stairs, ankle weights and a lot of will power to work with. I'd like to shed a little everything off my thighs, back, under arms, double chin, and obviously stomach. Building muscle would be nice, but I'm really just looking to decrease my clothes size and the number on the scale. Are there any exercises I can do (besides crunches because I can't do them) using the stuff around my house? Or any common foods I should stay away from? Possibly both? I have an hour to myself after I get home from school, but someone is home after that
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Angeline Angeline | 1 day ago
I'm 15 and am really dedicated to losing the weight I want to lose (goal of 60 lbs total, I've lost 21) by summer. Joining a gym really makes the experience better. Not only are you in an atmosphere where you can be more encouraged to exercise, you're around people who can help you achieve what you want to achieve. I would try to talk my mom into joining a near by gym. But if not, cut back on all refined sugars, white breads, high sodium, high calorie foods. . .more carbs and less calories. CHECK THE PACKAGING! (: Lol. That's so important. And if you want to lose fat, you have have have to get your heart rate up and get sweating. . .and if you want to build muscle, look up light weight bearing exercises online to use with your dumbells. And crunches DO help if you work off the fat on your stomach, too.
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Angeline Originally Answered: How quickly will I loose weight eating a diet like this? How much weight would i loose on average?
This is a diet of will power. You will not last very long. And even if you do sustain, you will be miserable. The diet/ weight loss, fitness industry is a multi- trillion dollar industry. Remember freemdom of speach dosn't mean they have to tell the truth. If you really want to lose weight you are going to have to dig for the answers. With a diet like this you are only going to lose water and muscle. Losing weight takes time. Hey it took time to put it on. Muscle burns/eats fat period. Your body will feed on the muscle before it ever feeds on the fat. A few tips for you. Cut out all refined flours and refined sugars and you will lose weight pretty easy. Look at moodcure.com and cbass.com. You don't want main stream you want good underground info. Good luck!
Angeline Originally Answered: How quickly will I loose weight eating a diet like this? How much weight would i loose on average?
It depends on your metabolism. For many people, eating like this will cause a weight loss pretty fast, but for others eating so little can slow your metabolism to the point where your body holds onto every last calorie. The other thing you have to worry about on such a tiny diet is when you lose the weight and go off the diet, will you gain it back? My suggestion would be to add more foods like whole grain breads and cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables, and good fats like olive oil. Avoid packaged and processed food as much as possible. It also helps to eat 6 small meals instead of 3 main ones. Drink lots of water and green tea. If you do this, you'll probably start taking off more weight and you'll be willing to stick with it longer and keep it off forever.

Willard Willard
what you really have to do, is sweat and get your heart rate up. Do an aerobics dvd, or search on youtube.com there are tons of workout videos you can follow along with on there!
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Seamour Seamour
Do the Fat X program. You'll burn fat and get toned. The how to videos are on the Fat X 101 blog.
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Seamour Originally Answered: How to loose weight!?!?
*Firstly, you should not skip your breakfast, whatever the case may be. Because it is the vital meal of your whole day and the rate of metabolism slows down if you don’t have it. In addition to this, you will be so hungry at your lunchtime that you will end up eating more food than required. So make sure you have a proper and healthy breakfast before leaving your house. *Secondly, don’t engross yourself in other things like, reading books or watching TV while eating your food. If you don’t concentrate in your food, you will take more than necessary which is not good for your health as well as your weight. You must enjoy your food with your friends or your family but keep an eye on your food too. *Thirdly, you should chew your food at least 35 times before eating, because the researchers have found out that you will consume fewer calories if you chew for longer time. Moreover, it helps you to digest your food faster as well as restrict the size of your portion and thus you can lose your weight. *Fruits are just incomparable in losing your weight. They help to detoxify your body if you take them in empty stomach. Moreover, they will give you a huge amount of energy to exercise. It is believed that eating fruits about 30 minutes before any full meal helps in digesting the food quickly. *Drink water as much as you can as it is very important for a healthy body and it creases the metabolic rate. But you must avoid drinking water in between your meals, since the liquid decreases the rate of digestion. It is advised to have water at least 15 minutes before or after your meal. *Losing weight can be a difficult process for nearly everyone, so it’s not uncommon that people will ask: how can I lose weight and how can I lose it quickly? Some people are more blessed than others when it comes to their metabolism. A faster metabolism does make losing weight easier, but that’s not to say that someone with a slow metabolism can’t lose weight. In fact, someone with a slow metabolism can lose those extra pounds, and provided that they follow the tips that we suggest, they can lose those pounds quickly. So stop using your sluggish metabolism as an excuse, a barrier between you and your goals. There are a few rules to follow to ensure that you will lose weight quickly. If you only choose to follow one of these rules, your success will be limited. On the other hand, if you follow all of these rules, you will lose weight rapidly, and just as importantly, you will keep the weight off. Losing Weight Rule #1 Stay well hydrated. Hydration is one of the most important parts of losing weight and being healthier overall. Drinking lots of water ensures that your stomach is full, and it tricks your body into thinking that you are not hungry. It is important to hydrate primarily with water for a number of reasons. Water is natural and inexpensive, and it is calorie free Losing Weight Rule #2 Exercise! Exercising is a fun and effective way of losing weight. If you are having trouble losing weight, or if you are losing weight, but not quickly, try adding in exercise. You will be sure to notice a difference if you add exercise to your healthy lifestyle. Not only does it help with weight loss, it also improves cardiovascular health greatly.Rule #1 comes into play here, too; staying hydrated is important if you are exercising because your workouts will suffer if you do not properly hydrate before, during, and after the workout. Staying hydrated allows you to perform at the highest level possible, ensuring that you burn the maximum amount of calories during your workout. Did you know that a 30-minute run can burn up to 500 calories? Losing Weight Rule #3 Have a diet plan. You can do all the exercise in the world, but if you aren’t eating properly, and eating proper-sized portions, you won’t achieve any success. Weight loss ultimately comes down to calories in vs. calories out; that is, the number of calories that you consume (take in) must be less than the number of calories that you burn (put out) in order for weight loss to occur. Keep a food diary so that you understand what you are eating. Buy a food scale that gives you an accurate estimate of portion sizes. Choose a diet plan that gives you a good mix of proteins and complex carbohydrates. Avoid empty calories. So, with those rules and tips, you have everything you need to lose weight fast. Losing weight can be difficult, but it is far from impossible, especially with this knowledge. No matter what weight you have been all your life, you can lose weight, and you will lose weight provided that you follow these steps. So if you’ve made it this far, then congratulations; you’ve taken the first step towards losing weight fast. Not everyone has a speedy metabolism. It’s like being born with perfect pitch or an ability to draw. But everyone can lose weight and keep it off. It just takes discipline and desire. Good luck.

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