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September 23, 2019 / By Adelphie
Question: Ok i was wondering if i drink nothing but water and walk a little and not eat fast food will i thin out at all
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Teige Teige | 5 days ago
how to lose weight: do at least 1 hour of exercise per day (park your car farther away, walk around the block, do yardwork). eat early in the morning, within the first hour of waking up. try oatmeal with fruit (plain oatmeal, not the instant kind that comes flavored, the one that has the quaker guy on it!). warning: i just found out recently that lots of "healthy" cereals are not good for you (e.g. cheerios, raisin bran, special k...they all have SO much sugar! sugar=carbs) what is also good is Kashi Mountain medley cereal with skim (aka non fat) milk. 2% milk has more fat in it than just 2%! in actuality, 35% of its calories are from fat! if you are used to regular or 2% milk start with baby steps. switch to 1% for a couple of weeks. when you get used to that switch to skim. believe me, you dont want to drink your calories. its better to eat them! eat small meals every four hours (snack ideas: fruit, nuts like almonds and walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, frozen grapes are soooo good!). dont skip meals. this slows down your metabolism. make sure you get a lot of fiber (found in whole wheat products). aim for 25-38 grams per day. the average american only gets around 12-15. the more fiber you intake per day, the longer it takes for the digestion process to take place because fiber cannot be completely digested. by eating fiber with your meal, you slow down the process of digestion which causes the body to take longer to release glucose. the release of a lot of glucose causes a lot of insulin to be released. insulin causes the storage of fat! stay away from white bread, white rice, white pasta and replace with wheat options. when looking at bread, make sure it's whole and unrefined and not "enriched" (this means they've taken many of the essential minerals, vitamins and fiber and only put back a portion of them). generally, the darker the bread, the better (e.g. pumpernickel and rye). sourdough is also good. eat fish (cold water) at 3-4 times a week. this includes sardines, salmon, tuna. they have omega 3 fatty acids that are good for you and help to balance the omega 6 fatty acids that are already in most foods. limit the use of butter, margarine, lard, crisco ( i found out today that there is really no difference between butter and margarine. both are equally bad for you). switch to olive oil or canola oil (pretty much all plant-based oils with the exception of coconut oil are good!). drink one cup of water before every meal or whenever you feel hungry. oftentimes, thirst will mask itself as hunger. if you're still hungry after the cup, find something healthy to eat! get at least 8 hours of sleep. studies have shown that people who get 8 hours are on average healthier and more fit than those who don't. why? there is a growth hormone that is released when you sleep (IGF-1) that mobilizes fat. it also increases muscle mass and density. eat a colorful diet. dark greens, oranges, reds, etc. in terms of fruits and veggies (artificially colored foods don't count) limit alcohol to one drink a day (red wine seems to have a beneficial effect). the reason? alcohol has 7 calories per gram. also, beer is worse for you than liquor as beer is both carbohydrate (4 calories/gram) and alcohol (7 kcal/g). stop drinking your calories. soft drinks are chock-full of sugar, which sends your glucose level skyrocketing, which releases loads of insulin which helps you store more fat! diet soda is better in terms of less sugar, but the artificial sweeteners in it are dodgy. cut down on soft drinks in general and learn to love water. eat the original. e.g. orange instead of orange juice. apple instead of applesauce/juice. banana instead of banana nut muffin. fruits already contain good sugar (fructose) and don't need the added bad sugar (sucrose, or table sugar) when converted into sauce/juice. fructose is twice as sweet as table sugar and helps stabilize glucose and insulin levels! ultimately, losing weight can be done through a crash diet. but if you want results that last more than a couple of days, you need to commit to a lifestyle change. even if you only start doing a couple of the things listed above, you will be much better off than many of our american peers.
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Teige Originally Answered: When dieting how much weight loss is actual fat loss vs muscle loss?
the idea in a diet is to reduce the fat from your body but NOT to lose any muscle tissue. that is why you need to excersize and actually add muscle mass to your body. the muscle increases your metabolism and helps you burn up fat. dont reduce your water consumption in order to lose water weight. drink plenty of water, at least 2-3 liters a day (or more if you spend a lot of time out in the sun or have a hard physical work.

Phelim Phelim
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Maachah Maachah
My thoughts on weight loss... You may have heard this before but its true it speeds up your metabolism. Eat smaller meals more often. Its better to eat 5 small meals than eat 3 big meals. It keeps your metabolism going at a more continuous rate.
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Jehezekel Jehezekel
If you fast by drinking nothing but water, I think it would be a good cleansing. After you are done fasting, eliminating fast food would be a great idea. Yes, it would definitely help you thin out!
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Jehezekel Originally Answered: The best deal for Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Woman weight loss?
What you need to do is ditch this Anne Collins thing and go to a weight loss spa. I went to Fitness Ridge Weight Loss Spa in St. George, UT and lost 34 pounds in 4 weeks. Great hiking and terrific staff. Stop wasting your time with this Anne Collins stuff.

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